Next ATS truck speculation

what truck do you want SCS to add?

Freightliner 122SD
International 9900I
International LT
Kenworth W990
Kenworth T880
Mack Pinnacle
Volvo VNL (new)
Western Star 4900
Western Star 5700
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Re: Next ATS truck speculation

#2921 Post by flight50 » 21 Jun 2021 19:56

^Yeahhhh, I'm kinda with ya. I'm at like 3% chance though for the old Cascadia. But that's only assuming that SCS will get all the current models in the game and needs something to do in 3-4 years from now. That could be the time to approach manufacturer's for older trucks. SCS never said they can't or won't do older trucks. Several have even hinted at they want older trucks as well. If you read between the lines and paid attention to their body language when they speak on older trucks, its definitely not out of the question. Pavel even once said something along the lines of "we'll see". I think there was some talk on the June 27th stream back in 2018 when he first talked about licenses. If Snowrunner/Mudrunner can get licenses, its not impossible. Money does talk though and licenses do cost money. How much? We'll never know. Which is exactly why we should pay for out of production trucks. Unlike Mudrunner/Snowrunner, SCS has been very good to us and we have not paid for a single truck. In fact, SCS keeps them updated well after they are released for free....forever. So if it boiled down to licenses are too expensive for SCS, make a few paid dlc's and recoup some of that. At least make (1) for each game and see how profitable they are. People will use mods that are free but the vast majority of the fan base doesn't use mods will buy a SCS quality truck. Not all mods are quality but at least SCS is consistent. Profits would be up there if SCS just did it. Heck, even out sourcing should be out the window but SCS's problem is that they want everything to be done in house. Lot they kind of limit themselves. Older trucks, cargo and trailers should all be outsourced to a degree. SCS is not the only ones capable of quality for ATS/ETS2.

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Re: Next ATS truck speculation

#2922 Post by tigolebitties » 21 Jun 2021 23:20

How did Spintires acquire all of those licenses is what I wanna know. Must have one hell of a smooth talker on their side of negotiations.

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Re: Next ATS truck speculation

#2923 Post by dk00? » 22 Jun 2021 00:48

Bigger company with deeper pockets.
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Re: Next ATS truck speculation

#2924 Post by ASDF » 22 Jun 2021 04:04

I am also willing to pay for the classic trucks and modern trucks I like. If the scs software turns the truck DLC into a paid DLC in the future, I can also pay

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Re: Next ATS truck speculation

#2925 Post by Texshi » 22 Jun 2021 08:52

Speaking of Mudrunner, I want to know why Snowrunner can allow lots of licensed trucks AND have damage models while ATS can't.. I mean it's not much an issue apparently to some companies about damaged stuff Just seems Paccar is the one with that issue? No clue.. just minor details i suppose
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Re: Next ATS truck speculation

#2926 Post by Mic_2 » 22 Jun 2021 10:04

Part of the reason is probably the different focus for the games. Mudrunner and Snowrunner focus on off-road working in harsh conditions, where trucks probably get damages in real life as well. Highway travel like in ATS and ETS2 is unlikely to damage a truck much. Furthermore, it costs effort to implement it for each truck (damage models for all the parts and accesories that can get damaged). SCS spends a lot of resources to get a model that is as close to real life as possible and with lots of configuration. I never played Snowrunner, but I know that in Mudrunner the detail on the interior is pretty much non-existant and there is no costumisation for the outside. This makes damage models a lot easier to make.

You also have to consider that if they were to implement damage models in ETS2 or ATS, all the tuck manufacturers have to agree. It would be weird for only some trucks, like the 49X, to have damage models while other don't. I think for vocational trucks this won't be much of an issue, since it is more likely they will get damages in real life as well due to the harsher working condition, but I doubt something like a Cascadia is going to see much of this, making the manufactorer possibly more resistant to allowing damage models.

Lastly of course is the cost. We don't know of course, but it is possible that manufactorers want to see more money from SCS to allow damage models (or at least they might be swayed when offered a lot more). This is something that purchased trucks might fix, but that creates an unbalance in the game where some trucks cost money and have this feature, while others don't. There are of course ways to overcome this but I am not sure if they are to everybody's satisfaction.

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Re: Next ATS truck speculation

#2927 Post by flight50 » 22 Jun 2021 12:12

^Thanks exactly the different. Totally different focus. Its really not that big of an issue to get damage or not. I've been playing since Summer of 2016. Others longer than that. I don't even think about cosmetic damage. Once I learned it didn't, I never thought of it again. If there was damage in the game, you'd see a ton more youtube videos of wrecked trucks and that is not what the industry wants to portray. That is not at all the image truck manufacturers want. Its not a Paccar thing, its all the other 12 manufacturers SCS has under contract as well. If it was just Paccar, if one doesn't allow it, none get it.

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Re: Next ATS truck speculation

#2928 Post by pigbrother » 22 Jun 2021 12:29

We can presume a lot but we know nothing. However, while games like Snowrunner might have a lot of wear and tear, games like ETS and ATS will have high speed crashes. And, if I was working for a truck manufacturer, I would ask to see how damage looks like because we spend tens or hundreds of millions in safety features and I have no intention to approve a damage model that would make my trucks to look like they are made from cardboard. So, yeah, rigid and soft bodies, realistic crumple zones and other thigs like that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Re: Next ATS truck speculation

#2929 Post by harishw8r » 22 Jun 2021 12:52

Yeah then just imagine how Duisburg - Calais road in TMP would be :lol:

Damages can be subtle though, something simple like the scraping of paint would do in addition to what we have in the game already (scraping as seen in Midtown Madness 2).

If the 'damage' manufacturers don't want to see is purely visual in nature still would like to increase immersion, then I think it would be a good idea to not show any visual damage but devise a method to calculate the amount of collision received and calculate maintenance costs accordingly. Wait ... isn't that how it works now? Expanding it a little would be nice.

For example, if the player had a major collision on the left mirror and a minor crack in the bumper (say), then the player has to immediately replace both the components. So the repair costs would be New unit cost + Service charges - Coinsurance. The player should be given the freedom to or not repair/replace the bumper (repair if the damage is less, replace if more). In this case, the player has to replace the entire mirror unit but has the option to either fix the bumper or leave it for more damage so that they can replace it with a new unit later. Also, the replacement can be with any other similar unit e.g., A damaged painted bumper can be even replaced with a new plastic bumper. Similar models apply to the tires as well, can give them an invisible blow-out and severely affect the fuel economy, and force the player to replace it with a new one. If they didn't, the chassis should start getting more damage.

Most of the components required for this are already in place (the resale value of a certain component in the truck upgrader depends on the damage data). Just integrating both the repair center and the upgrade sections would do this. Keeping the damage data detailed, keeping the economy a bit harder and allowing the player to make more decisions will go hand-in-hand.
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Re: Next ATS truck speculation

#2930 Post by howey » 22 Jun 2021 13:23

Mic_2 wrote:
22 Jun 2021 10:04
I never played Snowrunner, but I know that in Mudrunner the detail on the interior is pretty much non-existant and there is no costumisation for the outside.
Off topic here but the interior details and vehicle customisation in snowrunner is much better then it is on mudrunner and with each new phase that comes out improves the customisation options for all models in the game. The game itself is way better in overall gameplay to mudrunner and i actually play it as an alternative to ATS & ETS 2 from time to time.
harishw8r wrote:
22 Jun 2021 12:52
Damages can be subtle though, something simple like the scraping of paint would do in addition to what we have in the game already (scraping as seen in Midtown Madness 2).
That's a game I haven't heard of in nearly 20yrs well the original midtown madness. Remember trying to launch the yellow VW beetle the Mustang and the Freightliner Century Class with a trailer on the back on the drawbridges on the Chicago map and see how far I could get. Also use to put cars on a flatbed trailer behind the Century Class and watch them getting sling shotted into oblivion when jumping the drawbridge :lol: :lol: :lol: man that was along time ago now.

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