Wyoming Discussion Thread

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Re: Wyoming Discussion Thread

#3221 Post by harishw8r » 22 Jul 2021 04:08

That’s certainly not possible IMHO. The moment people started making a fuss about YS was only when the dds map was shared for the first time, and more after the first gameplay. That’s a small timeframe to map the entire region. Yellowstone should have been part of the planned long back for sure, given that it’s coming.

There might be other factors that might have been delaying the map. The obvious one - Wyoming would be the only ATS DLC of the year. The earlier Wyoming is released, if Texas is planned for next summer, that would result in a bigger gap and would show inconsistency. In this case the later the better in a way that the gap between CO, WY and TX is almost even.

Another reason might be due to the fact that most of the mappers who work on Wyoming are new recruits, so all the learning process could have caused the delay.
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Re: Wyoming Discussion Thread

#3222 Post by Xaagon » 22 Jul 2021 04:50

Since we don't work there, we may never know. But it's fun to speculate.

With the WY portion of Yellowstone, I would expect to get US-191 as far as West Thumb (continuing on to West Yellowstone and US-20 to Idaho Falls possibly coming with Montana), and US-20/US-14. So this is really just one corridor. How long would it take a full map team to build this?

Cody could be added as a scenic town, a cargo depot there would be a bonus. WY-120 from Cody to Thermopolis would also be a nice bonus.

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Re: Wyoming Discussion Thread

#3223 Post by rbsanford » 22 Jul 2021 05:15

I imagine that most of the work for that corridor would be devoted to US 14/20 where it crosses the Absarokas from Lake to Cody; it's a winding road with some grades and very nice scenery at Sylvan Pass, Buffalo Bill Reservoir, and Shoshone Canyon. There isn't all that much that's unique in the park from the South Gate to Lake, except for the West Thumb Geyser Basin, and although there's a nice view of the Absarokas across Yellowstone Lake, it's nowhere near as scenic as the Trail Ridge Road or Jackson Hole. I don't think it would take that long to build it, but take that with a grain of salt.

Cody wouldn't be as simple, and would require a bit of work from the asset team. It has quite a few unique landmarks that really set the character of the town, like the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, the city park, Old Trail Town, and a scenic downtown with lots of old buildings and public art pieces. It seems like a town that would require a lot of research, planning, modeling, and optimization to make in ATS, and therefore needs time.

I hope we might get an obscure Slaughterhouse 5 reference in Cody: "Ask for Wild Bob."
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Re: Wyoming Discussion Thread

#3224 Post by Ceco » 22 Jul 2021 10:25

I don't like it being soon exactly 3 weeks since we didn't get Wyoming's blog

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Re: Wyoming Discussion Thread

#3225 Post by Mohegan13 » 22 Jul 2021 10:46

oldmanclippy wrote:
21 Jul 2021 22:33
Yellowstone is not the only potential reason for a delay
I can say with near 100% certainty that Yellowstone would have no impact on release schedule.

Yellowstone is not a primary route, if they're going to make it and it can't be completed by whatever internal deadline they have, they just won't include it in the release.

Finish it later then add it as a free updated to the DLC. Just like they have with other roads in the past.
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Re: Wyoming Discussion Thread

#3226 Post by Tristam-94 » 22 Jul 2021 11:19

I believe this is the first time that we've gone from a weekly blog to a less frequent blog for an unreleased DLC? They are probably ironing out the last details of Wyoming, or like said before want to reduce the time gap between Wyoming and Texas.

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Re: Wyoming Discussion Thread

#3227 Post by oldmanclippy » 22 Jul 2021 13:04

@Mohegan13 I don't know why you are so certain that Yellowstone couldn't cause a delay. There is a simple question SCS may have had to ask themselves: is it worth lower reviews and day one sales to wait and release Yellowstone later? If yes, then they release it later like you say. If no, then they delay it to make Wyoming a more appealing day one purchase. No one was going to give Iberia a bad review or wait to buy it because the A24 wasn't at launch. But many many many people would not buy Wyoming on day one or give it a negative review if Yellowstone didn't come day one.
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Re: Wyoming Discussion Thread

#3228 Post by Robinicus » 22 Jul 2021 13:16

Well seeing as SCS never came out and said that YS was either in or out, it is all speculation on our part anyway.....senseless to debate whether the inclusion of YS impacted anything WRT release date when there is nothing to say if it was ever planned to be included/excluded....or if it even is included/excluded at this point
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Re: Wyoming Discussion Thread

#3229 Post by Ceco » 22 Jul 2021 14:12

@Tristam-94 you're probably right, but you also have to keep in mind that they also increase the time lag between Colorado and Wyoming, and anger players who are looking forward to driving around Wyoming but still can't because the DLC doesn't even have a release date yet

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Re: Wyoming Discussion Thread

#3230 Post by Tristam-94 » 22 Jul 2021 14:34

If people get angry over a DLC not releasing when they think, even though a release date was never given, that's on them.

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