Max number of mods?

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Max number of mods?

#1 Post by iOutlaw » 25 Mar 2017 20:52

I have 95 mods installed some of which are mod packs and some of which are standalone trailers. The very last mod installed is a painted truck/trailer mod pack (which includes 12 trucks/trailers) , and that mod shows up in the game. I see the trucks/trailers as I drive down the road.

What I don't see on the road, however, are three standalone trailer mods which, in the mod load list, immediately precede the painted truck/trailer mod pack mentioned above.

Is there a maximum number of mods one can install? Is there another explanation for not seeing the next-to-last, three trailers on the street?

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Re: Max number of mods?

#2 Post by Moh1336 » 25 Mar 2017 21:01

I would be willing to bet that the reason you see the last one all the time is due to the spawn ratio that has been given to the AI traffic. It sounds like the modder has set it so high that it is simply suffocating the truck/trailer spawn.

For what it's worth I have other 112 mods with AI combo traffic, some of those packs have in excess of of 10 trailer/truck combos. I think the total is in the region of 220 and I see them all.

To check if it is the spawn ratio: Open the mod and go into the folder def/country/*countryname*/ and look for the traffic file.

It SHOULD be named something like traffic.modname.sii and inside you will see the spawn ratio for each vehicle. If it has been done correctly the content should only be for that mod.

Suggested numbers for spawn ration is 1 or less. You can go higher if you want it to be very frequent. But personally I find 0.20 is the highest I need with all my mods and a good ratio of SCS trailers.

Edit: Just to put it into perspective. When I am testing my mods to make sure they work properly. I set the spawn ratio to 5 so that they show up in abundance and very quickly.
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