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Re: new mexico dlc

#861 Post by TexasWhirlwind » 13 Nov 2017 16:50

I have a complaint about New Mexico..
They had a very long time to put it together and then 20 to 30 beta testers. How come not one beta tester said anything about the pink buildings. And then all the bugs in the map. I don't think the beta testers were doing their job. They should have released it to the public for beta testing and maybe it would not be as many bug that it has. They need new beta testers.. Don't get me wrong I do love the new map. But really. Beta testers common now..
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Re: new mexico dlc

#862 Post by CARL1992 » 13 Nov 2017 16:53

pink building would be found immediately by beta testers that check the map in the editor

so it can be a mod conflict on your end

and what do you mean by buds ? grass that is growing through the street ? these are not game breaking bugs
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Re: new mexico dlc

#863 Post by Frontiersman » 13 Nov 2017 17:27

@ TexasWhirlwind

Pink buildings result from C2C 2.3. At least it did for me. After I made a video with C2C that had pink buildings, I removed C2C and voila, no pink buildings.

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Re: new mexico dlc

#864 Post by TurboTrucker7 » 13 Nov 2017 18:41

I really like the New Mexico dlc. SCS has done a good job, there's a lot of attention to details, some landscapes are really beautiful and i find myself go slow only to look carefully at what has been created. I'm appreciating in particular the work on road signs, this area saw very big improvements, they are accurate and informative, you can sometimes avoid watching the navigator and just try to follow them. Moreover, i didn't expect street names at all. These may seem minor things but they add more realism into the game. Rest areas look very different now than those on the base map, some of them are really huge! Very very interesting. If this quality level will be maintained also for next states, this game can become really great!

I am however, a bit disappointed about the road network of the New Mexico dlc. I feel that the addition of some roads could have improved gaming experience, because alternative routes is what some areas of the current ATS map are lacking of. I'm not saying that the dlc isn't worth the price or something similar, but that there is room for further improvements. I think that this could also be a sort of strategy for SCS, considering it is the first paid dlc, check if this new expansion is appreciated by ATS players, and if it is so, add some new roads in future game updates. I still hope that this aspect will be considered during the development of next map dlcs.

In the following lines, i want to expose my thoughts about what roads, in my opinion, may be worth adding to New Mexico. Disclaimer: i'm not American, so forgive me if i list names of State Routes or Highways incorrectly.

1. a more direct connection between Farmington and Albuquerque. The U.S. 550 would be perfect, and it could also be useful for a future Colorado map expansion;
2. the portion of U.S. 285 from Vaughn (the city in which it ends now in the game map) and Santa Fe. This connection is really handy if you are coming from Roswell or other cities like Artesia, Carlsbad and Hoobs and you want to go North, passing through Santa Fe (now there's a sort of "ping pong" workaround to reach this city);
3. the part of U.S. 60 left out, from the North of Socorro till the junction with U.S. 285 (near the city of Encino in the real map). I think that it could be useful if you are coming from Socorro or Show Low and you're going East (it is also an alternative way to get to Clovis);
4. a connection from Gallup to U.S. 60. In reality, if the U.S. 191 in Arizona will be completed, this road may not be needed;
5. the U.S 180 from the city of Deming (in NM, near the I-10) which connects to U.S. 191 in the city of Alpine (AZ). Obviously this requires that at least a new part of the U.S. 191 in Arizona will be created, but i feel it is an interesting road to add and it will help fill the large empty area in the map between Show Low, San Simon, Las Cruces and Socorro.

It may be a bit complicated to add point 2. and 3. together, since the map can become too crowded in that area, for the other options i do not see big problems. I know that creating maps (especially with this quality) requires a lot of effort and time, so i am not saying that all the roads i've suggested before should be in the game, but for me ATS has a really great potential, and it's a pity that some drawbacks are somehow ruining the gaming experience.

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Re: new mexico dlc

#865 Post by flight50 » 13 Nov 2017 19:18

Welcome TurboTrucker7. All constructive criticism is appreciative. We all like to bounce ideas off one another so come on in. To comment on a few of your improvement thoughts

1) definitely you are not the first to say thing. Myself and a couple others have said the exact same thing. It will be more critical once Utah and Colorado are added. My guess is that they will add 550 just as they did with update 1.29 to make more connections to existing roads
2) would be useful I agree but I will take hwys from no 1 and no 5 first.
5) same as number one but becomes more critical once Texas is added. Plus it fills in that blank area nicely. I love the new map but hwy 180 and 550 will have to show up. I don't like adding map mods but I can see someone adding these in. These are two that I would reluctantly try.

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Re: new mexico dlc

#866 Post by Voltaire1971 » 13 Nov 2017 19:26

CARL1992 wrote:
12 Nov 2017 18:11
5th most popular new release on steam
Where do you see that?

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Re: new mexico dlc

#867 Post by CARL1992 » 13 Nov 2017 19:31

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Re: new mexico dlc

#868 Post by doktorpixel14 » 13 Nov 2017 20:46

I expected Assassin's Creed Origins and the new CoD to beat New Mexico, but 家有大貓? Ok...

BTW: In the German list NM is no. 2 8-)

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Re: new mexico dlc

#869 Post by rain94 » 13 Nov 2017 21:06

TurboTrucker, I could be wrong but I don't believe trucks could access US 550. Looking at some pictures, there are some tunnels that are so low there is no way a semi+trailer could clear it. Also, not to mention some of the tight curves. Seems extremely dangerous to drive a truck on that road.

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Re: new mexico dlc

#870 Post by Tirol » 13 Nov 2017 21:09

Yes, germans like simulation games. This corresponds to the image of the honest German.

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