Poll: Choose (3) States you would like to see next

What state should be next

South Dakota
North Dakota
Total votes: 496

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Poll: Choose (3) States you would like to see next

#1 Post by flight50 » 10 Oct 2017 18:51

Before the flaming starts, yes I am aware of similar threads. The thread by pvan38365 pvan38365's thread is the latest and it is regional based. The thread by RTobi RTobi's thread is more focused on "boxed style" vs linear building of states and it is a good conversation at that. This poll is in hopes of SCS viewing as by popular demand, can we the players have a vote in which state we would like to see next. The other 2 threads involve a lot of reading to see what people are saying. In a poll format, everyone can see the results on any page. SCS can see this thread and can take that in consideration. Also, I do know SCS has a predetermined thought process but this thread is an attempt to help aid in the direction us the gamers would like to see. It is assumed that after NM drops, they already have a direction in mind. If they do not or even if they do, this thread can be handy to say hey, we would like to see (x) next.

The best way to get in a say so for SCS to take notice, is to have a specific state poll. Only states that are adjacent to existing states are part of this poll for next in line. No need to really leave feed back unless you just want to explain your state of choice with an explanation. Let the voting began.

My vote goes to Utah. To start the process of boxing off the map with hopes of Colorado to follow.

Edit: Feb 1st, 2018
With Oregon officially announced as the next dlc state, the selections have been reset for the next selection for 2019. I will manage the polls and keep it updated once new map dlc is announced moving forward. With the new poll selections, I only say 2019 until it is official that ATS has parallel teams working simultaneously. So 2019 is added to each state instead of 2018 because we may not get 2 map releases this year. The attached pic is the poll result for the 2017 voting as the next state.

[ external image ]

Edit: Jan 26, 2019
With Washington officially announced as (1) of the next dlc state's, it is now removed. The 2nd state was not revealed in the ATS 3rd anniversary stream as expected. Based on the teasers from 2018 and the subtle hint from Pavel in the anniversary stream, I will assume that state is still Utah. So, Utah is also removed and the polls are reopened for voting. The attached pic is the poll results for the 2019 voting.
[ external image ]

Edit: Dec 20, 2019
Well, it's time to reset the polls everyone. Thanks for another year of contributing. Another year of great talk. Looks like our front runner Idaho is a reality now. Many of us wanted it so that the gap between Washington and Oregon can link up Utah and New Mexico dlcs to avoid majority of the base map if they choose. The announcement of Idaho came Dec 19th on the Xmas stream this year. Awesome that SCS flat out reveal what's next instead of hinting. We now have 100% confirmation of the next state that will join our beloved ATS in 2020. The other state isn't known yet but based on Pavel's comment on the stream, SCS isn't ready for Texas yet and I agree and applaud that. So no Texas for 2020 for sure. The hopes of boxing up the map in the West is still a strong desire for many fans I have come across. Idaho gets us another step closer to that box. With that said and the recent findings in the game files for both Idaho and Colorado, the second state based on context clues is assumed to be Colorado. So in order to reset the polls, I must use this assumption and eliminate Colorado as well for voting even though it was not revealed. With Texas ruled out, there are only so many directions SCS can go that makes sense. Apologies to anyone who doesn't agree or is not convinced on Idaho and Colorado for 2020. Remember, this poll/thread is just for speculation and fun talks about states to come.

The year end results for voting in 2019 for the states to come 2020 is below
[ external image ]

Edit: Nov 28, 2020
Time to reset the polls again. Its not 100% confirmed yet but based on this blog, its a pretty easy teaser to indicate the next state. If we all are incorrect, I'll just have to reset the polls again to make it accurate. But moving forward, I will only remove one state at a time because SCS is not revealing both states at the same time as once thought. So you guys will need to reselect after each state is more or less confirmed or hinted. South Dakota replaces Wyoming now. Although not likely a 2021 map, it will be included as a 2022 selection but still selectable. So since one state has been teased for 2021, the selection goes to only one remaining state that can come for 2021. So 2 options are removed for now. Once the 2nd state is confirmed for 2021, the poll will return to (2) options for 2022.

Here is the poll result as it stands for 2021 before the reset
[ external image ]

edit: Dec 21, 2020
Well, Texas just got confirmed so I reset the polls for all of 2022 now.

edit: Nov 17, 2021
Montana announced today on the blog. Polls are now rest.

Here are the poll standings prior to the rest for 2022.
[ external image ]

edit:Dec 24, 2022
Oklahoma announced on Nov 14, 2022. Kansas hinted at Dec 20, 2022
Here is the poll results prior to the reset for 2023
[ external image ]

edit: Sep 12, 2023
Well with today's official announcement of Arkansas, I'm resetting the post before I typically do which is in December. We have enough confirmed to do a reset now. Seems like we officially get 3 maps a year starting 2024 as the new minimum. ATS maps are smaller than ETS2 so they are done quicker. Since 2017, I've always mentioned ATS needs 3 dlc maps minimum and looks like SCS has the manpower to do so. Below are the previous poll results.
[ external image ]

This new poll starts the first time we get 3 paid map dlcs so the total votes goes from 2 to 3. Happy voting.

edit: Dec 19, 2023
Well its the annual time to reset the polls based on the Xmas stream. Its pretty much confirmed from the Kansas release stream and from today's Xmas stream. Looks like Missouri is off the list.
[ external image ]
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Re: ATS After New Mexico

#2 Post by Mohegan13 » 10 Oct 2017 19:01

Utah makes the most sense.

If it's too late for the "next" state, it's certainly early enough for the one after it.

I would like to request an edit to the first post. Could you make the first line say "THis poll is for you to say what you would like to see next, not what you think SCS will do". You know some people don't read posts, so making it the first sentence might limit people accidentally posting what they think, rather than what they want.
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Re: Choose the State you would like to see next

#3 Post by flight50 » 10 Oct 2017 20:08

Moh, I agree that it may be too late for the next after NM. That's why I mentioned that SCS probably has a predetermined thought. Like you said in another thread, I am thinking NM came because of Texas. But yes, this could influence their decision following what SCS wants to do next after NM.
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Re: Choose the State you would like to see next

#4 Post by saur44l » 10 Oct 2017 20:45

My bet is that they already started to work on the next state,nevertheless,my vote goes to Utah,it is the last of the desert states(Texas excluded)and the sooner we are done with them the better. :mrgreen:
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Re: Choose the State you would like to see next

#5 Post by old.Trucker » 10 Oct 2017 20:49

If you missed:
Max wrote: 28 Sep 2017 08:01 ...
next states (two or three are already chosen and some form of pre-production is running) are based on similar criteria - what will be the content (terrain and landmarks), how much work it would need, what will be outcome of the map, what asked the fans and so on. we just had to balance and decide.
It would be a big surprise if they was didn't choose Utah ... :)
Understanding 'map editor' is really easy, all you have to do is understand 'map editor' ... :o
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Re: Choose the State you would like to see next

#6 Post by flight50 » 10 Oct 2017 21:28

@BigTrucker. I do recall seeing that post actually. Of those 2 or 3 and the fact that it only seems like we will only get one state dlc per year, this poll could give us the popular one of those 3. I am sure of those three, I have it as a poll selection. I am not sure how far ATS will go (lets hope all 48) but I can't imagine them not kicking out the West 1/3 of the United States. Ultimately, our wallets will decided how far SCS will go. At the same time, by popular demand, our wallets can steer SCS as well, lol.

@Saur44, Well technically there is Texas that is left that has dessert. http://www.ducksters.com/geography/us_s ... eserts.php
Texas has dessert, forest and mountains actually. It represents a lot of vegetation and prefabs for moving forward so I would be surprise if what Moh was saying, hold true. I also stated in another thread that Texas would put ATS on the map and would drive sales. I am still pulling for Utah though. If it's not next, I would assume it comes after Texas.
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Re: Poll: Choose the State you would like to see next

#7 Post by Hell_Raiser » 11 Oct 2017 00:11

Honestly there is nothing in Utah, if it does come next, I really hope Colorado comes with it or soon after. I think the biggest complaint people have with the map is how every trip you can take, runs along the same few Interstates, so you are constantly driving along the same roads. In my opinion, Utah would do little to solve this, since the only Interstate connections with the rest of the map would be 80 and 15, both into Nevada. Further it only adds one large city, and a handful of smaller cities, so there won't be many new delivery options. The addition of Colorado would make it considerably better, but I think it is unlikely that they would be released together.

Oregon is basically an extension of Northern California and Nevada, could be cool, but I'm not to excited for it, it does little to help with the above mentioned complaint.

Neither Idaho or Oklahoma have an Interstate connection with the rest of the map, adding them wouldn't make much sense.

Texas, while being a linear extension of the map, would offer the ability to drive medium distance jobs between large cities with actual route options, much like California. Further it has multiple large cities increasing the number of jobs you would get heading to and staying in Texas. In my experience jobs to the small cities that only have a few companies are very rare to find at any specific city, making it hard to take fright market jobs to them(I have played 400 hours in the game and still have never gotten a fright market job to Oakdale CA). If you do primarily world of trucks, or quick jobs this isn't really an issue though.

In conclusion, I think the best option would be Texas, followed closely by the combination of Utah and Colorado. Both options would address a number of complaints people have with the game, and add cool new scenery. The states I most want to drive in would be Texas, and Colorado, and being a Texan myself, I do have an obvious bias.

While talking about what I would really like to see happen is add Texas, then fill in everything east of the Mississippi River, then some of the great plains. I honestly think this game would be a lot more interesting if they had started in the South East, or New England. I feel like every major driving game set in the US is set in Cali, and I honestly don't understand why. Geographically speaking the west can be broken into 3 main climate/terrain categories; The green Pacific coast, desert, and dry steppes, with a couple mountain ranges that are briefly crossed. Combine that with the shear size of the area, and the game gets stuck in the same basic terrain for years, and lots of people frankly lose interest by the time you get anywhere different.
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Re: Poll: Choose the State you would like to see next

#8 Post by Sora » 11 Oct 2017 02:45

Texas, Oregon, and Utah all have extremely strong merits that would make them excellent choices for inclusion. Texas is by far the best from a marketing standpoint and has the most meat behind it (though it would result in a very lopsided map, and force them to confront the "but what if I don't buy New Mexico" question early.) Oregon has the best scenery of the three and would do a good job of pacifying those who take issue with the endless desert, but the shape of the resulting map is easily the most awkward of the bunch.

Utah might be a little bit dull compared to Texas and Oregon, yeah. And yeah, you'll have to deal with another year of SCS WHY ARE YOU ADDING MORE DESERT. But even now -- and especially after New Mexico -- the importance it's going to have on the map is unparalleled. Utah opens up Colorado and Idaho as realistic options (which are themselves needed as soon as they can be added; Colorado is a very popular state that would make drives to/from New Mexico and Texas more appealing, and Idaho will be crucial for drives to Washington and Oregon), and it brings in a number of very important qualities that would greatly enhance the map, such as the connection(s) between northeast Arizona and northeast Nevada, the existence of I-15, and the establishment of major economic centers in the otherwise-light northeast section of the map.

Personally, given a combination of "what I think would be best for gameplay" and "what I think would be best for marketing hype", I think the ideal path to pursue right now would be Utah -> Texas -> Oregon -> Colorado -> Idaho. Then either Washington or Oklahoma.
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Re: Poll: Choose the State you would like to see next

#9 Post by CA_Trucks » 11 Oct 2017 03:00

I voted Utah, mostly out of necessity. Having the convergence of the I-15 and I-80 in Salt Lake will make the map more complete, not to mention fix the dreaded Page-to-Elko haul. It will also fix the current isolation the US-93 cities in Nevada (Pioche, Ely, Elko, and to a lesser extent Jackpot) currently suffer from, along with possibly adding a bypass of Las Vegas to get to these cities from AZ (nothing is wrong with Vegas, it's just that a bypass would provide a more direct route). Not to mention the map shape will also be more visually appealing. You really have to have Utah before Colorado, unless you want some pretty awkward hauls through New Mexico.

It's also one step closer to the state I'm looking forward to most: Wyoming.
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Re: Poll: Choose the State you would like to see next

#10 Post by angrybirdseller » 11 Oct 2017 04:25

I-15 corridor got lots of elevation changes. Utah would provide access northern Arizona and New Mexico. Could use Utah assets to upgrade Nevada as map mod or part of DLC update and Las Vegas feels Isolated without commerice connction from Salt Lake City. Easy Landmark in Wendover the parking lot in Utah for the Casino, but the Casino itself in Nevada lol. Utah and Colorado would be best states to build after New Mexico sqaure off the map.
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