Thank You For New Mexico

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Re: Thank You For New Mexico

#31 Post by doktorpixel14 » 13 Nov 2017 15:26

oggich wrote:
13 Nov 2017 15:22
I am seeing new cities being hinted across NM;Amarilo,El Paso,just to name these two. There are others,but i haven't got to that part of the map yet,so i don't know. Could it be Texas map expansion next? or Utah?
I don't think those signs tell us anything about the next state. There are also signs with Mexican city names on them near the border and it seems very unlikely that we'll see them soon in the game.

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Re: Thank You For New Mexico

#32 Post by RTobi » 13 Nov 2017 17:50

doktor, was it? lol Anyways I came back and a few weeks later it was released :)

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Re: Thank You For New Mexico

#33 Post by Qiou87 » 14 Nov 2017 14:27

Could'nt agree more with the OP. I also want to point out that I enjoyed the new roads on the base map, they integrate very well and already bring the new signs to the "old" road network (at least the road through death valley, and that leading to SF in Cali). That new state is very immersive and I take great pleasure to drive through it. My only wish is to see the same detailed signs on the base map soon, as I now appreciate to look at them instead of the inboard GPS to navigate. I also experience a lot less navigation errors - driving on the interstate for a while I get in a little trance, but suddenly I see the signs and remember that's where I have to exit without even looking at the tiny GPS on the dash. Just perfect!

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