Dubble trubble... [Dubble trailers]

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Dubble trubble... [Dubble trailers]

#1 Post by murdoch82 » 12 Nov 2017 00:58

How many if any of you park up the dubble trailers as any other trailer? I know you can enable difficult parking with them, but I cant back those things 5 meters... just feels totally impossible.
You cant see whats going on and it starts turning so fast and you'll just be forced to go forward again and start over. It drives me mad...! :D

Bad enough that the normal tralers in ATS are teeeeeerrrrribbblllee... they makes me angry every day! Makes me wanna go back to ETS2 every time I try to back them in a tight yard.

And I got 2000+ hours of playing in these sims, all with strict cab view, I never use external cameras for anything. Not even if its standing still, that would be fine, since that would be like going out of your truck to have a look as one should.. ;) but I guess I have constant need to feel like I'm some badass... (stupid.. I know...) and as the text above prove, I'm far from badass! ;)

If anyone has any cool YT videos in game and perhaps IRL I'd love to see some! :)

<3 <3 <3
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Re: Dubble trubble... [Dubble trailers]

#2 Post by marcf » 12 Nov 2017 03:50

Somebody has posted a video of parking the smaller oversize trailer in a difficult (reverse in) park, it was the trailer without the 3rd section (stinger?), took them several minutes

Reversing the double pups would be extremely hard since you have so many pivot points, and the drawbars for the front axle are so short - very sensitive
Would be easier to reverse a B-double setup as they have only 2 pivot points and longer trailer lengths

Found this:

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