ATS Long Haul - A review

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ATS Long Haul - A review

#1 Post by Voltaire1971 » 12 Nov 2017 15:26

Saturday, 06.30 AM
Eureka (CA), Voltison Motors ... i33nww.jpg

Me and my Truck are ready. On our back a delivery of cars of 9 metric tons. The destination is Artesia in New Mexico, hence there are roughly 1.550 miles of road ahead. This is a WoT contract, so the maximum speed is 55 in California and 65 in Arizona and New Mexico.

12.03 PM
Junction I-580 / I-5 ... p8r9qr.jpg

That`s what happens when you don`t behave on the road. The random events work fine. My setting is rather to the left, so they pop up rarely. Nevertheless I will see two construction sites (small) and two cars being pulled over during the whole trip. An average of one event every 300 miles is pretty fine and adds atmosphere without being omnipresent.

5.17 PM
Besides the I-5 ... qkirgx.jpg

After crossing the Grapevine it is time for the first break at a Motel.

Sunday, 04.30 AM
Junction I-5 / I-10 ... kfuvuk.jpg

Los Angeles. The most important Interstate Hub in the Trucking World. Those aiming for a long haul will without any doubt come here. Again and again, for the north-south corridor which is the I-5 connects to the west-east corridor called I-10 (or a bit northeast to the I-40). ... 6fdrff.png

Rumors have it, that Oregon might be opened to the public next year. This would not harm the importance of Los Angeles, since that would basically just prolong the I-5 corridor. Utah, on the other hand, would introduce Salt Lake City as new Link between I-80 and I-15 and open new routes into Arizona, hence eliminating the Vegas-Kingsman bottleneck as only route between Nevada and Arizona / New Mexico.

08.35 AM
I-10 near Ehrenberg ... qvano4.jpg

Three weigh stations are along the path and two pull me in. Although it is reasonable to drive slowly here, it would be nice to have a system, that keeps my speed at constant 15 mph. Something like a cruise control or something like that. ;)

04.00 PM
Besides the I-10 ... xtbsjv.jpg

New Mexico, home of white sand and a lot of shiny Truck Stops. And it is a pleasure to use one of them for the second rest during this trip.

Monday, 07.12 AM
Artesia (NM), Rail Export ... 8q5nd6.jpg ... tio6wb.jpg

After two days on the road (the last hours on the scenic Route 82), we eventually arrive at our destination. The cities in New Mexico are weird. Speed limits of 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 mph take irritating turns. I miss the more simple solutions in the other states. At some railway crossings there are even just 15 allowed. I ignore that, since I don`t want to imagine to start passing a crossing at 15 mph with a double and suddenly the lights begin flashing.


1.550 miles, 3.680 XP, 116.000 Dollars and a RL driving time between 100 and 105 minutes.

A fun ride and a promise of what our Trucking World might expand to during the next years.

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Re: ATS Long Haul - A review

#2 Post by wolfedg » 13 Nov 2017 04:27

It is good to see people enjoying their experience in ATS and I appreciate your story, but unfortunately I wasnt inclined to visit photobucket to see your screenshots due to their betrayal of their userbase this year with paywall content and an insane uptick in popup and other annoying ads. Perhaps they are no longer making people pay to host images?? in any case I'm done with them. They destroyed so many forums and blogs without notice it was scandalous. /end rant
Anyways back on topic, glad you are enjoying the game.

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Re: ATS Long Haul - A review

#3 Post by flight50 » 13 Nov 2017 05:39

@wolfedg. Photobucket was my go to image hoster as well. I was with them for years. Earlier this year I tried hosting an image on here and that is when I found out they are no longer a free site. So I too stopped using them. I had not hosted an image in nearly 2 years since I last used them so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out what they did.

But yes it is nice to see so many enjoying their travels to NM. The ones that are part of this site are mostly appreciate of it. I wonder how many others out there that are not part of this site are taking NM in. I just hope enough are buying it to keep the dlc coming for ATS. If enough don't buy it at what point do they stop trying to hammer out dlc for ATS.

They'll take your payment immediately yet they show no signs of fulfilling orders,
I ordered mine July 6, 2017 and they WILL NOT communicate with me at all!

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Re: ATS Long Haul - A review

#4 Post by Voltaire1971 » 13 Nov 2017 07:14

Yep, Photobucket has declined recently. I still use them, but the sheer amount of ad-pop-ups is ridiculous. A few months ago they had a Survey with the question along the lines of "What is your main reason to be here?" and I wrote "Clicking through advertisements". :lol:

Back to Topic. I wanted to know how the more or less longest haul (heading to Hobbs would have added some miles more though) is like and with more than 1.5 hours RL game time it surely felt like a Long Haul. When I looked at it, I had to chuckle a bit. In one of the old 18 WoS games it took the same amount of time to get from Seattle to Miami. :D

And, as I wrote, I enjoyed it, although I really would like the cruise control to work at low speeds and a less confusing amount of speed limits in cities. :)

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Re: ATS Long Haul - A review

#5 Post by Cervus » 13 Nov 2017 07:26

It's a long way there:


Longest route I could get. Went up to Eureka on purpose. :)

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Re: ATS Long Haul - A review

#6 Post by Voltaire1971 » 13 Nov 2017 07:51

Should Oregon indeed be the next state, then the longest route Portland -> Southeast New Mexico might be something along 1.800 miles. :D

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Re: ATS Long Haul - A review

#7 Post by marcf » 13 Nov 2017 08:08

The long distance skill seems pointless at the moment, I have rank 4 which is 1600miles if I recall correctly?, are there any routes over 1600 miles CA > NM ?
even Hornbrook to Hobbs?

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Re: ATS Long Haul - A review

#8 Post by Voltaire1971 » 13 Nov 2017 08:50

Hornbrook -> Hobbs might qualify, but I guess that is the only one right now. :)

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