Idaho Discussion Thread
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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#291 Post by » 29 Dec 2019 05:51

Bennett Lumber Company:
Pruudction/yea: 150 MMBF per year
lumber including tree: Douglas Fir, Western Larch, Grand Fir, Western Hemlock, Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, Idaho White Pine, Western Red Cedar e Ponderosa Pine.
Site company:

Mills Bennet:

Princeton, ID
1. Bennett Lumber Products, Inc.
Map: ... 9?hl=pt-BR
Train; Princeton/ID - Palouse/WA
Significant timber company also in IDAHO.
It has only 2 industrial units of wood but are very strategic units.
Princeton, ID.
This unit is important for the map as it allows you to enable all those "Forest Road" routes that other map researchers are reserch.
But an industry that justified their mapping and game initiation has just found and it is located in this city.

Significant timber company also in IDAHO.
It has only 2 industrial units of wood but are very strategic units.
Princeton, ID.
This unit is important for the map as it allows you to enable all those Forest Road routes that other map researchers are finding missing. But an industry that justified their mapping and game initiation has just found and it is located in this city.

Clarkston, WA
2. Guy Bennett Lumber Company.
Map: ... 17.0864701

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#292 Post by flight50 » 29 Dec 2019 17:49

@Shiva. Hey, Look what I found. A pretty good logging road. How ya like this one (the first video). Unfortunately the video is in winter but it still shows how tight the road is and the type of vegetation that outlines the trail. It's in Northern Idaho just South of I-90. I am hoping due to the lack of US highways and Interstates Northern Idaho, that SCS can compensate with a massive logging road setup in the highlighted area. I am talking about a serious maze with multiple drop off and pick up points. Lumber Jill? Time to make a debut.


I found this one too from the same guy but it just ain't long enough nor does he state where this is.

I have no idea where he is here but this turbo sounds awesome on these logging roads. This is the sounds I have come to know on a big rig. These quiet trucks can go sit down somewhere, lol.
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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#293 Post by The_Real_Canadian » 29 Dec 2019 20:42

Now those are some sick logging roads. Ever since SCS made that Washington logging road I have been itching for more!
My friends tell me that I am obsessed with Ats and Ets2. I usually tell them they are absolutely right!!! :D

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#294 Post by flight50 » 29 Dec 2019 21:13

^I hear ya and I agree. I want that maze though. I know it won't get close to real life but I think we can get a more complex logging road system in an area that doesn't have scale issues. If we got 3-4 delivery points/pick up points as part of a mega maze logging camp, I'd be happy. That way, when we visit this system, we won't always be picking up at the same location. Any devs want to take this challenge? I mainly want to see if a dev can challenge himself to pull it off. The below graphic shows a widespread shot. It's East of ID-3 and South of I-90.

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

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Good timber companies we have at least two large timber companies in Idaho from what I researched.

 I agree we have to have more complex and labyrinthed wood roads running through these dizzyingly steep hills of the state.
 That would be very interesting there are several very cool places to explore in the state, but the roads are dirt.

 I am for a dirt road, they are part of every trucker's life.
The state of IDAHO has this diversity of loads, a diverse economy, a road system that is diverse; many, many kilometers of forest roads, many kilometers of agricultural roads.
 Some roads to very remote mining places, which we are not talking about yet.

Perhaps SCS has come to understand that IDAHO is diversity, it is small but it is very contrasting, and if you want to be faithful, it is well to get out of the comfort zone of standard highways and also to make forest highways in the West, Noroete State --- Naple and above.
Some mining highways: ELK CITY and beyond in DIXIE.
With zoo on google maps you can see the roads and isolated villages, there are cool things there ...

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#296 Post by flight50 » 29 Dec 2019 21:43 Hmmm. Now that's an idea. Get out of standard highways. I like that thinking and I agree that would be something nice to add to such a state. A state that in which the Northern half, suffers from a larger road network because of the panhandle just doesn't work to well in our favor at 1:20 scale. It's already thin and a lot of roads can't fit, but we can only hope SCS can work some type of magic.
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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

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Hello good night friend!
How to complete the idea of the route of the route through the forest, is very interesting hope you like criticism, suggestions are accepted.


What do you think about driving to some incredible secluded places?
  Where if you stop the truck listen to the silence ....
or hear birds, hear the breeze, hear the leaves swaying.

  How about you come across a giant bear crossing the highway? How about those wonderful deer that the United States has the elk ... and there are more in that region!
  What do you think about seeing deer, listening to eagles, crossing the road or deer running through the woods?
Maybe a bear might show up in your truck?

Will the bear be calm and will stop in the middle of the road will I look at you and allow a nice print or will it be that after several relaxing minutes in which you hear areas listening to other birds, listening to the leaves of the Trees, it is there from time to time when some tourist passes by with their caravan or motor home but doesn't get broken their paZ but then suddenly nothing more than,
  Suddenly an angry bear appears ... with a lot of hate in his heart ... for some reason, and he climbs on the hood of his truck and scratches the glass of the truck, what a fear he can make.
  Imagine you are completely quiet, and the bear cry in the woods, the wolves night !!!
would you have high adrenaline? Interesting no ?!

1- Red River Hot Springs, Elk City

The testimony of someone who has been there really are very steep IDAHO roads so this is very interesting, to make some forest roads isolated from civilization let's say so. ... ls_ex.html

2 - Whitewater Ranch, Elk City
How about transporting inputs to the most isolated farm in the state!
What do you think about transporting fruit among the forest? ... CnoECBgQBg ... CnoECBgQBg ... CnoECBgQBg ... CnoECBgQBg ... CnoECBgQBg

Right! Maybe the player doesn't want to deliver fuel to remote airports, no problem!
 How about walking the winding mountain highways of the state among the impenetrable forests, and handing over a Fruit Picker?
Challenging if you know that these roads are on routes yesterday use and by valleys.

You might want to transport supplies to this remote farm!
  Perhaps more so, want to carry fruit!
What do you think?

3- Mackay Bar Ranch:
Site: ... 2?hl=pt-BR

[youtube] ... VE&index=5[/youtube]

Of course, the fueling of these remote airports must be rare and very rare on the state map.
Especially because they are not commercial airports, but tourist airports.
Their flow is not so often that it deserves constant loads, but it would be a tremendously interesting load anyway, to the point of the player who is most attentive when I was able to record video, record in photos because very very rare.
I imagine it could be.

For those who like airplanes could see them flying could even take beautiful photos and images of the planes landing and taking off at these remote airports.
  These remote airports always have fuel, because you never know if a plane could have a fuel shortage, no matter how remote the airport, someone has to deliver there, we are talking about large quantities anyway.
Landscape that this route must have at dawn at dusk and even at night, silence is the empty darkness the random events that can arise with animals during the day and at night.
  All of this allows game designers to create a totally different atmosphere from what has been created so far, on other maps it is possible to increment.

3.1 - Mackay Bar Airport:
What do you think about delivering fuel to our Adventurous friends if it were possible, join the game ATS and Fly Simulator what would you say?
This remote airport is beautiful.
Tourism companies and private tourists usually take the mountains to the depths of the state.
Many as you can see rent the chalets of the farm.

4 - Wilson Bar Usfs:
What do you think about delivering airplane fuel at a remote airport?
6 - Red River Ranger Station. Historic.

7- Fenn Ranger Station
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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

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I want the opinion of all players to evaluate the viability of this route.

Map: ... 0?hl=pt-BR

It has some tourist attractions in its path.
  As for cargo would not exist, because it is environmental area.
On closer research I realized that the airports within this forest have no fuel depots.
Airport news I just found an air disaster a few years ago at one of the airports perhaps as cargo the transport of the wreckage of the 2 planes.

Airports are for single-engine and single-engine airplanes, and even some jets are also capable of landing.

The important event in these areas would be when passing the driver would observe the flow of aircraft landing and taking off.
  Airports operate only during the day.
  Then at night we could put the events related to the forest animals like: moose, deer, wolves, bears, owls. Daytime events with eagles, flying and hunting fish
(salmon), bears hunting fish, knocking down trees, trying to knock down hives - honey, scratching barks, ....
  And some other typical wildlife of the state.
Some fires maybe and loads of fire fighting supplies.
Closed route event - no access to traffic can be fire.

I consider the route to be very suitable for the game vehicle, and I'm not mistaken is a pick-up (?).

  And during the research videos, I found pick-ups driving through the forest highways.
Exclusive Route:
  This is something that SCS never created.
  Exclusive routes where vehicles, pick-up, can only enter, the truck is blocked.
  It would be interesting because later this pattern could be replicated to cities such as: SEATLE, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, .... when SCS upgrades to take buses and urban loads.

Image MOD.

For the ATS games right away it allows the national parks to be in the game so we can do some sightseeing with the pick-up.

  SCS Software can innovate, can put: motor home, motorcycle, touring trailer for pickup, horse trailer.
It would be very interesting to incorporate in horse games
  It would allow one extra load for the pickup.
  Exclusively on the map, then the transport of a cargo between cities located on the north and south ends, on the route so that; we can carefully transport horses, while at the same time having defiance of time, and defiance of these winding roads.

  It is possible.

  Why is it the type of vehicle that is allowed to travel within the national parks to pick-ups and their trailers and whatever is inside the trailers as well.


1 - ACESS N° 1: Road 14

Street view - Acess Road 14 >> NF 309 ... 4?hl=pt-BR

1- ACESS N° 2: Riddings - Road 95 >> NF 1614 >> Manning Bridge >> NF 1614
- Manning Bridge
Google maps: ... 16.1167959
- French Creek
Google maps: ... 16.0273518

4 - Green (Carey Creek Boat Ramp/ Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp)

Google maps: Carey Creek Boat Ramp ... 15.9456247
Google maps: Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp ... 15.9456247

5 - Burgdorf - Historic village.
Burgdorf - Hot Springs
Google map: ... 15.9138455

Burgdorf mountain - panoramic view.
Google map: ... 15.9138455

6 - Warren village
7 - Big Creek - Airport.
8 - Edwardsburg
9 - Cinnabar
10 - Yellow Pine
11 - Johnson Creek Airport


airport sign. road.

other airport sign. Entrance.


Airport without fuel service.
Visualization of planes taking off and landing during the day, when traveling along the forest highway.
Airport operation; 6 am to 6 pm.
Basic info.

Archive: aircraft landing procedures at the airport. ... 20send.pdf

Aircraft collision and crash: ... 11-15-2015
Aircraft collision and crash:
Chance of random event.
Possibility of extremely rare cargo transporting wreckage to the nearest airport.

12 - Warm Lake
13 - Landmark
14 - Deadwood Outfitters
------------ Deadwood Outfitters-------------------------------
1:54:07 - 1:56:05 - Ghost village - Deadwood - Historic Point.
1:53:05 - Acess Road forest 579 - Ghost village Deadwood

1:49:20 - Deadwood Outfitters - "New village Deadwood" - 1:51:57
hunting and horseback riding huts, park for motorhomes, campsite.
1:47:47 cabin ruin

Road florest 555
1:06:57 - Acess Road Florest 555 / Forest Service Rd (Closed restrict).
1:06:35 - Fir Springs Campground - 1:06:52
1:02:52 - Bridge river Deadwood Reservoir - 1:03:00

-------- 15 - Deadwood Reservoir-------------------
1:01:25 - Deadwood Reservoir -1:56:05
------- 16 - Cozy Cove Campground-------------
1:00:58 - Cozy Cove Campground -

Acess 17/ Road florest 555 ... 4?hl=pt-BR

Panoramic observation point on the highway ... 4?hl=pt-BR

it is a very beautiful place and it has pine trees inside the forked rock in my country. We would probably name it: "pine trees from within"! ... 4?hl=pt-BR ... 4?hl=pt-BR ... 4?hl=pt-BR

I don't know if the Americans, Already named this mountain, I also know that it has no official value, but for records have found on Google Maps, and be very beautiful and shaped like a staircase. The mountain name should be: "Payette Tower Stairs". ;) :D ... 4?hl=pt-BR ... 4?hl=pt-BR ... 4?hl=pt-BR ... 4?hl=pt-BR

The route 17, has areas of risk of landslides and rock slips which can. In game terms cause the random landslide event obstructing the highway.

Start of the excerpt. What is susceptible landslides and rockslocks. ... 4?hl=pt-BR
End of stretch. What is likely blockages landslide and rocks. ... 4?hl=pt-BR

-Acess Pine Flats Campground ... 4?hl=pt-BR ... 4?hl=pt-BR
- Pine Flats Campground- Waterfall ... 2?hl=pt-BR ... 1?hl=pt-BR

panoramic point road ... 4?hl=pt-BR ... 4?hl=pt-BR

Rest area ... 4?hl=pt-BR

Rest area ... 4?hl=pt-BR

Rest area ... 4?hl=pt-BR

Acess: Road 17 / Deadwood Road ... 4?hl=pt-BR

Rest area for tourist information about the landscape ... 4?hl=pt-BR

Rock art neolithic natives? ... 4?hl=pt-BR

Acess: Road 17/ Lowman ... 4?hl=pt-BR

18 - Lowman
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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#299 Post by Shiva » 30 Dec 2019 01:26

@flight50 Avery Idaho? Both my north to south forest road routes pass Avery. "North Fork Saint Joe River, Idaho 83802, USA"
Then there is this route, that has is more closer to Montana at the northern part.
This has the start point that starts in Idaho, btw.

Regarding video 1 you posted videos?
1minute and 14seconds, to the end of video route on Google Maps.
For me, it looks like this one.

/edit: Dixie ID? That would be accessible from the forest route proposal I have.
route addition.
NTM's B-Double Telescopic Skeletal Container Carrier. Youtube video on how it works. W & S thread.
B-Double trailer and short modes: EN 7.82 swap body, 20’ or 30’ containers.
Standalone 40' mode: EN 7.82 swap body, 20', 30', 40' or 2 x 20' trailer.
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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#300 Post by » 30 Dec 2019 03:16

Good morning my friend is the 30th of 12th 2019.
  We are approaching the end of the year on our little planet.
  So I wish you many blessings first of all; May Jesus bless you abundantly.
  At midnight and 16 minutes Brasília time, it is the official time zone of Brazil.

Your map / route was very good.
  It would be wonderful and we could have in the ATS game, but there is a small detail called the state of Montana on the map.
  Part of the route you discovered, goes through the state of Montana.

 so we can analyze if it is the highway we plan on using Google Maps, if it has a structure for passing a truck.
 my first route, stretches that pass only quads and mountain bikes was beautiful called "Iron Mountain".
 I had to get off the route until I found a viable route, and it was not unattractive though I couldn't cross the whole of the Western Forest area, but at the end I found some, Airfields, and we could take fuel cargo there, and I also found an extremely isolated farm that produces fruit, have a harvesting machine.
 So I imagine we could take this farm with fertilizer inputs, the harvesting machine, and leave the farm carrying fruit.
 One of the photos you can see parked truck trailers. So that route is possible, but only end of the route would be deliveries.

Your route is perfect but it goes through Montana, SCS probably won't make an exception for us.
 The fight goes on to find us a viable route.
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