Idaho Discussion Thread

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4341 Post by flight50 » 30 Jul 2020 10:27

I have only dev cammed Idaho ant Colorado @Larry71490. Not sure about others. I haven’t heard anything.

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4342 Post by ASUSTechSupport » 30 Jul 2020 15:29

Larry71490 wrote:
30 Jul 2020 05:37
@flight50 has anybody dev cam into Texas from New Mexico lately?

I see 2022 for Texas.
I did and I-40 extends into Texas from Tucumcari. The other roads dont seem to have been extended though

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4343 Post by Shiva » 30 Jul 2020 15:52

What I remember, no changes for south and eastern New Mexico, bordering Texas. For quite some time.

Skoot, more likely to get Colville -> WA-20 -> US-2 -> Sandpoint
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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4344 Post by Larry71490 » 30 Jul 2020 15:55

Thanks guys! Was just curious if anything new popped up.

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4345 Post by flight50 » 30 Jul 2020 16:44

Honestly, I don't expect anything to connect to Texas yet. If anything does, it won't be until after Wyoming in upcoming updates. Or perhaps its just locked out or they haven't gotten that far. There is enough of Texas to do for now and connecting to NM last could be the plan.

@Shiva I have to agree that I think US-2 to Colville would be better. I think Colville is to far North to have to drive all the way South just to go North again to get to Sandpoint. I think Newport should be scenic and if not, that's a miss. US-2/WA-20 from Sandpoint all the way to Tiger, Wa follows the Pend Oreille River. Who doesn't like a River road. They are among the most gorgeous roads in ATS. It seems like a lot of work so I can see why it didn't come with Idaho considering all the detail they put into Idaho. Just not enough time. But US-2 connecting to Washington is needed. Better to get it in before Montana because it will definitely be needed when Montana comes imo. US-2 and WA-20 both should get us to Northwestern Montana without having to use I-90. Some of us like the scenic route more than the faster Interstates.

Bonner's Ferry will come one way or another perhaps. I am expecting Kalispell, Mt to make the map and it will need to come via US-2 and US-93. If Idaho looks as good as it does now, we should get a very scenic route from Sandpoint thru Bonner's and then to Kalispell and other town that comes along the way. US-2 should get us all the way across Montana. If we can get it all the way to I-75 in Michigan, that would be cool. It would be our Northern most US highway to run its course. Others will follow like US-20 and US-50. I'd like roads like these to run their course but it all starts out West. If SCS gets them in from the start, its much easier to plan for them later. Currently we need US-50 to connect from Carson City to Sacramento. It seems that they are planning to carry
US-50 all the Way East but its missing a section. They went back and filled a portion of US-191 in 1.38 so there is always hope for existing US roads getting extended.

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4346 Post by Jatruck » 30 Jul 2020 17:04

I agree with Colville-Sandpoint (WA-20 + US-2). It's a very nice route, with great landscapes, and more direct way.

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4347 Post by KnuteOle » 30 Jul 2020 19:29

Okay, so what Hidden Roads, Easter Eggs and Secrets have you found in Idaho so far?

<WARNING: Potential spoilers below; avoid if you want to find them on your own>


- Old Spiral Highway is drivable
- There's a dirt road south of Salmon that's drivable
- In Pocatello, there's an automobile junk yard next to one of the delivery locations. It's fenced in, but the fences open when you approach them so you can drive through. Warning: very tight turns between rusted old junkers; may take all your skill if you're hauling a trailer.


- A control box in Boise features images of some of the SCS developers
- A billboard outside of Twin Falls features Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite
- You can see Evel Knievel's ramp from his 1970s attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon from the Perrine Bridge

- You can find Sharlie the Payette Lake Monster in the lake by McCall; not sure if this is random or if he/she is always there

I'm sure there's a ton more. I haven't had much time to explore, but these are what I've seen so far. Please add more as you find them.
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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4348 Post by Onagerlinn » 30 Jul 2020 20:57

@KnuteOle There's a baseball field in Nampa that lists "ETS2 vs ATS" on the marquee. I thought that was neat little find.

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4349 Post by Vinnie Terranova » 30 Jul 2020 21:17

Northeast of Grangeville there is this wood harvester prefab. There is a small hidden road, and a tree harvester / wood cutter / whatever that thing is called machine, which is blocking another hidden road. It is very difficult to get past that wood cutter machine, unless your truck has a very powerfull engine. By chance I drove with my High Power Engine mod and I was able to get past that machine. That second hidden road goes all the way on to the other side of the little canyon / valley. There are two more machines but it's very easy to get past them, by driving between the trees. But in the end the road ended at a rock wall. So actually there is just one hidden road. But it was a nice adventure to get on that second hidden road as well.

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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4350 Post by rbsanford » 30 Jul 2020 21:18

There's a Frasier reference in Ketchum, but I'm not sure if this was introduced in Washington or not; it would make sense to do so, since Frasier is based in Seattle. I suspect there's also an Easter egg in the corn maze off I-84, but someone who knows how to dev cam will have to check that out.

By the way, you can actually drive off the Evel Kneivel jump. The access road is in NE Twin Falls, near the Mormon church with the wedding. I was only able to make it up to 50 mph, and I did indeed earn 100% damage.
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