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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4481 Post by Shiva » 18 Nov 2020 14:01

Rexburg, that I have no hopes for, flight50.
There could be a possibility for ID-33 going north, from US-20/26, as far as I can remember, that interchange is ingame.
It does meet ID-28. And goes to I-15, where the Sage Junction Port of Entry is. Weigh station/PoE for North and Southbound traffic.
Google Maps, has the wrong location marked for Sage Junction Port of Entry. 5miles west of I-15, on ID-28/33.
Port of Entries are quite important, yes?
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Re: Idaho Discussion Thread

#4482 Post by clifflandmark » 19 Nov 2020 01:49

I don't live in US. However I followed a trucker named Erik Johnson in YouTube. He lived a town named Osburn on the I-90. Since Idaho released, I knew there's a missing part and it's I-90 to Missoula throughout Idaho.

With Montana, SCS has to complete missing part of I-90 to Missoula.
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