Colorado Discussion Thread

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2891 Post by harishw8r » 12 Nov 2020 20:23

It’s really boring for me to say the same words every time, but here we go, “This is by far the best DLC!”

The Idaho-Utah-Colorado chain looks amazing. Would eagerly wait for the release of Wyoming and Montana to complete this.

Special Mention to Durango, the city gives me Resita (RO) vibes. So far my favourite.

Note: In order to enjoy this state more, stick to the speed limits.
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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2892 Post by TINO » 12 Nov 2020 20:29

KieranMonday wrote:
12 Nov 2020 19:43
Love the reference on the new ambulance!!!
How did you catch that? :lol:

Denver is amazing! :D

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2893 Post by oldmanclippy » 12 Nov 2020 20:36

I did Cedar City UT to Denver and my goodness is I-70 wonderful! It's by far the best interstate we have in the game. Descending into Denver from the Eisenhower Tunnel was as exhilarating as I hoped and more. No performance issues in sight yet.
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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2894 Post by Larry71490 » 12 Nov 2020 20:37

Colorado is amazing. Lamar is dead on accurate!

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2895 Post by cs8492 » 12 Nov 2020 20:42

Found a Freightliner Dealer in Ft. Collins edit: This will be a Freightliner dealer when the truck is actually added but a mod I had enabled triggered it to appear according to other users. Image
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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2896 Post by angrybirdseller » 12 Nov 2020 20:47

8-) Yes, agreed I-70 is the best interstate in the game even if the compress the descent from tunnel to Denver. I just drove I-25 and I-70 so far. Ft Collins to Raton is awesome route south the Pueblo the mountains were done really well.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2897 Post by Virgo91 » 12 Nov 2020 20:49

@cs8492 seeing your screenshot,you're playing with mods.Have you got any Freightliner mod enabled by any chance?

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2898 Post by Voltaire1971 » 12 Nov 2020 20:51

Goddammit. The I-70 is epic. :o

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2899 Post by Gootho717 » 12 Nov 2020 20:53

@KieranMonday So sorry but what is the ambulance reference? The phone number? What does it say/mean (sorry don't see/understand it)?
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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2900 Post by FS98 » 12 Nov 2020 20:54

Truck Dealerships in Colorado

Alamosa - Western Star
Colorado Springs - Mack
Denver - International
Fort Collins - Freightliner
Grand Junction - Volvo
Montrose - Peterbilt
Pueblo - Kenworth
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