Colorado Discussion Thread

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#1071 Post by Skoot » 30 Jul 2020 13:47

flight50 wrote:
30 Jul 2020 10:50
... Sooner or later, the livestock trailer will either get confirmed as a new trailer coming, or we will see the AI hauling it. I’d love to see a live trailer and a step deck come in with Colorado. Step decks are much more versatile in the Ag industry.
I want stepdecks too! Not so keen on livestock trailers though, but I won't mind seeing them in traffic.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#1072 Post by SageTDS » 30 Jul 2020 14:45

Shiva wrote:
30 Jul 2020 00:54
Having the moon back would be nice.
And regarding dusk and dawn?
It gets darker earlier the more south one is. And it gets light later too. Summer that is.
I prefer usually to drive when it is night, but the more south I get, the darker the night gets.
Scandinavian and Finnish nights = can still enjoy the views at night.
But further down Europe + USA, then the nights too dark, to enjoy the views at night.

A clue for either Colorado, or Iberia map DLC's, will be when the connections come.
As far as I see, Colorado has most of them. Atleast on the western side of Colorado.
How finished the sector that contains US-84 is, I can't remember, but I-25 is not finished. When those are finished, then Colorado should be close.
And for Iberia, there road connections from Bordeaux and Perpignan to south should be a clue. And maybe even a city or 2, in France?
This. I am hoping some day for a Finnoscandia expansion so the nights are super short in the summer.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#1073 Post by Shiva » 30 Jul 2020 15:49

If far enough north, sun up 24/7.
And no actual night, even a bit more sout.
For that to come to USA, we would need Canada and Alaska for USA.
NTM's B-Double Telescopic Skeletal Container Carrier. Youtube video on how it works. W & S thread.
B-Double trailer and short modes: EN 7.82 swap body, 20’ or 30’ containers.
Standalone 40' mode: EN 7.82 swap body, 20', 30', 40' or 2 x 20' trailer.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#1074 Post by interstate trav » 30 Jul 2020 17:08

I agree with having Limon as a scenic city, I just hope there’s a delivery point on he east end of the 70 so we can drive the Great Plains as far as possible. Burlington could work. I just want to have more of the 79, and Kansas is goi; got be a ways away but then we get more of the 70.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#1075 Post by flight50 » 30 Jul 2020 17:58

I suspect Burlington will be our Eastern most mapped city. US-385 @ I-70 is a good terminating point imo. There's a Loves truck stop, a couple feedlots and farming that can all go under Burlington. Its not a very big town but definitely worth of being the last stop on I-70 for Colorado. Either way, US-385 North to South should be our Eastern most road. Kansas doesn't have a lot of big cities but the next big city I see East of Denver is Salina, Kansas. We will need 1-2 smaller towns to be mapped along that stretch along with a few scenic towns.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#1076 Post by Xaagon » 30 Jul 2020 18:32

I think between Burlington and Salina we'll definitely get Hays. At 20,000+ residents, that's enormous by western Kansas standards.

Between Burlington and Hays there's still too much room, so I would also expect to see Colby or Oakley. I think Goodland may be too close to Burlington.

Edit: Ok, I did some minimal research on google maps and found that 20,000+ is not necessarily huge here. Hays is the biggest town in this area that is directly on I-70. Outside of I-70, large towns in Kansas west of I-35 are Hutchinson, Great Bend, Dodge City, Garden City, and Liberal. There may not be enough space to put all of them into ATS.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#1077 Post by Larry71490 » 30 Jul 2020 20:58

I expect Dodge to make it. Liberal isn't really needed. Both have National Beef plants. Dodge is the more famous and well known of the 2. Garden City has a beef plant and International Paper plant there that ships mainly cardboard for the meat plants.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#1078 Post by shadynsx » 30 Jul 2020 21:11

New screenshot on Steam that hasn't been posted in the blog


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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#1079 Post by Skoot » 30 Jul 2020 22:03

Seems like not much space for HH or ST trailers there.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#1080 Post by magicko84 » 30 Jul 2020 22:29

Hello everyone. Do you think it will be released before October / November?

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