Colorado Discussion Thread

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2021 Post by ThatWeirdTrucker » 18 Oct 2020 12:21

Does anyone think this section of US-85 will make it in?


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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2022 Post by GabrielT » 18 Oct 2020 13:54

I hope all the roads could make it in,
but at 1:20 I don't think it is possible so my guess to your question is no.
Probably US-85 will start at exit 17 of I-25 in the Wyoming DLC; let's see!

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2023 Post by loco4string » 18 Oct 2020 14:41

So far SCS has not delivered when they make an announcement. It was announced as the second map of 2020 so. As long as SCS can fix the problems with the lowboys we should be ok. My biggest concern is the optimization of the map at release. Idaho was terrible, by far the worst DLC and with updates it really hasn't improved that much. I still get big FPS drops in the cities especially with a bunch of traffic. Like I have said before I feel it will be right before Thanksgiving. That is solely based on how SCS has released the last 3. They seem to be following a schedule to speak. Then again I'm still waiting for the trailer deal that was announced that was coming to. I know at the time the speculation was that Utility had signed on to let SCS use their trailers. We have all speculated on what is coming. All I know is that Freightliner was announced earlier this year, and Colorado. I still have hope for the Freightliner, but I know Colorado will be delivered. So hopefully they will announce the next set of states they are considering. I just want Colorado and Texas that would make me happy. All I can say is the rest of the year should be good for the game as far as new material.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2024 Post by Xaagon » 18 Oct 2020 14:50

@ThatWeirdTrucker I don't think we'll get it, but I want it. It would be a good alternative to I-25 from Denver to Cheyenne and the perfect set-up for a random event detour route.

@loco4string Colorado was announced for 2020, then later SCS announced it could be 2021 with all the required quarantines and work-from-home (but they were hopeful for a 2020 release). As tough as it is to wait, I would rather they take the time to do it right. It would be a nightmare if SCS were acquired by some big company that demanded content be pushed out ready or not on a predetermined schedule. Many great game companies have been destroyed this way as the quality drops and the customers leave.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2025 Post by loco4string » 18 Oct 2020 14:58

Oh I agree I will wait for a polished product, based on how Idaho came out. I thought it was great to get it but once I realized the FPS drop because it wasn't optimized right I knew what caused it. The fact the were working remote I am sure did not help. Knowing SCS I am sure when they announced it earlier this year it was already a good way under construction. They had been leaking pictures for months. But I agree completely knowing the amount of work they did it would be a shame to waste it trying to fix poor optimization. They still haven't quite got it right in Idaho yet it's by far better than it was but no where even close to the base map states.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2026 Post by ALT2870 » 18 Oct 2020 15:26

I'm still not buying the Idaho wasn't optimized argument. The results were so widely mixed you can't come to that conclusion. I've never had an issue with Idaho along with many other. I think if SSAO wasn't introduced at the same time, you'd see a lot less complaints.

Anyway, I see the same issues with Colorado in regards to FPS complaints. Ultimately SCS needs to update its recommended specs. Now back to Colorado...

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2027 Post by DarrenN104 » 18 Oct 2020 16:24

AFAIK Idaho was optimized, Boise and the DLC as a whole run smoother for me, but I still get FPS dips around certain areas, and in Utah as well. I've lowered my settings a bit, but for the longest time I was able to run at 400% Scaling. SSAO could be the issue? But I've been running with SSAO off and still getting slight frame drops. Not to the point where the game becomes unplayable, but a noticeable annoyance. I've got an, albeit old, but pretty beefy setup. I think saying Idaho and Utah have performance issues would be a warranted statement. I'm still going to buy Colorado on Day 1 though. LOL.

That being said, I am eyeing a new PC. Would hopefully alleviate some of these issues and would allow me to get into Ultrawide and modding territory. Muahaha.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2028 Post by flight50 » 18 Oct 2020 18:04

ThatWeirdTrucker wrote:
18 Oct 2020 12:21
Does anyone think this section of US-85 will make it in?
It would be nice. I think its a 50/50 shot for that entire stretch you posted though. The Utah team missed on US-89 and US-6 paralleling I-15 in Utah. This is kinda similar. This team isn't the Utah team and there is a lot more going on in Colorado than what parallels I-15. But one thing for sure is that a portion of US-85 is in the game around Brighton for sure. Why? Vitas Power. Brighton, Windsor and Pubelo are the (3) manufacturing plants in Colorado for the wind turbine industry. We should get all three. Is all three confirmed......kinda. If you look at all (3) factories, you can see the parts that each makes. Pueblo does the towers. It looks like Windsor is only blades. Brighton appears to do blades, generators an the rotors. You could argue that Windsor is not necessary. Although just those 2 work, all 3 would be better. Not to mention the Colorado achievement basically says to visit all factories. I don't see 2 being much of an achievement but 3 is perfect.

As far as it not fitting.........I disagree. Why? US-85 can come @I-76 and run up to Brighton and to CO-07. At the least, this is what I'd expect to reach the Brighton factory. US-85 going from CO-7 to US-34 is very feasible too imo. That stretch of road is parallel to I-25 and it gets wider as you approach Greeley. The blogs already showed US-34 @ I-25 in Loveland. If Colorado is getting the beef industry, I don't see Greeley getting left out. Marked or absorbed, it doesn't matter. If you use satellite view and study US-85 from I-76 to Greeley, there is a ton that can happen off US-85. Farming, oil/gas companies, construction companies, residential home building possibilities, livestock and even metal works. There is a ton off US-85. The biggest reason why it fits imo, is there are zero mountains between I-25 and US85. Its all flat farmland and residential. SCS can easily use cut planes to separate US-85 and I-25 imo. It won't take much to make land seem like it goes off into the distance when you can apply cut planes and butt them up back to back.

I'd actually love for US-85 to be a detour backroad into Cheyenne though. In Cheyenne, I think US-85 is a necessary route that takes us up the Eastern border of Wyoming. Pretty much the same thing that US-385 does for Colorado, US-85 introduced now can do the same for Wyoming. If you look at a city block in the game, they are sometimes 3-4 blocks deep right? Now take that distance and look at the distance between US-85 and I-25. That is 10-20 blocks deep. So to me, US-85 starts at I-76 and at the least gets us to Brighton. If not at I-76, we get US-85 from CO-7 exit to get to Brighton. But either way, US-85 gets in to some degree. Without E-470, there isn't much issue with space imo.

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2029 Post by MrDrCold » 18 Oct 2020 21:05

the Vestas plant is just north of Brighton and CO-7 on Weld County Rd 4 just off US-85, I used to live in Brighton and it would be nice to see US-85 in ATS since I been to Greeley a few times. I remember this one cow farm on the hwy since you can smell it lol. if we don't get US-85 from I-76 (Exit 12) or E-470 then we get CO-7 from I-25 (Exit 229) and either Bromley Ln (Exit 22) or Weld County Rd 2 (Exit 25) from I-76 since CO-7 has no direct exit on I-76

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Re: Colorado Discussion Thread

#2030 Post by averyc2506 » 18 Oct 2020 21:16

wait so what do we think that were getting fort collins, loveland, denver, greeley, brighton, windsor, denver, and possibly boulder marked ??? cuz that seems a litttle to cramped for ats in my opinion..

ive been following this thread along and those cities have been mentioned a lot so i wasnt sure how this was gonna work or how were expecting it to work. im pretty sure im just confused lol-
heres an irl map of what we know of the colorado dlc map: ... sp=sharing

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