ATS Appreciation

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ATS Appreciation

#1 Post by akima » 25 Jan 2020 11:27

I just wanted to list a bunch of things which I really appreciate about ATS, SCS and their engine. Feel free to reply with some of the things you appreciate about it, if you feel like it.

Here are mine:

- It runs buttery smooth. It maintains a stable high FPS. I haven't once noticed any stuttering.

- Very stable game & engine. Other than some strange invisible walls in some places I wouldn't expect them, I haven't experienced any bugs.

- The menu & configuration system feels extremely responsive & polished. I play some games where this isn't the case and it's really made me appreciate ATS.

- There is traffic behaviour variance. e.g. occasionally vehicles will stay-out in the fast lane when they shouldn't. It adds a feeling of a dynamic, alive world.

- They've really captured the feeling of the weight of heavy trucks in this game. I like the sense of momentum and flow it gives.

- You can configure this game exactly to your liking. Personally, I have disabled fines and sleeping, but I have enabled some of the more simulation aspects of driving (e.g. manual engine start, truck leaning, challenging-parking on by default). I expect many people wouldn't play like I do, but it's awesome that SCS let gamers create their own experience. Quite a few times I've wished ATS would let me do something a certain way and then found an option that lets me do just that.

- In general, they have kept everything very intuitive, but they haven't dumbed the game down.

- The photo tool is really nice.

- Reasonable pricing and payment model for the base game and DLC.

- The feel of the game is very relaxed. I can enjoy doing just one delivery in ATS with no pressure.

Thanks, SCS!

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Re: ATS Appreciation

#2 Post by etny2k » 25 Jan 2020 18:37

I appreciate the open world and driving cross country with no loading. I also appreciate SCS working full time on ETS2 and ATS with full focus on trucking. I also like that they have the ability to take out the top notch dx9 stuff and make it better with dx11. I expect great things with this game and that is why I made it my main game. I log in daily to do some hauls and join in the social media chatter.

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Re: ATS Appreciation

#3 Post by Knightrider » 25 Jan 2020 20:40

ATS and Ets 2 are products worth investing on because of the excellent long lasting support.
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Re: ATS Appreciation

#4 Post by akima » 28 Apr 2020 09:08

Thanks for making it possible to turn-down/mute the intro sounds. Appreciated!


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Re: ATS Appreciation

#5 Post by Freeze338 » 28 Apr 2020 10:13

I have seen the growing of SCS. We have grown up together. When I was 10 in 2004 I've met with 18 Wheels of Steel Across America and my journey started with that. I'm impressed by each new game and played all games until they focused European trucking. Especially Across America, Haulin and American Long Haul has special place for me.

Then SCS released this game. Even I don't like European trucking I started to play ETS2 and saw alpha footages of this game. It was about damn time. On February 3rd I immediately bought the game. In early stage of the development I was not so happy about development. I feel like SCS focuses more of ETS2 while ATS is looking like a failed project. But then they started focusing with Oregon DLC. Now I'm really happy about the progress.

Now I'm 26 years old. When I'm looking back, I'm seeing a childhood with a truck passion. I have scaled truck models that I'm still keeping and good memories about the games. And when I'm looking at the future, I'm still excited like a 10 years old of me. Because there are so many things that can be added in the game and I'm sure SCS will do that.

But I have concerns too.

Can they add older trucks in future?

Are we gonna play proper multiplayer in future?

Will people prefer to play this game?

Etc etc.

Yet I'm glad for SCS for giving me a great childhood. Not only that. When people getting stressed, or tired mentally they do things to avoid those stress and reset their minds. Some of them smokes, some of them drinks, some of them plays with their dog or cat, some of them walks, some of them listens music etc. I play ATS for avoiding that stress when I'm back from work. So thank you for that you guys giving me a relaxing activity.

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Re: ATS Appreciation

#6 Post by RTobi » 28 Apr 2020 13:33

I couldn't add anything more to the points that were said.

I love the way you can customize your controller. I use a 20 year old joystick from my uncle to drive and it works absolutely amazing! I love how I can program every button and the entire customization to the controls.

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Re: ATS Appreciation

#7 Post by Izmaragon » 28 Apr 2020 15:41

Older trucks are mostly added in through mods.

Its a game that is more towards the "what do you make of it" sort than most others.

I love the customization as well, both games really offer quite the plethora of options.
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Re: ATS Appreciation

#8 Post by interstate trav » 28 Apr 2020 20:09

I appreciate how they care very much about the players of he games and try to make sure they give us what we want.

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Re: ATS Appreciation

#9 Post by flight50 » 30 Apr 2020 07:12

I think we have like 3 of these floating around now. Will each map dlc and new truck produce one?

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Re: ATS Appreciation

#10 Post by akima » 03 Jun 2020 09:23

I like that the Fatigue/sleep related UI elements are hidden when "Fatigue simulation" is off. e.g. the little route advisor bed icon disappears. Nice attention to detail!

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