Base Map Rebuild (CA, NV, AZ) General Discussion Thread

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Re: Base Map Rebuild (CA, NV, AZ) General Discussion Thread

#91 Post by GT182 » 30 Jul 2020 18:58

How about Nellis AFB and Area 51 added.... I should really say Groom Lake? Those big ol fighter jets would then have a place to land. ;)
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Re: Base Map Rebuild (CA, NV, AZ) General Discussion Thread

#92 Post by rbsanford » 30 Jul 2020 21:09

Edwards AFB could also work. Also, I'm pretty sure Area 51/S4 is in, seeing as how there are UFOs in the area.
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Re: Base Map Rebuild (CA, NV, AZ) General Discussion Thread

#93 Post by interstate trav » 31 Jul 2020 17:31

With Edwards Air Force Basemap we will definitely need the 14 as a freeway, then accesss could be from Rosemond Blvd exit 55 along the 14. Also if it could fit access fro: the 58.

I saw a mod for Southern California and it’s for Salton see and it has grown to Blythe and I think the rebuild should be done like that for that part because East of Indio and the 8 in the Imperial Valley really work well.

West of that I think needs to be done in a similar manner, and with the scaling issues I understand it’s not that/easy but given what we have seen with new cities I think it can be done very well.

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Re: Base Map Rebuild (CA, NV, AZ) General Discussion Thread

#94 Post by averyc2506 » 23 Aug 2020 06:30

so i just got back from a trip, we drove from portland down to the la area and all i got to say is..... rebuild immediately. i knew that california was in a bad shape and needed some refreshening sometime in the future but after my trip i am hoping it comes very soon. i just took a load from la to northern oregon in-game so i could compare the to irl. here are some things i have noticed that are must haves for a rebuild:

-siskiyou summit in southern oregon (highest elevation on i-5)
-i-5 between redding in sacramento.... the west side of it is alright, just needs some updating. looking to the east side you can see hills right up against the freeway, which it is mostly all flat farmland on both sides.
-the portion of highway 99 between sacramento & red bluff is definitely a must add
-there is way too many hills & trees along the whole i-5/ca-99 corridors. it is mostly all flat farm land with mountains in the distance.
-one thing i found interesting is that on 99 when theres an exit, the freeway dips down a pretty good amount so that the road overpass doesnt need to be elevated that much. just a small detail i found interesting
-they should really add the wheeler ridge truck stop right before the grapevine.
-for most of the amount of highway 99, theres these flower bushes in the median with a guardrail seperating them from the highway, i thought they looked pretty unique. heres an example: ... 312!8i6656
-add more cities to highway 99, it seems pretty packed in real life.
-do not even get me started on the la area, lol.

this list was mostly for people who arent in that area and needed a little info about the difference in-game. imo i would much rather have a california rebuild before texas but that's definitely not happening. i will still cross my fingers :)

(this is a copy & paste from 1.39 speculation thread so if it seems familiar to you, it is :) )
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Re: Base Map Rebuild (CA, NV, AZ) General Discussion Thread

#95 Post by leo.arevalo12ss » 23 Aug 2020 20:49

The central valley needs a rework

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Re: Base Map Rebuild (CA, NV, AZ) General Discussion Thread

#96 Post by flight50 » 12 Sep 2020 16:03

I suppose this thread is the perfect place to ask a question to map modders or even the SCS if the can answer. I've have always wondered if this particular scenario is possible.

Okay in regards to the entire base map, is it possible to make a new mountain or rock formation with the new rock tool and replace a 2016 model without having to individually go thru the entire map and hand place them? Considering the mountains are set back off the road, the base is normally covered up and that can help hide imperfections.

My thinking is make a close as possible footprint of the old models and recreate them using the new rock tools. I am hoping that if SCS recreates the bad textured, low depth perception and outdated mountains in the base map, that they can just be updated like anything else if you call it the same thing. Update and automatically populate.

Is this possible? When I heard of the graphics overhaul at the beginning of the year, this was my first thought....mountain update. Remaking just the mountains alone in the base map improves the quality in the background a ton and makes the base map more consistent with newer dlc's. There are only so many old base msp mountains that are bad. They are just copied numerous times to make a mountain range. In theory, in my mind it works but I don't model or creates maps so I don't know.

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Re: Base Map Rebuild (CA, NV, AZ) General Discussion Thread

#97 Post by angrybirdseller » 13 Sep 2020 05:06

CA-99 think total rebuild impractical. I think it was designed on old scale and Arizona prefabs. Bakersfield CA 58 bypass be nice to connect existing 58 just freeway to freeway connection. I-5 recalibrate signs and restrip old segements of road and build proper truck stop replace existing one.

Think how ETS2 Germany is done is how to improve ATS base map, but smaller updates to base map then how Germany was done.

Los Angeles and Southern California start there to improve as this will take take couple updates.

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