Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2281 Post by Marcello Julio » 27 Nov 2020 19:06

SuchManor wrote:
27 Nov 2020 18:37
People saying they have lost interest are I hope joking or you will experience a lot of disappointment in your lives. Soon is SCSoon and they will release it when it is ready. I come on this forum daily to see some cool stuff on freightliner and instead I come into a cesspool of people complaining and moaning that the truck wasn't released when they wanted it to be released. At this point it is getting quite sad.
The day of the truck release, the forum will crash there I want to see who said they would not be interested in the Cascadia anymore :P

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2282 Post by clifflandmark » 27 Nov 2020 19:27

If the release day of freightliner and "customization parts besides factory of it" will not change, I would say don't delay "base"(factory) Freightliner.

Me personally will not use thousands of chrome bumpers with big exhaust pipes, thousands of led in different colours or accessories like that.

And I'm sure there are people who think like me.

I mean they could release those things after.
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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2283 Post by J.Random » 27 Nov 2020 19:51

SCS is just stuck implementing unique features of the truck. They'll release as soon as they're able to make it shaky enough. 8-)

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2284 Post by Beta_Project » 27 Nov 2020 20:07

Or maybe the Cascadia will be electric and the SCS are just tired of adding charges all over the map, so they pull with the release (Just a joke) :lol: :roll:
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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2285 Post by John29 » 27 Nov 2020 20:15

@Hoffa82 kriechbaum will really release a x15 sound mod? Or it’s a rumor?

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2286 Post by Jacob94 » 27 Nov 2020 20:17

the database is getting updated constantly so the truck is maybe expected tuesday
or monday

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2287 Post by J.Random » 27 Nov 2020 20:20

I'm sure they're crooking the steering column right now for you, you ungrateful whiners. Or maybe they're stuck making fuel gauge inaccurate. :D

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2288 Post by flight50 » 27 Nov 2020 20:39

Anyone who claims they lost interest are only kidding themselves. Such talk is only because they are in their feelings about not getting what they want. We ALL are waiting the exact same wait. I can 100% promise you that those that claim to have lost interest, we be playing with it in a matter of no time. Just because SCS said soon, teased this or that, it does not mean that the truck arrives instantly. Iirc, a teased truck always comes 2+ weeks out from when it was teased. VNL, Lonestar, Anthem, 49x....all came weeks after. Sure anything can happen as it could have come sooner or it could have more distance for later after the teaser. People complain when SCS does not inform, they announce (which is informing) and say soon and still there are complaints when they did exactly what some asked for.

This is a popular truck, I get it, but some of you need to take a chill pill and do something else. This thread as exploded with post that really don't contribute much considering the truck isn't even here. People have the right to be excited, just as they have the right to disappoint themselves. But to point the fingers at SCS for any wrong doing is silly. Without a date, its pointless, I don't get it. If you want to truck, that is a good reason to have ETS2 as a fall back. Most on this thread have it anyways. There are several people that have come here that I rarely ever see post on the ATS threads adding fuel to the fire. This doesn't help. Once the truck comes, I am sure the hype some created themselves will be the first ones to either complain about the truck or praising the truck.

There is constant updates happening on Steam and fingers can easily point to Shredder and Lovely Stuff. We know things are getting worked out. Some of you act like SCS is sitting back laughing or playing with their thumbs and delaying this truck for the silliest reasons. Remember this is free content in which no one here as the pay for. Its kinda sad to see the efforts unappreciated just because it has not released. SCS wants to release this truck just as much as people want to play with it. Its going to be funny when the table turn 180 degrees.
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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2289 Post by iceCat3003 » 27 Nov 2020 20:39

Hey guys, I found this video, I think it's the closest way to experience the Cascadia like if it was in-game hehe

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2290 Post by Bag of Donuts » 27 Nov 2020 20:54

It is so petty how entitled and ungrateful these people are. It is sickening. Like stated above, those same people that "lost interest" are the same people that will be parked at a dealership to buy it when it releases. And don't try an bs me with, "oh i lost interest, i wont be using it". We all know damn well you will be using it, you won't ignore a brand new truck that just got added to the game. Childish mentality.

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