Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2311 Post by xDope » 27 Nov 2020 22:39

Oh wait, Tesla 😅
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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2312 Post by clifflandmark » 27 Nov 2020 22:41

xXCARL1992Xx wrote:
27 Nov 2020 22:33
clifflandmark wrote:
27 Nov 2020 22:25
However "teasing strategy", "showing maps" or whatever you call it... SCS has to change this thing.
they dont have to change anything, if the want to show something they can show whatever the hell they want, if people think they have to dedicate their life to what SCS posts and start to get antsy because it isnt out by their "estimated" time doesnt mean SCS has to change the way they present their content, many develper do it that way and now SCS is the one who isnt allowed to ?

should they just shut up and then just kick it out with a blog post saying "here, this is what you get, have fun" and be done with it ? (sometime i really wish they would just do like that), if people cant chill out they should get a timeout from the forum until the release

some people have serious issues if this is what they are aggravated about :roll:
at least SCS can show less, then it'll be less speculation and rumour.

otherwise, anyone should not blame people about speculations and rumours. that's purpose of a forum.
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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2313 Post by xXCARL1992Xx » 27 Nov 2020 22:50

showing less will be even more rumors and speculation, and nobody blames people for speculating, but people for over speculating and starting to get "aggressiv" because it doesnt go like they have "speculated"
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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2314 Post by mackintosh » 27 Nov 2020 22:50

One thing is certain, people are certainly passionate about the Cascadia. Exactly as predicted.

Relax peeps. SCS wouldn't have shown us the teaser unless the Cascadia was in the final stretch. They have learned from the Range T, and Pavel pretty much confirmed multiple times they would never again tease a truck unless they were sure it was going to be released.

Considering the Cascadia was teased as an AI truck in the stream, this will probably be their most polished release yet. They even went out to get the sounds for it in the middle of a pandemic. As poor as the mix is inevitably going to be, you have to appreciate and commend their dedication.

It's coming. SCSoon(tm).

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2315 Post by murdoch82 » 27 Nov 2020 22:52

Ey, the sound in ETS2 is pretty good, so dont see why SCS cant eventually get ATS sound sorted too. Just need to mix it a bit better, right now a lot of them just have no range to them at all.

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2316 Post by flight50 » 27 Nov 2020 23:07

@Macintosh great point. To go out under the circumstances just to complete this truck deserves a round of applause from me. That's serious dedication and trying to show they mean well. They could just throw the awful Lonestar sound in and wait until pandemic is over.

The Cascadia and the 49x will benefit from these efforts. I don't think anyone on here would go to those extents to get sounds when it could mean sickness or worse.

@murdoch82 yes you are correct. Better effort for ATS trucks should happen. Maybe this Cascadia is the start.
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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2317 Post by Virgo91 » 27 Nov 2020 23:22

I just expect the same quality on the Cascadia as on the Anthem.For the number of options?I rather have low expectation for that part.Not that SCS can't/won't give us lot of options,but i have low expectations because i don't want to feel disappointed.

As for my behavior earlier,i just want to be sorry about that.Got a really bad mood today for no reason :(

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2318 Post by leo.arevalo12ss » 28 Nov 2020 01:56

So do I because we usually get the 3 cabs day, midroof, and the best sleeper but they did at least show us new accessories for the truck like the Apu thing and the aero covers and farings but yeah I agree
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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2319 Post by supersobes » 28 Nov 2020 02:00

The only option I'm hoping for that wasn't shown on the blog is the ability to remove the Certified Clean Idle label from the truck. Now that I've noticed how bad it looks compared to the real-life truck, I can't unsee that difference now. It would be a shame if the looks of such a beautiful truck were ruined by such an unrealistic detail.

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Re: Freightliner Trucks Discussion Thread

#2320 Post by rookie_one » 28 Nov 2020 02:02

@supersobes probably easy to remove via the truck main texture itself

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