ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#521 Post by flight50 » 16 Sep 2020 18:34

If that is a question, no. I don't don't think so but not positive. But there are lightbars in ETS2 and thru mods, there are strobes. The ETS2 reference is mainly that people add lots of truck placement nodes to add many more lights. As seen in the above videos, there are lots of nodes that can be placed on conventional trucks as well. Lots more surface area actually.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#522 Post by plykkegaard » 16 Sep 2020 18:39

Sorry, it was a statement
You can add strobes to truck and trailers in vanilla ETS2
Sorry, out of office

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#523 Post by J. Ritter » 16 Sep 2020 19:09

Knightrider wrote:
15 Sep 2020 17:37
ever since the introduction of the flatbeds for ownership 2 years ago, did SCS ever introduced newer cargo for those trailers in subsequent updates? I honestly don't remember.
Yes, but it's been a while, and I would still like to see some more. They added the scrapped cars, house prefabs, and I believe the square tubing when they released Oregon, then the jet engines with Washington.
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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#524 Post by flight50 » 16 Sep 2020 20:12

Oregon came out Oct 4, 2018. 1.32 was a Aug 17, 2018 Summer update. So yes it has been more than 1.5 years considering Washington was the Summer 2019 release. All that stuff was so long agon, I don't remember much. I think every update should add some cargo to all trailer types. Eventually tankers, dumpers and hoppers will run out much faster. But flatbeds, reefers, dry vans and lowboys all have a much much longer path of getting more cargo added.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#525 Post by cwat89 » 16 Sep 2020 20:36

On top of the much needed industry and freight, I hope they make the drop offs more realistic. Like taking a grain hauler load to Tidbit doesn’t make sense. There’s other crazy p/u drop off combos I’ve seen but can’t think of at the moment because I try to avoid them.
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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#526 Post by flight50 » 16 Sep 2020 21:21

@cwat89 the cool part is that more and more people are noticing this same thing. So hopefully someday we will get that cargo overhaul. When is the question. The sooner the better but I do understand priority. There are only so many that can handle the task. So if the priority is trucks right now, I am willing to take the back seat for the cargo overhaul. The thing I wish SCS did though is to inform us of this priority list. I think a lot more people would be understanding.

For example:

Map expansions. No point of keeping it top secret but give an idea of the plan. I know in the past, sometimes they might have to skip this state and do another due to issues of obstacles. But I think that logic is in the past. They have learned a lot and now can do multiple maps. So telling us the plan isn't that big of a deal. There are only so many options in ATS and each are obvious. Say something like.... Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Texas. Give us the next 3 inline or something like that. Why wait for xmas streams or after one may is released or about to release. Otherwise, our little heads spin like crazy with speculations :D.

Trucks. This one is to specific and toooo difficult to give us a heads up. It could jeopardize things so this one I understand and should be excluded from hints until the last minute.

Trailers. SCS knows what map dlc they are working on. Perhaps let us know the trailer line up. These are much easier than trucks. What is the next trailer getting prepared for ownership. Say something like......grain hoppers, bulk feed, double step deck, livestock, single step deck, curtain sider.

Features. This one could be a spoiler to some but I think some can be mentioned. Something like....cables, hired drivers on map, waypoints, multi drop, rigids, improved weather, dirt on truck/trailers. Things we all request but don't know if they are in the works. We know coaches is in the background. We know ATS has a mystery licensed trailer manufacturer. Why not stuff like what people are highly requesting.

city rebuilds. This doesn't have to be top secret either. ETS2 lets them know all the cities getting updated for France. They knew about Germany before it every happened. Tonopah, Vegas, they came out of nowhere. We had no clue. Nice surprise though. Although cool, but if we had a heads up, that create more hype. Say something like......Tonoapah, Vegas, LA, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Phoenix, Barstow, San Diego. At least we will know its on their mind to update. ATS we are kept in the dark for cities. Luckily ATS doesn't need as much rebuilding as ETS2 but some type of idea of intent would be cool.

new roads. Every thing here is secretive too. We don't know anything about new roads until the Open Beta. There are no hints or heads up like what island is coming or what area is going to get reworked. How about saying ......NV-140/OR-140, US-191, UT-56, OR-126, AZ-264, US-26, US-70, UT-95. Knowing something like a new road is coming is just as exciting.

misc. cargo overhaul, more cargo, updated junction, swap out base map gas stations for trucks stops, redo SLC mountains, upgrade road textures, signage overhaul for California, Nevada, rework I-80, etc.....let us know if any of this matters to the dev team. It does to us. We like to know this is on the plate and not ignored. Some things fans are more passionate about than others. To many of us, these things matter and we look for better immersion. Some things beyond our control robs us of this sometimes. ATS has great potential as well if you just let it. But you can't just throw things together and say here you go. We love this game and that is why we try to kick out feedback. I always say, closed mouths don't get feed. We can't have better if we don't ask for better. Some request are more feasible than others which is understood.

Now all this type of stuff is worthy off the teaser threads in my opinion. Not everyone is on this site. But at least the hardcore fans can have something to be pumped about instead waiting for blogs. Once its officially made, then blog it.
I'm sure none of this may never happen but its a thought to be able to open up a little more. I am sure speculating is cool for all on both sides, both devs and fans, but a little more info would create even more excitement on the forum and keep people engaged moe. Otherwise it seems like activity only happens when certain blogs kick in. Sometimes this seems to crash the server and it get extremely slow with flood of addition traffic. ATS has a long ways to go so there is tons of things that is in the pipe line that can get mentioned a little sooner.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#527 Post by Vinnie Terranova » 16 Sep 2020 22:49

Well, I certainly do like surprises. So I have no problem with the amount and timing of info, updates, blogs, etc. Besides, we got a lot of hints in the past.
About the Las Vegas revamp: we got a hint by means of a screenshot. How nice is that! Timeframe:
24 april 2020: The first hint
15 june 2020: Las Vegas revamp blog
14 july 2020: Update 1.38 (not counting OB)
So that's about 3 months between first hint and final release. That's more than enough, considering all the discussions about the revamp itself.

Now here's the problem: if we get more information or hints in an earlier state, we will have to wait longer before we finally get the update / new road / revamped city / etc. This also means we have to be more patient. And being patient will be the real problem.
If SCS would give us an early hint about a new trailer, and we have to wait 9 month before we get that trailer, that's gonna suck. So I rather would get a late hint about a new trailer and then wait for just 3 or 4 months before getting that trailer. In the end it's all about being patient.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#528 Post by flight50 » 17 Sep 2020 00:55

I can’t help anyone one the patience part, lol. You guys are on your own. There are probably more with patience than not though.

In regards to hints, I am not talking about blogs. I mentioned teasers in the teaser thread. Anything blogged is official. I am talking about none official stuff on this forum that regulars go see. If you don’t want the teaser, don’t visit the teaser thread like before. Most on here are not the casual gamer so it’s us to entertain. Also, I am not saying tease everything. Sure they can still do surprises here and there. There is no update iirc that only incorporates one thing. So there is always room for teasers.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#529 Post by Grizzly » 17 Sep 2020 01:44

Some game devs will keep a road map, but it can only be aspirational as some things will turn out to be too hard to implement or cause too much of a performance hit. I don't really have a problem with their current way of doing things, I like surprises but a roadmap can keep people interested who think the game is currently deficient in some way.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#530 Post by dsalazar1715 » 17 Sep 2020 02:15

Hello everyone, I have not written for a long time, I am more than seeing what all of you who have more experience in the game than me say. What I would like for the future is that one can get off the truck to be able to open the hood of the truck or raise or lower the legs of the trailer and why not pull the fifth wheel hook I do not think it is something difficult if one can already walk in the workshop why not do it when you are going to hitch the trailer well I await your opinions

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