ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

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Re: ATS 1.38 Speculation Thread

#21 Post by AnnaKlintenitz » 21 Apr 2020 21:11

I wish I was as optimistic about all this as you folks. I'm keeping my bet on just slightly retouched assets and a minor edit to the lighting. Also not expecting Idaho to come before 1.38. At all. This dangun pandemic's done messed everything up and as fast as SCS is working from their home, I still believe having that "just walk over to colleage's desk to quickly ask something" perk makes for slightly quicker work. Now of course, there's no telling how long this whole thing's gonna last still so no idea when they return to office for full speed attack. (moving back to office itself's a small delay)

Would I like to see improved weather? Reworked CA/NV? Seasons? etc .. Well, obviously .. But I don't expect a massive amount of "fan requested" stuff all coming in 1 year. Gotta leave some goodies for the following years, huh?

Note: this is me just keeping my hopes low so I get pleasantly surprised when SCS proves me completely and utterly wrong! :lol:

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Re: ATS 1.38 Speculation Thread

#22 Post by hangman005 » 21 Apr 2020 21:49

If there is perhaps 1 added thing I would like to see with 1.38 it's detours only blocking off ramps or the slip lanes. There's still some work to be done in regards to placement of detours, but I think cutting out blocking of the right hand lane bringing a highway down to a single lane to block of an offramp is perhaps the most annoying... Also driving through Italy last night I saw a random event of a truck on fire... I wanna see that in ATS, I thought it was pretty cool seeing the plume of smoke as I came over the crest of a hill and seeing a trailer on fire on the other side of the highway.

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Re: ATS 1.38 Speculation Thread

#23 Post by Xaagon » 21 Apr 2020 22:06

With 1.38 maybe we can see our trucks' reflections in the AI's unpainted fuel tankers?

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Re: ATS 1.38 Speculation Thread

#24 Post by Madkine » 21 Apr 2020 23:00

natjer3 wrote:
21 Apr 2020 15:06
I don't think they can do that, the truck manufacterers would not like to see their trucks dirty in-game.
SCS have said several times that this is not a licensing issue, it's a technical one.

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Re: ATS 1.38 Speculation Thread

#25 Post by Onagerlinn » 22 Apr 2020 00:58

I think it's time for some new roads.

We *really* need UT 56/NV 319 between Cedar City and Pioche. This will shave off a lot of miles on runs from Cedar/STG to the PNW.

I'd also like to see a north/south route for eastern New Mexico, connecting the cities of Raton, Tucumcari, Clovis and Hobbs. However, this would likely have to be split up much like OR/NV 140 was. I'd be ok with that. I have a feeling, however, we won't see this until Texas opens up.

Also this one's a little off the board, but how about NM 219? It's a short (15 miles) little southern extension from US 84 between I-40 and I-25 that connects to US 54 south of Santa Rosa. That would be a cool little shortcut for runs to/from southeast NM so we don't have to go through Santa Rosa. (I will add this; it's kind of a bummer Clines Corners didn't make it in, but it doesn't look like there's room for it. It's a cool little truck stop.)

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Re: ATS 1.38 Speculation Thread

#26 Post by Sora » 22 Apr 2020 09:58

Oh are we doing the road wishlist thing again
I'd like the following connections, all of which exist
-Pioche/Cedar City
-Ogden/Logan (i.e. A northern exit for Ogden)
-Grand Coulee/Omak
-Coos Bay/Eugene
-Camp Verde/Show Low
-Sacramento/Carson (i.e. US 50)
-Stockton/Sacramento (CA 99)
But broadly I'd like anything, especially in Utah which is so small I can't stay in it for very long.

Expectations? Dunno, really. Don't even know what DLC to expect alongside it. Dunno what's happening with Freightliner. Dunno what to expect of the graphical update. I'm hoping Nat can at least get around to Nevada, since it'll border Idaho, Utah, and Oregon on the near future, but I dunno about that, even. The update was going to be a hard one to place even originally, but with the whole global crisis thing I'm even less sure of what it'll have or when it'll happen.

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Re: ATS 1.38 Speculation Thread

#27 Post by danbywinby » 22 Apr 2020 10:29

hangman005 wrote:
21 Apr 2020 21:49
If there is perhaps 1 added thing I would like to see with 1.38 it's detours only blocking off ramps or the slip lanes. There's still some work to be done in regards to placement of detours, but I think cutting out blocking of the right hand lane bringing a highway down to a single lane to block of an offramp is perhaps the most annoying...
I agree that is extremely annoying and extremely unrealistic and is perhaps the biggest issue with detours. However seen as this has been an issue since detours were first released in ATS in 1.33 (viewtopic.php?f=246&t=265057) and this issue is also present in detours in ETS2. I'm not expecting this to be fixed any time soon if at all unfortunately.
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Re: ATS 1.38 Speculation Thread

#28 Post by Reis_6 » 22 Apr 2020 19:33

I know one thing, this version 1.38 will take a long time due to the global circumstances. In addition, of course, to be a change of graphics then it will be something big.
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Re: ATS 1.38 Speculation Thread

#29 Post by proudvet1 » 22 Apr 2020 23:08

I wish in 1.38, SCS also focus on adding more hazmat loads for dryvans, reefers and add them for flatbeds and conestogas also. The hazmat loads they just have are in game are the division 1 (explosives) and division 4.3 (dangerous when wet). They also need to correct the conestoga loads with flatbed loads. Dryvan cargo does not suppose to go for conestoga trailers.

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Re: ATS 1.38 Speculation Thread

#30 Post by flight50 » 23 Apr 2020 00:35

Somehow I missed the start up of this. With 1.37 live now, we must do what we do best........speculate again, lol.

A few repeats from when I started the 1.37 Speculation (now the 1.37 discussion thread). What I like to see vs feasible for Phase 1 of the graphic overhaul is two different things. But it does now look like there could be only 2 large updates this year with 1.37 and 1.38 changing the game in big ways. 1.38 is said to be the graphics update which could mean behind the scenes as well as what we see. But when it comes to just and update period, lots of things can be on the table if this update is to come lets say Oct-Dec. People not working on the sound, could all have been working towards the graphics update.

1) Weather - this includes the lighting for the skybox as the blog stated on Jan 14th, 2020. With dx11 now being full time, lots can happen moving forward which is why the graphic update will take place to begin with. I have been hoping for the introduction of a particle system. This brings better rain, snow (when seasons come), mist, volumetric water, volumetric dust, volumetric fog, mud, wind that can blow leaves, debris, sandstorms in arid/barren regions. Not all needs to come for ph 1 obliviously but the particle system starts it off.

2) multi drop / ability to split trailers and park separately at one or multiple facilities. This also ties into partial load deliveries at multiple places for single or multiple trailer setups. This could require an economy overhaul which could be in for next Summers big update. But splitting the trailers to park at the same place could happen sooner than later. We just need prefabs to offer multiple parking lanes with programming to split them.

3) Freightliner/Western Star. I still have hopes of possibly the Cascadia releasing this Summer. Its status will get revealed eventually. With the news of the Anthem today, the focus shifts to the next in line. If the Cascadia is far along in development like we think it should be, a Summer release is possible. That then leaves the opportunity to get that Western Star for xmas if it too picked up steam from Oscar's Daimler trip to the US.

4) Trailer ownership. Lowboys. At some point they must come. This goes hand in hand with number 5 below. We have a fairly nice variety of cargo growing for lowboys but it can be 2-3 times larger. There is a lot of cargo that can come still. Links in my signature illustrate that.

5) A farming dlc trailer pack. Assuming we don't get anything with Idaho, a trailer pack coming with Colorado and all its farming would be nice. Releasing a great dlc for its beauty along side a great dlc in farming would sale like hot cakes. Let me at it, lol.

6) Prefab updates / asset updates. We have seen a few pics of new prefab reworks. They all look great. 2016 ATS did not have lcv's in mind. Things have changed. The newer dlc's accommodate lcv's but the base maps, not so much. The prefabs not only need to increase in size for longer trailer combinations, but to become more up to par with current modeling methods in appearance and textures. Assets like the basemap ramps are too short and steep. The newer dlcs have corrected this issue. Swap out the California gas stations along the Interstate and put in more NA appropriate truck stops. The base map mountains....specifically the ones named California hills. Those models are very outdated and look fairly bad compared to the rock formations we have now. At the least, use NM rock formations. This would drastically change California, Nevada and some of Arizona's backgrounds.

7) Vegas or La rebuild. ATS really needs to get at least one of its base map city's rebuilt if its to attract newcomers. People are about accuracy with these latest maps. Those of us that are current players can relate to the accuracy in new models and newcomers would expect it as well. If they just buy the base maps, they need to be pulled in for more realism if they are to invest in ATS as well. What has the 3rd map team been up to. Are they rebuilding or on a future dlc like Wyoming, Montana or Texas. If Pavel acknowledged that old parts of the game will need to be on par with newer dlc's, when will that period come? A graphics overhaul says that to me. But it too will be phased just like all other large updates. It just needs to start somewhere at some point.

8) New roads. Would be nice. Pretty much each state can use this. Fresh meat, lol. It was said that new hires get tested with new roads. Are new hires still doing this or are they doing towns / cities instead. Washington is one of the few states that is good as it. Its fairly dense. Oregon is missing a few, Utah in the Southern portion primarily. California needs all of CA-99 revamped as tons of farming is missing of it. Arizona can use some realignments as well as a few new ones. New Mexico could perhaps add 1-2 as well.

9) the Moon. Some places on the highway are pitch black. A little ambient lighting from the moon can go a long ways. Many people have been requesting for it to return

10) AI improvement will be never ending. There is always something to do with them. Start with fixing on ramp traffic. Both AI traffic on the freeway and on the ramp. AI at traffic lights. They are running them or stopping in the middle of turns. They don't stop behind the line any more. AI that over take you jump in front of you, switch to the other lane, then back to your lane again. They have been more indecisive.


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