ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#511 Post by Knightrider » 15 Sep 2020 17:37

ever since the introduction of the flatbeds for ownership 2 years ago, did SCS ever introduced newer cargo for those trailers in subsequent updates? I honestly don't remember.
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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#512 Post by flight50 » 15 Sep 2020 19:50

Honestly, I couldn't tell you either. I don't even remember the last time I even took a flatbed load. The items on them are just so limited and bare looking that I've stayed away even on Freight market. There is a good 2+ dozen cargoes I know that could go on them now with the industries we do have in the game. Some cargoes are already modeled in the game and are just props right now.

edit: I just took a look and we have 18 loads of cargo for flatbed. That number could be 2-3 times higher imo. I didn't notice anything new in the past 2 years though. If there is something new, I apologize.
Just a few easy cargoes that I think ATS and even ETS2 can have asap.

  • mixed lumber. Very very common on truck loads to home improvement centers. I use to off load a variety of product when I worked at Home Depot on the weekends
  • plywood. very easy. make one bundle, copy the rest
  • rail road ties. Easy, make 6"x6", make them dark brown. make one bundle, copy the rest
  • a-frames for houses
  • trust and rafters
  • wrapped 2x's
  • wood pickets - pressure treated, cedar, white pine. easy, make one bundle copy
  • stacked wood pallets
covered/tarped/sliding tarps
lots of variety. wood, metal, equipment, building materials, machinery, ets. Just create shape under tarp/cover. Just need def files.

just need def files and images. no 3d models needs. lots of options for crate cargo

  • mixed pvc
  • mixed conduit
  • large corrugated piping
  • coiled/rolled piping
  • large domestic water civil piping
  • generators
  • wheeled generators
  • transformers
  • industrial boilers
  • rolled hay bales
  • sod
  • trees - small, medium, large
  • cotton bales - square and round - once cotton industry comes
building material
  • jersey barriers
  • bricks
  • stones/pavers
  • drywall - very easy. make one bundle copy the rest
  • roof shingles
  • roofing felt paper
  • bagged cement, lime, sand, asphalt, mulch, peat, stones
  • insulation board - fiberboard, foil, foam
  • fencing
  • metal conduit
  • metal fens post
  • oil drill bits
  • rack systems/shelving supports
  • rebar
  • metal studs
  • metal girders
  • crane boom arms
  • crane towers
  • storage tanks - small, medium, large
  • huge underground tanks
  • feed silos
  • grain silos
  • pods
  • multiple small boats
  • pontoon boats
  • stacked container trailers
  • stacked hh trailers
  • stacked flatbed/stepdecks
  • campers
  • nuclear containers
  • carboard bales

Notice that none of these are equipment cargoes that involve possible license issues to mimic equipment. These are all less complicated 3d models. Lots of this stuff could and should exist in ATS already imo. All but cotton have industries in place already and these can come asap. These cargo are easy enough for a 2-3 man crew to model and have in ATS in 3-6 months time imo. Half this list is about copying one model and copy around. Vary the stacking and quantity on the trailer. Just one of these cargoes can be configured 2-3 different ways and that easily doubles or triples the cargo look on the trailer itself. Add all the combinations together in just this list alone and you can have more than 100 cargoes just with this list.

Even better, all these can be done by an external artist. Build them for SCS's internal team. Let them put it on trailer, strap it down and bammm, done. 3d models like these shouldn't require you to work in SCS offices. Even equipment and machinery can be modeled outside of SCS. More things are possible if SCS opens up more to it. The demands of fans are mounting. Its not like SCS can't inspect or reject models from external sources if they don't like them. If a modeler uses the same software (Maya) and does it the way SCS says, I don't see an issue with hiring cargo artist outside of Prague. I really don't. This is how you satisfy the cargo needs.....cargo contractors.

If anything from this list can make 1.39, 1.40 or whatever, these are things that can get checked off the list to fill in the huge need for cargo in ATS.
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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#513 Post by The Old Fart » 16 Sep 2020 01:12

Some very interesting ideas. It would indeed be very nice to have a greater flatbed cargo variety - as with you, it's what's kept me away from these trailers in both freight and cargo market. Such a shame really because where I live it seems like a quarter of the trailers I see are flatbeds.
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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#514 Post by Vinnie Terranova » 16 Sep 2020 13:27

It makes me wonder: what if the 1.39 update, or even worse: the Colorado DLC, comes without new cargo and/or companies?

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#515 Post by cip » 16 Sep 2020 13:36

The Old Fart wrote:
16 Sep 2020 01:12
It would indeed be very nice to have a greater flatbed cargo variety - as with you, it's what's kept me away from these trailers in both freight and cargo market
I haven't tried yet with the flatbed trailers because I use a lot of trailer mods already but it is possible to move cargoes from mods into the flatbed trailer only from sii def additions. you need a bit of luck also to have identic or at least close anchorage points.
since the flatbed trailer is ownable maybe this is not a bad idea to try a bit my luck into these trailers :lol: I like them, but as you say their limited cargo options keeps me away and I am more interested in hauling modded trailers
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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#516 Post by leo.arevalo12ss » 16 Sep 2020 14:33

We will get new loads for sure because of the new industries in colorado because we have the wind turbine, bottle industry, and the gold mines
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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#517 Post by flight50 » 16 Sep 2020 14:56

@Vinnie Terranova its impossible for Colorado to come without new cargo and companies. Exactly what leo.arevalo is saying. The wind turbine industry should produce a new trailer imho. We can't haul blades with the current trailers.....well at least they shouldn't try because its not the right setup. The rotor, generator and the towers can be hauled on current trailers though. ETS2 got the solar energy industry going. So it too could make its way into ATS then that would leave nuclear and coal to do. Kolico is an export from ETS2 so we will have that. If we are lucky, that can bring the Coors plant in Golden Colorado. There are glass bottles, aluminum cans, packaging, etc that can be shared. The gold mine is actually HMS and Coastline Mining so nothing new there even though I think its time for a new quarry/mining company. The livestock industry should finally bring the livestock trailer. Those prefabs are Bushnell though which is also an existing company. But I think a new farm/ranch is needed there as well.

I hope 1-2 more new industries come to Colorado. I hope a gypsum plant comes with Colorado. That is a very very common building material. We have gypsum on the sliding tarp trailer but we really need it on flatbeds as a visible 3d model in uncovered and covered format. Gypsum, Colorado has this plant. It doesn't have to be mapped imo as it can get absorbed by Gleenwood Springs. I am curious to know what other new things comes in 1.39 to ATS/Colorado though. Because 1-2 new companies is still unsatisfactory imo when ETS2 sits over there and gets double digit new companies with every new dlc. Some don't care about new companies/industry but many do and I think it disappointing to limit ATS in such a way for a growing map. The US is too large to keep these same companies going across the entire country. That's just not right.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#518 Post by Sametbey2 » 16 Sep 2020 16:54

There should definitely be warning lights (more precisely, flashers) behind the new lowboys. Must be foldable axle configuration. The trailer will be elongated when you lower the axle or the trailer will be shortened when you lift it. It means that this will bring a new detail to the game. Hopefully it will be added animated. ;)

And I wonder if it will really be trailer pieces like in the HC DLC.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#519 Post by flight50 » 16 Sep 2020 17:53

It would be nice if lowboys in ATS got trailer strobes. Beacons aren't used as much. The strobes are very clean looking and only requires one more extra set of lights to be on the trailer.

Sames goes for the truck itself. LEDs are the big thing now vs beacons. Smaller and takes up less space. More options available. It would be nice if we got a rework of all trucks that can add strobes to the truck itself as well. 1.39 or beyond, doesn't matter. But this add isn't related to dx11 at all because it exist in ETS2 and thru mods already. We just need this sort of stuff in ATS as well from SCS. One more mod that people can ditch.

Something like this would be cool as a customization.....a control panel. Possibilities can always get added down the road for more lighting.

Turning the roof clearance lights into strobes would be a nice feature to add to ATS trucks.

Lots of possiblities for lighting. SCS just has to add slots on trucks and provide more lights. There are several mods that do this stuff but it would be nice as part of an ATS tuning pack.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Speculation Thread

#520 Post by plykkegaard » 16 Sep 2020 18:19

You have strobes to add in ETS2 vanilla
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