Texas Discussion Thread

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#111 Post by Larry71490 » 30 Jun 2020 00:28

@interstate trav doubt it as there isnt any truck stops or businesses off that exit.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#112 Post by alclark » 30 Jun 2020 01:42

It might not be a full-blown truck stop, but a rest area with access from both east and westbound traffic looks like a good fit to me. It should be far enough away from Beaumont and Lake Charles, LA that it won't interfere with either of those cities. And when Louisiana comes around, there's a similarly designed rest stop on that side of the border.
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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#113 Post by Shiva » 30 Jun 2020 02:36

Oh, 880 and 878 exit areas of I-10, last year there were reconstruction going on in that area.
It would be an OK way to have an stub end tho.
Maybe with a delivery to or from that rest area that alclark links to + with the a Blue star Memorial Highway Orange Tx marker.
But then there is the question, is there space?

Vinton Welcome center I-10 Westbound?
Is there space?
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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#114 Post by flight50 » 30 Jun 2020 06:52

Tails wrote:
29 Jun 2020 21:02
I wonder if Garland , Texas will be featured since this city is close to Dallas.
lol. My resident city, nah. I doubt Garland makes it. It should get absorbed. But there is some good industrial trucking off 635 @ Royal, Walnut and Plano Rd. Kinda Garland or close to it. The red highlighted area is pretty much a lot of trucking. The main one I am hoping for is Kraft Foods. There are tons of other places in the area as well. The map below doesn't show everything because I am zoomed too far out. But off the highways and beyond is loaded with potential. And its like that pretty much all around DFW.


@Larry71490 yeah I found about about Owens like last year. I sure hope that is one we get. I doubt Waxahachie makes the game as mapped though. It too should get absorbed. Waxahachie, Corsicana and Ennis should get absorbed. Ennis has a Buc-ee's. I sure hope SCS creates them. That would be sweet. I can deliver food and gas there at least. Otherwise, no trucks allowed.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#115 Post by Larry71490 » 30 Jun 2020 15:47

@flight50 there is a Certainteed plant in Ennis that would fit perfectly. Use to haul the coloring grit that is used in shingles to them when I was pulling a end dump.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#116 Post by flight50 » 30 Jun 2020 18:38

I'll take that too, lol. Between farming and construction, those industries and cargo can get pretty deep. Add in a revamped automotive industry like that one ETS2 blog recently along with cotton, and ATS can have more than doubled its capacity in new companies prefabs and cargo. Farming can take the bulk of new stuff. With farming you have fruits, vegetables and livestock. Just with those 3, We could have 15-20 different prefabs alone once you include everything there is linking to those. With construction, that's another 15-20. You have road construction, building construction, building materials for roads and building material for building. There are vans, flatbeds, stepdecks, curtain siders, sliding tarps and dumpers as your trailer types here. On the high end, thats 40 prefabs right there. We only have 39 in ATS now. We could double what we have in no time.

Remember that to get the end product to something, there is a lot that happens before it gets to the end user. Its those steps that most of us never think about. Like the chicken or the hamburger you may have for dinner. It doesn't just magically appear. You have to get fertilizers and seed to farms to grow food. You have to get equipment to maintain these fields. They have to be harvested so you haul in that equipment. Then you have to get the harvest to food mills. Food mills send bulk to human consumption manufacturers, farms or farms harvester their own meal. This is your livestock feed. With chickens, you have eggs. With cows you have milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream. You send eggs to the grocery store and you send them to hatch. You send cows/pigs to feed lots. Chickens, once hatched you send them to be raised on the farm. Cows after first stage, they go to feed lots. Then once weight it met, all livestock gets processed. Then its imported, exported or sent to distribution warehouses and/or grocery stores.

By 2023-2024, I am expecting to see Ka/La/Ar/Ms. That could be 15-17 states under the stair step approach getting to Florida. That's enough to put a serious dent into industries and new companies in ATS. 80-90 companies doesn't sound to far fetched if you ask me. ATS would be 8 years old then. Pretty much where ETS2 is now and it has almost 150 companies.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#117 Post by interstate trav » 30 Jun 2020 19:10

Even if it’s just an exit with n9th8ng there, just having it for the number I think is worth it.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#118 Post by LonghornDillo » 04 Jul 2020 20:04

Here some things I would like the research team to consider:
There are many Texas signs, designs, and nuances that vary with TxDOT districts.
Texas primarily uses these truss arm street lights: https://www.valmontstructures.com/produ ... truss-arms The specification sheet has dimensions (not complete, but a good modeler could fill in the gaps).
Catalog for all street lights, including toll roads and residential streets: https://az276020.vo.msecnd.net/valmontp ... 6382eb39_7

Please include statewide:
❯ Frontage roads
❯ Texas turnarounds
❯ A lot of exits
❯ Stack interchanges
❯ Lots of truss arm street lights

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#119 Post by Tails » 04 Jul 2020 21:06

some other areas to include is some shipping ports located near Beaumont , Texas

Port Arthur

Gulf Copper Central Yard
https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Gulf+C ... 93.8891172

Aurthor Shipyard

https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Aurtho ... 93.9387676
like to explore new areas of maps for both ATS and ETS2.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#120 Post by Blackspots » 05 Jul 2020 01:02

ASUSTechSupport wrote:
29 Jun 2020 20:59
I made a concept map for Amarillo. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions.
That's just the northeast part of Amarillo. You're missing the other 3/4

Your commercial area is actually a residential area, and the commercial area is mostly in the west. I used to live there from 1982-86 and 1992-2006
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