Texas Discussion Thread

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#161 Post by dantastic » 06 Aug 2020 02:37

No, I was thinking of Beaumont flight. I guess i just didn't realize I still had the map zoomed out far enough (and didn't actually calculate distance between it and Houston) to see that it can easily fit. And great that there's even a port that could fall into the city given scaling

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#162 Post by Shiva » 06 Aug 2020 10:04

Larry71490 wrote:
06 Aug 2020 01:59
Port Arthur should be its own marked city.
So no Beaumont, but instead Port Arthur?
I think this is a Pick One, type of choise.
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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#163 Post by flight50 » 06 Aug 2020 14:18

Beaumont is the much larger city and right off I-10. Exxon is East Beaumont right off the Neches River. I can't be missed. Port Arthur has Valero, BASF but could be skipped if need be imo. Beaumont to Port Arthur is 22.5 miles away. That is the same as Nampa and Boise. Both could exist if SCS chose to do it that way. One advantage PA has is that SCS could push the entire coastline out to the Gulf a bit more to gain more space for all cities along it.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#164 Post by Larry71490 » 06 Aug 2020 16:29

If it ia pick one then Beaumont and absorb PA with Beaumont.

I am enjoying this Texas discussion. Just think we haven't made it my familiar terrority which is the midwest, southeast, and east coast. Technically I can contribute quite a bit starting with Colorado and Kansas.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#165 Post by flight50 » 06 Aug 2020 17:24

All contributions are welcome. As someone said before, pretty much all conversations end up talking about Texas, lol. Whether it is me or someone else, its gonna happen until Texas arrives and even still afterwards. As Texas nears, is announced and is released, I'd expect this to be one of the larger dlc threads. The 4 regions of Texas can each get a little discussion going. There is tons of stuff I don't even know about Texas so I'll be learning too. So as time goes on, there will be tons of info pouring in. There will be lots of new people to the forum by then or even some of our guest that are lurking and was waiting for Texas before becoming a member.

With all this is mind and how vast and diverse Texas is, this is why I keep my fingers cross that SCS does not attempt to release Texas in 2021. So much more can be added to it with more time. Like I said before, Texas needs a min. of 10k miles of roads and no less than 25 cities. Not to mention the umpteen amount of scenic towns. Whatever it takes to achieve as the least, those numbers, I am cool. More is better. Who wouldn't love a Texas that got 12k-15k miles of road. 15k is pushing it but I do think the sweet spot is 12k-13k myself. Who knows that in the next 1-2 years, there could be a new mapping technique/development that kicks in for Texas that takes it up a notch again. After Idaho, I seriously don't know how much more than can improve without pc's taking a performance hit. Imho, I think they reached the limit to how far they can push the graphics. Once a better weather system and seasons come, some pc's will seriously struggle. Some of the really good pc's might get a good work out by then on max settings.

So Idaho level, should be it. That level of detail can carry the game. Advance more than Idaho and it starts making even newer dlc look like comparing Idaho to Arizona. I can't say New Mexico because I think NM still holds up very well with all the other paid dlc's. But yeah when Texas comes, I am expecting to see some pretty complex prefabs, some busy prefabs and maybe even some cooler AI interaction with prefabs. The dlc's are getting into a tad more AI interaction with the places the human player goes....sort of. I think this is why ATS prefabs don't have so many gates or limits now so that the prefabs can blend in with the environment to make it appear like the AI is accessing places they never did before.

The Triplex of Texas will be a mad house though. I seriously don't know how SCS will present it but I still strongly think that each of the major cities that makes up the Triplex, those boundaries should be expanded to make those cities larger. Example, Boise and Nampa in Idaho. It looks great, it fits well. But DFW has to be 3-4 times that size. DFW being the largest inland metroplex in the entire US must show this. Its like saying LA needs to feel like its the 2nd largest US city, yet, its feels like a number 10 city. I recall in the last stream, Jakub stated that they build the cities first when it comes to new dlc's. This imo is perhaps the safest and best way to do things. Add the cities, set the boundaries and see what type of space you have to work with. Then start connecting the roads and man does Texas have some roads. Once this is all figured out, then the most time consuming part starts.......landscaping. If preliminary is all about setting cities and roads and if Texas took about a year to do all the cities and roads (at least most of them), then its perhaps safe to say another 1-1.5 years could be spent on landscaping. So technically Texas could come for 2021 but the required manpower is the key.

But I hope Texas for 2022 to get some very polished gameplay with Texas. When I speak gameplay I am speaking of the cargo economy, the prefabs infrastructure - new companies & new industries, the landmarks, the new directors cut feature, etc. I hope cargo gets an overhaul sooner or later to get cargo making more sense. There is cargo in ATS that just shouldn't be picked up or delivered to where its going. I am not sure how ETS2 is because I don't play it as often but ATS cargo needs some attention. I hope to older dlc's utilize the some of the newer prefabs much better by incorporating them into the mix. Whether that is added them or replacing other prefabs altogether. I'd hate for Texas to catch heat. Its a make or break it state. A lot of eyes will be on Texas so the reviews on it will be crucial to how many people continue to support if they join ATS around the time Texas releases. If people are waiting on Texas to really start supporting, chances are they go back and add all the other dlc's.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#166 Post by J.Random » 08 Aug 2020 14:38

> not sure how ETS2 is
ETS2 is kinda different in this regard, as you're mostly dealing with shipping companies there. There is _some_ specialization, but it's relatively broad compared to ATS. ATS is teasing player with industrial chains and company specialization, but the potential isn't being developed (it doesn't even seem to be the focus for the devs), so you end up delivering aircraft engines and plows to a copper mine, logging machinery between repair depots and train terminals, or trucks from dealerships to seaports (instead of from factory to dealerships or from dealerships to end users).

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#167 Post by flight50 » 08 Aug 2020 15:41

Yeah....and that's the concerning part and the frustration part at the same time. For the industries that SCS chooses for ATS, they have to be thoroughly planned out. Meaning you can go from A to Z. We need several others in between. When I way I post about the processing/packaging/distribution/warehouses missing in ATS. In most cases, ATS can get away with 3 steps - raw product, processing, retail. In other cases, ATS will need 4 steps - raw product, processing, distribution center, retail. The food industry really needs 4 steps. Most other can perhaps get way with 3. Each industry has to be looked at separately though.

I understand 1:20 makes things a tad difficult, but imho, if the industries are chosen strategically, all the processes can fit. Processing/distribution center are far fewer than the retail cargo goes to. The national and regional chain will exist all over. But the distribution/processing facilities might be (1) that serves 12 or something like that.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#168 Post by Xaagon » 16 Aug 2020 03:09

I've only personally been to El Paso, so the rest of Texas is going to be virtual exploring for me when the DLC comes out. I'm very much looking forward to it.

When SCS created New Mexico DLC they were fairly dense with the southeast corner putting Roswell, Artesia, Carlsbad, and Hobbs all in the game. If they do Texas to the same level we're going to get more cities than we have with any other state. From map view, here's a speculative list of what I think we could get with Texas DLC, in loose west to east order:

El Paso
Clayton, NM
Ft. Stockton
Del Rio
San Angelo
San Antonio
Wichita Falls
Corpus Christi
Dallas/Fort Worth
College Station
Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange

This list has 25 city areas. The scary thing is that I think there's space to put even more in.

Edit: Forgot Texarkana. It will be interesting to see how state line towns are done.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#169 Post by flight50 » 16 Aug 2020 03:16

Texas shouldn't have less than 25 thats for sure. My guess is 25-30. Unfortunately I think Texarkana comes with Arkansas but I hope Texas gets it. SCS rarely finishes out Eastern parts of dlc's it seems. There will already be tons in Texas so Texarkana is 50/50.

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Re: Texas Discussion Thread

#170 Post by ASUSTechSupport » 16 Aug 2020 04:25

That is a solid list, I would only really add Presidio and Killeen/Temple imo

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