ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

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Re: ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

#521 Post by flight50 » 29 Jun 2020 13:59

Agreed on the logo. But honestly I hope it is not Coors. With it being in the Idaho section of sings, it won't be. I hope they do another one for Coors and that would be in Colorado. In Idaho, it should be one of the big 3 soft drink companies here in the US and that is Coca Cola, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. In my opinion, the best is Pepsi right now. Pepsi owns Frito Lay and we do have food in the game. Pepsi is a one two punch. We also have............plenty of potatoes coming. So that's a lot of chips, snacks and french fries right there. Pepsi fit in ATS a lot better if they want to start expanding the food industry.

Although the name Kolico doesn't really bother me a ton, I'd think they try to make it a bit less obvious that it was an imported company. I like the coloration and all along with the lettering design but when I see that name as an American, I keep thinking its Kool-Aide and Kool-Aide is not a beverage company. At least change it to Kola or Soda Kola / Kola Soda or something. The only company that can perhaps come directly over from ETS2 without a name change is the Ika Bohag. Other than that, do like the Voltison Motors and change the name.

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Re: ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

#522 Post by Marcello Julio » 29 Jun 2020 14:19

For me, Kolico with name and logo is not a problem. Fits inside the ATS. It's nice to have some of these companies, it feels like they're from the same universe. I hope to see Ika Bohag coming to ATS in the future!
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Re: ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

#523 Post by Bedavd » 29 Jun 2020 14:37

I never considered Frito-Lay and potato chips. I think that would be a great addition. I didn't realize that the two pictures were split into Idaho & Colorado specifically. I thought it was just "here are some new signs and here are some CO specific ones". Interesting. I'm not super bothered by the name, personally. I'll take anything as long as it's a new company with new deliveries.

@flight50 I think that there are a few companies that can be directly transferred over without any changes. IKA Bohag, as you said. Nucleon for Nuclear power plants if we get them (PLEASE SCS, Idaho would be perfect for this). Rump is a car manufacturer based on Ford Romania, we could see that be a Ford stand-in once we get to MI (I hate the name so much but it is what it is). Spinelli tires (I suppose Goodyear is more American than Pirelli, but again I don't think it matters too much). Sporklift as a forklift manufacturer would be great and wouldn't need to be redone for the US. Vitas Power could be used for the Wind Farms we're about to see in Colorado. I'm sure there are more, that's just a cursory look at the company list from the wiki. If saving time on recreating the name and the logo means we'll see more companies, sooner, I'm personally perfectly happy with sacrificing that.
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Re: ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

#524 Post by Larry71490 » 29 Jun 2020 14:50

Far as soda goes I got the perfect name. Dr. Colpep. @flight50

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Re: ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

#525 Post by flight50 » 29 Jun 2020 15:01

Your right Bedavd. All those I agree would come over without name changes. There are indeed more that can fit ATS. I took a look on the ETS2 wiki for all the companies ETS2 does have. I love the Nucleon graphic. That company would go well with these cargoes. Yucca Mt in NV is the destination for all this stuff for burial and Nevada very fortunately is already in place. There is plenty of room to add a large prefab tucked away off the main roads for Yucca. We just need 2-3 sites to start with that would produce such waste. These waste facilities are in remote areas themselves so they fit ATS already. We just need the asset team to create them and the programmers to implement them.

@Larry71490 Nice name. But I'd change the prefix Dr. That implies Dr. Pepper and could cause potential issues. They are better off using Mr. or Ms. or just going with Colpep or Kolpep.

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Re: ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

#526 Post by Mohegan13 » 29 Jun 2020 15:13

Pemberton's Tonics.

Who needs funky names when you can go back to the originals. :P
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Re: ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

#527 Post by flight50 » 29 Jun 2020 15:42

Lol. I am sure Coca Cola has some ties to that name. But heck, you gave me a history lesson. I even worked at Coca Cola 3rd shift loading and docking trucks in 99-00 while in school. I never once bothered to look up the history, lol.

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Re: ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

#528 Post by Vojta » 29 Jun 2020 16:05


A new ATS build is available in public beta on Steam.
  • MacOS optimization.
  • Fixed vegetation generation on asphalt roads and generally unsuitable space.
  • Added cut plane limit rotation
  • improved handling of eye-tracking preset creation
  • 0119963 - Oregon - Ontario - levitating lamp inside the road
  • 0119257 - Oregon - Ontario - Adjust collision walls
  • 0119007 - Oregon - I-84 - Trees above ground
  • 0119015 - Oregon - I-84 - Hole in map
  • 0119730 - Oregon - Ontario - Object above ground
  • 0120054 - us_cross_0-3_country_t_1-1_country_mirrored - AI ignoring red light
  • 0116710 - Oregon - near Ontario - Vehicle too low
  • 0116709 - Oregon - Ontario - Flickering texture
  • 0116646 - Oregon - near Ontario - Sharp transition of texture
  • 0120041 - us_cross_0_2_country_x_1-1-1_country_new - AI not using signal turning right
  • 0116660 - Oregon - near Ontario - Sharp transition of texture
  • 0116662 - Oregon - near Ontario - Sharp transition of texture
  • 0119964 - Oregon - Ontario - missing terrain
  • 0116218 - depots/farm - some colisions needs fixes
  • 0120057 - Nevada - SR 225 - Shrubbery clipping guardrails
  • 0120055 - Nevada - SR 225 - near Idaho border - Grass in road
  • 0120060 - Nevada - Elko - Coastline Mining - Shrubbery clipping barrier
  • 0119941 - New Mexico - Las Cruces - Hole 15
  • 0118550 - Oregon - US 97 - Remove background with trees
  • 0119243 - Oregon - I-84 - Remove grass
  • 0119230 - Oregon - I-84 - Sharp transition of textures
  • 0119229 - Oregon - I-84 - Car have wheels in ground
  • 0119231 - Oregon - I-84 - Hole in map
  • 0119246 - Oregon - I-84 - Hole in map
  • 0119226 - Oregon - I-84 - Hole in map
  • 0119228 - Oregon - I-84 - Hole in map
  • 0119220 - Oregon - I-84 - Sharp transition of texture + remove texture
  • 0119027 - Oregon - I-84 - Incorrect diesel price
  • 0119066 - Oregon - I-84 - Sharp transition of textures
  • 0119933 - game: ensure all oversize blocks referencing the destroyed rule are removed

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Re: ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

#529 Post by HRTrucking » 29 Jun 2020 16:45

Thanks download time now :) . Hopefully the French mobile internet will work :lol: .

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Re: ATS 1.38 Public Beta Discussion

#530 Post by FS98 » 29 Jun 2020 16:55

Nice we can assign a keybinding now like ETS2 for Full Info/Next ETA Waypoint. Thanks SCS :)

Also is the changes/bugs believe came with this update in Port Angeles known, there're misplaced signs, hovering street items, no traffic lights etc ...
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