Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

What Kenworth truck do you want to see next in ATS?

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Re: Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

#71 Post by Freeze338 » 25 Nov 2020 06:46

I don't know, everybody has own playing style but I'm using interior zoom a lot. It's perfect when you looking your right mirror on reversing and dash. Sometimes I use fuel consumption info instead of speed info on dashboard comp . So gotto look the speed on manual gauge which I require that button. Sometimes I pull out, close the engine, open the window, and looking scenery with that zoom. Etc.

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Re: Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

#72 Post by Drayman » 25 Nov 2020 07:39

None of the above.
I want to see the 1976 KW VIT 200 in both conventional and cabover versions. (See my avatar.) As a teenager I had only two posters in my room. One was a 195? MG TC and the other was a 1976 KW VIT conventional with the Aerodyne sleeper. That truck inspired me to become a truck driver. I know I'll never get to drive a real one so I'll can only hope to drive a virtual one. Alas, if only someone would build one for ATS.....sigh!
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Re: Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

#73 Post by murdoch82 » 25 Nov 2020 08:05

I knew about interior zoom, seen SiSL use it and other streamers from time to time but only recently did I actually bind it and started using it. Its one of those, oh, cool, I'll sort that... later... things... xD

@Wayfarer Cool truck, but hoping SCS brining anything like that to their games, you will be hoping for a long time. The old school trucks are super cool, and I totally get the appeal, but they dont make all that much sense, especially today, might not be long until, or it actually wont be long until the pre emission trucks will be gone from the roads. Might roll a few more years, depending on what happens. But their days are numbered. If the EV tech get crazy good at some point and it is improving every year, we might start see EV conversions become HUGE in the future where people bring all sorts of vehicle to life.

People already do it to Porsche's, Ferrari's, old Beetles, vans, offroaders, pretty much anything. And as that market is growing I think we'll see that much more. In Europe we already have commercial trucks converted from MAN trucks.
Yes, I know, you dont get that awesome diesel roar... but atleast you get the cool looks! ;)

I hope someone make a high quality EV truck if nothing else, just for the experience. Like the Cascadia EV variant... I'd love that. So what if it only have 250 mile range, Actually a fair bit of jobs if you are in the right area for that range. I'd buy some garages in an Area perhaps and set up chargers there or maybe SCS add chargers. Heck, I think SCS should do that already slowly, model that and add, maybe one or two here and there as they update things.

I cant do a small post apparently. :( I'm trying guys, I'm really trying! :<

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Re: Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

#74 Post by Bag of Donuts » 25 Nov 2020 09:34

I use the interior zoom frequently as I play without mods, and the mirror FOV can be a pain. Especially in the W900.

I sold my W900 for a 680 and immediately regreted it. If course I got it back. :lol:

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Re: Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

#75 Post by Yoglington » 25 Nov 2020 10:20

Speaking of a T680, what happened to the door handles? or have they always been 2D lol

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Re: Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

#76 Post by Samus L. Jackson » 03 Dec 2020 14:57

Well, I don't use the interior zoom to look at the dash too much, because I have to look down first and then zoom and then get reoriented. But the speedometer isn't impossible to read, I usually go a few MPH over the speed limit anyway, so even if I don't dial it in perfectly, I get close enough to where I want to be. I do like having the zoom to look at stuff outside though, from time to time. I'm going to keep it bound to my left thumb stick for now.

Anyway, is it just me or is the T680 kind of...tipsy? It feels like it wants to roll over more easily than say, the W900. I'm getting used to it, just feels like I need to be a little more careful in the curves.

I like the interior look, the outside is pretty nice too. Not my favorite truck so far but I'm gonna stick to my goal of having a minimum of 10,000 miles on a truck before I move on to the next one.

The engine brake sound though is......oooof. It's too quiet and it just sounds like it fizzles. Compared to the engine brake of the W900, this engine brake sounds pretty pathetic.

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Re: Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

#77 Post by Shadow_Wolf » 11 Dec 2020 01:40

What do you guys think of the Kenworth 853?
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Re: Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

#78 Post by clifflandmark » 11 Dec 2020 01:52

Daxter wrote:
11 Dec 2020 01:40
What do you guys think of the Kenworth 853?
I googled it.In wikipedia there writes "In 1953, ARAMCO ordered 1700 kw 853s to Middle-East"

So, I'm not sure if they exist in US, or are they still useful.
But something like this gonna fit Alaska in heavy duties(?)
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Re: Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

#79 Post by Freeze338 » 11 Dec 2020 07:29

Daxter wrote:
11 Dec 2020 01:40
What do you guys think of the Kenworth 853?
Too old. Since couldn't considering T660, T700 etc. , isn't 853 looking an impossible option?

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Re: Kenworth Trucks Discussion Thread

#80 Post by Virgo91 » 11 Dec 2020 18:32

I just saw a T600 this morning in my city.I don't remember seeing one before.That was strange and cool to see at the same time.

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