Which ats city should be reworked?

Which city should be reworked in the next update?

Los Angeles
San Diego
Other comment down
San Francisco
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Re: Which ats city should be reworked?

#11 Post by angrybirdseller » 24 Sep 2020 07:27

Phoenix rework, truck stop additions, mountain improvements in couple spots it's couple updates away. The Flagstaff rework with some towns like swipe out building that repeats another building block away.

Nevada needs more work but it can be done in small updates over the next few years, but it more adding truck stops and reworking the roads and restrip I-80.

The California map will need many updates not just couple, and some map could be building Missouri DLC and California still receiving updates and improvements to the map.

Still, I be happy with California getting better truck stops and rebuilding Los Angeles and bypass CA-58 in Bakersfield. The Oakland and San Francisco area only Oakland would be rebuilt as San Francisco not enough room to work with and US-101 pretty much expressway till downtown San Francisco. The San Jose and Silicon not enough room even with 1:20 scale, and San Francisco already takes up along of space you need for other cities.

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Re: Which ats city should be reworked?

#12 Post by IvanKuz » 24 Sep 2020 08:09

For me, the obvious answer is the remaining two cities out of the big three: Los Angeles and San Francisco.

I've said it before, but LA in the game barely even feels like LA, in contrast with Las Vegas which in my opinion was represented fairly believably even before it was reworked. San Francisco in the game at least feels like San Francisco, and I'm especially loving the downtown area. However, it is really showing its age now, and the southern part of the city needs a lot more attention because currently the city blocks are just abruptly replaced with forests when you are driving out. So these are my two most anticipated reworks.

I can't comment on the other cities because I'm not familiar with how they are IRL, but I expect some of them will get reworked sooner due to being smaller and thus easier to work on.

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Re: Which ats city should be reworked?

#13 Post by poozykrem » 24 Sep 2020 10:15

I pick LA, it looks good already, but the city has a big potential and it would look at least twice better if revamped, for sure

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Re: Which ats city should be reworked?

#14 Post by leo.arevalo12ss » 24 Sep 2020 12:51

If you chose other say the city you wish to be reworked
I bet things are gonna be teased :ugeek:

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Re: Which ats city should be reworked?

#15 Post by jarryed » 24 Sep 2020 12:56

Proper signage through California and Nevada would be great. I dread having to go through Nevada and California because of all the old signage. Las Vegas is great now. I stick to the I-15 corridor.

If I had to choose one city...Los Angeles. The busiest container shipping port is missing...Port of Los Angeles. How this was missed from the start is anyone's guess but with the new city system that SCS uses it could very easily be added.

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Re: Which ats city should be reworked?

#16 Post by leo.arevalo12ss » 24 Sep 2020 13:45

I chose bakersfield and los Angeles because los Angeles needs the shipping port and it will look better once it is because it has big potential and I chose bakersfield because it really doesn't look realistic in the game compared to real life and the only things that make it look realistic are the fox theater and the padre hotel and that's it so that's why those 2 cities should be reworked
I bet things are gonna be teased :ugeek:

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Re: Which ats city should be reworked?

#17 Post by arthurcfbr » 24 Sep 2020 13:58

I choose LA and I have some spots in Nevada, mainly in the I80 cities and Pioche. I think that city deserves some rebuilding love.
I also would like an Bay area rebuild together with Huron and LA.
I don't give up making mods. But I don't have enough time to do them now.

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Re: Which ats city should be reworked?

#18 Post by flight50 » 24 Sep 2020 14:13

Oh snap. I didn't realize it was two options, lol. I went LA and Phoenix.

LA is definitely missing the Port of Los Angeles. But the second busiest port in the US is the Port of Long Beach which is basically the same port beside the Port of LA. Both would be nice as I show back in May when Iberia showed the new car industry revamp. Not only that but we are missing LAX. I completely understand why both are missing though. Causalities of the base map. As the map has progressed over the years, that type of stuff wasn't as big of a deal. Not to mention it was 1:35 scale. Oakland port is a joke. Portland and Seattle brought the serious up to date ports.

I think if the ports in the LA area come, SCS definitely has the Pacific to play with. I just hope the ports can be represented nicely. I'm hoping we can call that whole area a mega port. On one of the more recent blogs Nemiro basically hinted at complex prefabs. To me, I immediately thought of something I mentioned a while back. Mining depots, logging depots, farming depots and even a mega port being more complex. I thought Idaho huge forest in the North would get complex prefabs. Maybe when Montana comes. SCS can combine smaller depots and link 2-3 or whatever to make one huge mega delivery area. The example I gave is here. In this example, put 6 farming depots together and it seems like one huge area. The farming example is for the wide open Great Plains but it can work in several places around the map.

Another example like oil fields and mining, placing fairly close gives us more options in the same area. Price, Vernal and Moab, all those close proximity oil sites could have been one large area. It appears that the new gold mine in Colorado West of Colorado Springs will be first up to try this more complex approach. The gold mine will have both HMS and Coastline Mining on site. I look for to getting something like this for the ports in LA. If SCS can manage to link 4-6 smaller terminals together, that would give the impression of the largest port in the US. Texas will be coming soon and all the ports on the Gulf could be similar. But make them like 2-3 terminals linked together. SCS could develop a modular system for piecing complex prefabs together. Maybe the asset team can even do this for garages. Modular customized garages for the games.

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Re: Which ats city should be reworked?

#19 Post by Onagerlinn » 24 Sep 2020 16:26

I'll go city by city.

Bakersfield: Needs a rebuild pretty badly. CA 58 should be a freeway all the way through.

San Diego: Functionally speaking, it's fine, but...the in-game re-creation just does not do the city justice. It just looks bland and generic, and does not look like real San Diego at all. Burn it and re-do it.

Los Angeles: LA is a real sore spot. Parts of it do have an LA feel, but the whole city is just off. A rebuild of LA would add a ton of value to the base game, and we could also add some of the surrounding cities as marked cities as well: Long Beach, Anaheim, San Bernardino, even Palm Springs or Indio.

Fresno: I've never been to Fresno IRL except for just driving through on 99, but in-game it's a pain to get around. I'd like to see it rebuilt sometime, and get rid of the connection to US 395 that doesn't exist IRL.

Phoenix: I've talked about Phoenix before; reworking the I-10/L303 interchange and extending US 60 from the northwest down into the city. I also agree with the above comments regarding moving AZ 85 and US 60 to the east. Phoenix does not need to be burnt to the ground and rebuilt from scratch, but these adjustments will add a lot of value to the city. I hope some of these adjustments make it possible to add some newer companies to the city.

I have an idea; if we extend US 60 (Grand Avenue) down into the city, then we probably don't even need L303 anymore and we could just get rid of it. Then, we could put an AZ 85 intersection where the L303 intersection currently is.


That said, I'm gonna vote for Bakersfield and Los Angeles. LA is the largest, busiest, and most important city in the entire western US with many industries, ports, and deliveries--as well as iconic landmarks--and that should be reflected in-game. Bakersfield is a pretty important junction that should be constructed properly for function. It's not used quite as much anymore as a pass-through now that Utah and Idaho are in play, but if we're going to bring California up to even NM standards, then a rebuilt Bakersfield will be key to improving the road network.

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Re: Which ats city should be reworked?

#20 Post by leo.arevalo12ss » 24 Sep 2020 20:28

I have my garage in Bakersfield and from what it looks like compared to google maps it's not really realistic so what one needs a rework badly
I bet things are gonna be teased :ugeek:

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