ATS 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

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Re: ATS 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#551 Post by loco4string » 16 Oct 2020 22:10

@flight50 Yes I love that idea even better. That is more of the direction I was hoping SCS would go in especially now that we have lowboys. I felt the same way about putting in distribution centers. The one thing that would need improved would be the garages. Especially now with the lowboys. It might be time for SCS to really start thinking about a revamp for the cargo system. I am not a modder but I feel like SCS is missing out by not inviting the community to maybe have their mods added to the game. I mean some of the modders are really good and for some the potential is there just can't get it to work right. I think it would really help them and the community, granted they would have to have certain rules but it might help in a cargo over haul.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#552 Post by flight50 » 16 Oct 2020 23:50

Yeah it might be a good idea but progressive could be difficult. At the least your idea is static. Static can happen like now. The only way I see progressive is if it was similar to the Big Sur event or the Genova Bridge event. Now as missions/quest, that could be part of WoTr. But for regular gameplay, it might be a programming nightmare. Pavel hinted a missions/quest in 2018.................and what if this new interface in 1.39 is about to launch the new WoTr. What if mission/quest are part of all this. I think now when we have Big Sur or Genova as missions, the devs work isn't lost forever. People can load up and play these events as a community whenever they want. The same rewards can still kick in. Heck, the might even be even easier for the xmas event to coordinate.

You are speaking with the cargo man himself though, lol. I am BIG on cargo, industries and new companies. I am sure most get tired of me talking about it but its a HUGE part of the game. I know howey and Larry71490 often join in cargo talks with me. Supersobes and Tails help post new cargo to the flatbed thread. There are others interested in a better cargo system for sure so eventually something will give. I spend a lot of time looking into all that kinda stuff. I honestly spend more time researching than I do playing ATS. As more and more of the things I mention on here come out, the more and more I can relax and play the game as its meant to be. But I'm pretty passionate about ATS because I see the potential and I think SCS is only scratching the surface. More people will come over time and with that, more support from SCS and the mod community.

ATS seriously needs a cargo overhaul but I think SCS has a plan. I think the plan goes like this priority wise:
1) trucks - get all 7 brands in the game. Then the other common ones. Imo, each brand needs at least 2 models. We need the new VNL, new Cascadia, LT in the next 12-18 months. The 122SD, Pinnacle, old Cascadia and W990 would be nice to get at some point too
2) trailers - all common NA trailer types. We need livestock, step deck, moving/storage and curtain siders. specialized trailers will come as need be
3) cargo - massive overhaul. Maybe when Texas comes. Not just reorganizing but included 100s of new cargo options. This includes cargo for all trailers types. Open deck cargo includes numerous variations/orientation on trailers
4) AI - overall to whatever extent possible

New features will always come. I can't include that as part of the list. Specialized trailers as new industries come, I can't include that either because they will come based of what's added in new dlc's. Reworked trailers, I won't include that either because those too will come as situation are prime for them. Prime example, car haulers. We need lots more new AI vehicles and more new dealership to benefit from this industry. The current ATS car haulers are very inadequate. Those aren't realistic at all. But no point in overhauling them until the time is right for them. We need a complete automotive industry overhaul.

In regards to SCS using mods, they mentioned in the past, that will never happen. So we can forget that. I once thought the same but as I followed more threads and learned how SCS works I became more aware of come things. But mods in their work, it ain't happening. The biggest reason........partly what you just said.......some modders are really good. Its the quality of mods and the fact that SCS has no idea on the structure of the mod itself. Some.... honestly isn't good enough though. Not to mention you get rights issues. How do you compensate the modder. So I complete understand why SCS won't do it.

I actually stopped using trailer cargo mods because of the various quality levels. I hate cargo that looks like a cartoon yet its on my trailer in ATS. They have no depth and lacks shading and just look awkward. Then you have the good cargo mods. I now only use SCS content no matter how good. One less patch of mods to keep up with. Many modders took forever to update their mods. 1.32 change a lot and some cargo mods never got updated. The links in my all because of the quality differences I found in mods. I too am no modder but I'd rather cargo come from the devs. I try to find as much cargo to bring to the eyes for the devs to see. Imho, I don't think the devs knew at the very beginning how big open deck cargo is in NA. There is literally tons of cargo in NA and I understand not all will make it. The best I can do it put everything that I can out there. Many others have joined that cause in the threads I post cargo to. Much appreciated to them. If I am the only one posting stuff, the issue with lack of cargo doesn't seem global enough with the entire community. But if others have the same interest, together we can all make change. What I post may be specific to NA trailers, but that doesn't mean the content can't be used in ETS2. Just tweak it if need be for the European market and vise versa. I love new updates though. I always want to know if we got new cargo, did we get new trailers. I sure hope 1.39 brings in Colorado with lots of new cargo. If that 170 meg file also include cargo.......oh mannnn. I feel sorry for people who try to skip on Colorado.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#553 Post by Verloc » 17 Oct 2020 00:23

I've played around more with the improved transmission with the clutch brake turned off and it's a definite improvement, especially the low speed behavior. As demonstrated on the real truck here you can now shift through low range double clutching without touching the gas pedal (without pulling any load of course). I can now start off at LL and shift through low range without much problem, previously the crawl to first and even first to second was very finicky when double clutching. The rhythm of shifting does seem to be different now and it took me a while to get used to it again.

As for the clutch brake, other than the already mentioned issue of it wrongly working like a synchro, there definitely needs to be a separate range slider for the clutch brake and clutch action, to configure the slack or 'deadzone' between the two ranges. Right now the fully disengaged clutch and the clutch brake engage positions seem way too close.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#554 Post by hangman005 » 17 Oct 2020 02:06

Vaguely related question, but I after doing a couple of bug reports today I was curious as to i guess the reaction for lack of better word to bugs. Most I think to a degree are expected and understood,

but I wonder how many bugs either minor or major have the developers going "how the hell and why did that do that?" :lol:

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Re: ATS 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#555 Post by k2000 » 17 Oct 2020 04:35

it is a good idea to have put small videos in american truck
so i hope you will plan to do also in euro truck
Thank you

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Re: ATS 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#556 Post by Madkine » 17 Oct 2020 06:16

They look at reports as they have time. Some devs/beta testers seem to specialise in certain areas of the game and will respond to those types of bugs.

All bug reports are read, they just may not be acknowledged in any way.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#557 Post by Robinicus » 17 Oct 2020 11:40

Is the custom metallic paint option missing on the 389 for anyone else since the last update?
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Re: ATS 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#558 Post by loco4string » 17 Oct 2020 13:58

Don't recall seeing it missing @Robinicus, just bought my 389 yesterday but I put one of the halloween skins on it. I will have to check today cause I'm sure I will be upgrading my 389 some time today. A few more loads I should be able to purchase the Ultracab.

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Re: ATS 1.39 Open Beta Discussion

#559 Post by krizzy090 » 17 Oct 2020 14:54

still waiting on scs workshop uploader to update for beta 1.39 :(
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Increase in damage

#560 Post by Laffinboy71 » 17 Oct 2020 19:46

Seems I have a lot more accidents since I switched to Beta, and receiving trailer damage with nothing around me

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