Christimas Event - warning message of completed city

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Christimas Event - warning message of completed city

#1 Post by Theosz » 12 Jan 2021 15:04


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huuum, not totally a fact... because I think this message should only appear when "FROM" and "TO" jobs are completely done (5x1000 to all)

"FROM" jobs can still be done, there shouldn't be that message IMHO(or this kind), after all, when we leave cities with fully complete "FROM" deliveries, the gameS doesn't warn and asks to go to another city to collect cargo. in that examples, 40 deliveries can be do "FROM" that city

a) anyway it can warn the player to try some city when "FROM" and "TO" are not complete, so another kind of message

b) is this message show only the Community Goal is reached or other kind when each city goal is reached?


2) would it be interesting and practical to insert punctual deliveries, with delivery time, in the next Christmas events?

(google translation and some fixes)

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