ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

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Re: ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

#981 Post by flight50 » 21 Feb 2021 23:37

I understand angrybirdseller's comment on getting a CDL. I have said similar myself. Some people nick pick SCS to death. some people only come here only on updates to complain and you never see them again. The SCS blogs are horribly notorious for this even more so than here. SCS will never be able to duplicate the accuracy of real life but they do try. Basically this is what angrybirdseller is saying. Physics in ATs would be nice. I don't think he is dismissing it. It not here yet so it appears that its on the backset. Just like the AI improvements, seasons and rigids. Currently the suspension is not there it ATS like it is in ETS2. The tires and brake fade is not there in either game. Some physics can be implement so I won't say they are not necessary. I am good as is but I'd never say they are not necessary. Every aspect of the game has things that are more important to some people and not others. I concur there. Although I am accused a lot of only wanting things my way, I am just a very active regular who speaks on what he'd like to see. If my active voice is depicted that way, sorry. But if something just doesn't sound right, I don't hold my tongue all the time. I'm not always right. But I won't say that I am always wrong either. Sharing ideas and thoughts is what I do. Some may like them, some may not but that's the beauty of this two people have the exact same though. Feedback on here helps you and I. It helps the devs. It helps the entire community. You just never know what breakthru can happen here.

Each and every year SCS has a few things they implement. Typically its 1-2 huge implementations provided every year. Ever since I bought ATS in June of 2016, there has been something major that comes every year that I admire. 2017 - Articulated trailers. 2018 - owned trailers. 2019 - DX11. 2020 - Fmod. 2021 - Lighting upgrade. There is still a long ways to go and each year, some high level, mid level and low level stuff will come. In each of those years, there are plenty other things that have come. Its fun to watch the games grow into what they are becoming.

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Re: ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

#982 Post by DracoTorre » 22 Feb 2021 01:33

Nice to see restaurants introduced with Colorado in other states. South of Olympia, WA I stopped at Cofibreak off I-5 Rush Rd exit beside the Heart’s. Across the street, Taco Kingdom and Donut Planet. More variety, and these new restaurants look great, too. This I-5 exit looks real nice now with new assets and lighting.

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Re: ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

#983 Post by angrybirdseller » 22 Feb 2021 02:25

Physics very hard to imitate specific items as in real life you feel torque kick in pulling trailer, and variables like engine power and transmission setup there going varation interpretation on what correct for specific interpretation.

We saw with sound update some complaining the sound as faded too much, while some thought it was spot on.

Colorado I-70 from Eisenhower Tunnel to foothills of Denver no amount physics on screen can minic sensation going down hill with 80,000 trailer behind you.

With ATS any physics updates means getting employee to actually be in these vehicles possibly driving them.

Even then two people are going to have disagreements about physics on same truck in similar situations. The nuances in physics unlike poorly setup cargo delivery or logistics chain that easy to spot.

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Re: ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

#984 Post by The Dude » 22 Feb 2021 03:07

This thread took a left turn at Albuquerque. :lol:

Seems they almost fixed the side turn signal light coming into the cab of the Cascadia, Lighting is getting better each update, really enjoy driving at night.
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Re: ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

#985 Post by cwat89 » 22 Feb 2021 03:11

@DracoTorre what was your coffee of choice? I like their dark roast black of course... and Donut Planet has great chocolate iced donuts ;)

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Re: ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

#986 Post by orizon » 22 Feb 2021 08:48

It's just me, or it's for everyone a huge frame drops since the previous release? I noticed an increase of AI traffic, and that could cause this behavior. Or probably I'm wrong.

Regarding AI traffic I see an old issue reappeared, AI trucks are struggling to climb hills. I noticed some trucks climb at around 10-15 mph.

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Re: ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

#987 Post by sp0q » 22 Feb 2021 10:08

The only spots my fps' are tanking are red light stops and passing police cars/fire trucks, which makes the reflection go bonkers.

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Re: ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

#988 Post by R3AP3R » 22 Feb 2021 10:50

@angrybirdseller the main problem with realism is that every player has its own version of realism. You see this quite often, people demanding more realism in this game and than complaining about the realism not being the way they want to. For example:
- SCS, fix the tires because my truck slides when going in a really sharp turn at 90mph
- why can't I see 10 miles ahead at night, why is the night dark?
- why do the countries in Black Sea DLC have so many villages and cities, I have to slow down too often
- why does my 40 ton truck climb at 20mph instead of 75mph?

And the list goes on and on.

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Re: ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

#989 Post by Mohegan13 » 22 Feb 2021 11:33

@sp0q check out g_disable_beacons on ... e/Commands

If the FPS drop is significant it might help you a little bit.
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Re: ATS 1.40 Open Beta discussion

#990 Post by room217au » 22 Feb 2021 12:01

I must say that with the advent of 1.40ob, the change in how the game is lit, the way the headlights look and work, the interactivity of world objects, and light, all work together to make driving at night now, 'feel' very close to the real look.
I love how the dashlights and headlight flare on the road can't be seen during daylight hours. The transitions from night to day and vice versa. Really pretty. It's looking great so far, imho.
The ultimate realism will never be reached because you'll never be able to die in a truck smash in this game :)
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