Go Big or Go Home

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Re: Go Big or Go Home

#21 Post by ChiefsFanJon » 15 Dec 2020 15:38

Nice guides can be found here as well: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... 1559990912

That's where I got this list, and they have links for all of the other DLC and Achievements as well.

Go Big or Go Home
How many of the 30 routes you need to do, depends on the DLC`s you have. At Euro Truck Simulator 2 its only possible to get this achievement, if you do the routes from the DLC`s you have. Thats the reason why I go and list the routes with the associated DLC.

Go Big or Go Home
Complete deliveries on all oversize routes in current map

Here`s the following list:
Eureka (CA) - Redding (CA)
Fresno (CA) - Bakersfield (CA)
Kingman (AZ) - Flagstaff (AZ)
Oakland (CA) - Huron (CA)
Oxnard (CA) - Barstow (CA)
Phoenix (AZ) - Sierra Vista (AZ)
Primm (NV) - Ely (NV)
San Francisco (CA) - Fresno (CA)
San Rafael (CA) - Eureka (CA)
Santa Cruz (CA) - Santa Maria (CA)
Truckee (CA) - Carson City (NV)
Yuma (AZ) - Tucson (AZ)
Artesia (NM) - Las Cruces (NM) - needed DLC: New Mexico
Clovis (NM) - Hobbs (NM) - needed DLC: New Mexico
Farmington (NM) - Raton (NM)- needed DLC: New Mexico
Gallup (NM) - Raton (NM) - needed DLC: New Mexico
Socorro (NM) - Tucson (AZ) - needed DLC: New Mexico
Pendleton (OR) – Burns (OR) - needed DLC: Oregon
Portland (OR) – Newport (OR) - needed DLC: Oregon
Seattle (WA) – Everett (WA) - needed DLC: Washington
Spokane (WA) – Grand Coulee (WA) - needed DLC: Washington
Port Angeles (WA) – Aberdeen (WA) - needed DLC: Washington
Provo (UT) – Price (UT) - needed DLC: Utah
Vernal (UT) – Salt Lake City (UT) - needed DLC: Utah
Boise (ID) to Grangeville (ID) - needed DLC: Idaho
Idaho Falls (ID) to Salmon (ID) - needed DLC: Idaho
Twin Falls (ID) to Nampa (ID) - needed DLC: Idaho
Denver (CO) to Grand Junction (CO) - needed DLC: Colorado
Denver (CO) to Colorado Springs (CO) - needed DLC: Colorado
Sterling (CO) to Colorado Springs (CO) - needed DLC: Colorado

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Re: Go Big or Go Home

#22 Post by Chewy11 » 25 Jun 2021 05:52

Mohegan13 wrote:
16 Jan 2019 19:09
You might want to double check your job history in game to make sure you didn't accidentally miss one or double up on the same location.

I recently got the same achievement just over a week ago, so I am confident it is working.
I had gotten the achievement, but now it is not unlocked. I worked hard for a few days in early 2020 to get it and now its 0% done

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Re: Go Big or Go Home

#23 Post by Madkine » 25 Jun 2021 07:56

Achievements don't go away. If you'd gotten it, it would still be there.

Steam will report the completion percentage based on the profile you most recently had open as this achievement must be completed within a profile.

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