How To Connect To Steam

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How To Connect To Steam

#1 Post by Mrrailfan18 » 25 Jul 2020 01:30

I had installed American Truck Simulator from a CD ROM does anyone know how to connect the game to steam? please let me know.

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Re: How To Connect To Steam

#2 Post by Seelenkrank » 25 Jul 2020 05:42

in steam: Games (left from "Help"), then add a game on steam. there you are insert the CD Rom game key.

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Re: How To Connect To Steam

#3 Post by Reinhard » 25 Jul 2020 08:13

If you installed it from CD it actually is connected to Steam. If the install didn't fail, that is. ATS is a Steam-only game, regardless if it was downloaded or installed from CD.

Real CD content without using Steam is only possible for ETS 2. Or was, not sure if most CD installments today are Steam-based as well.

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