Reporting a Bug

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Reporting a Bug

#1 Post by busted85 » 11 Nov 2020 05:08

I was wondering how everyone else goes about handling mods when dealing with a bug? If I'm on my modded profile and I find something I obivously switch to my profile with no mods. But I was wondering what procces you use with mods so they don't load in the game log. I always cut my non steam mods out into a different folder then my steam mods I cut and place into another folder. Is ther a simplier procces to doing this, or how do you guys typacially do it?

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Re: Reporting a Bug

#2 Post by Madkine » 11 Nov 2020 06:51

It doesn't matter if they load into the game, there just has to be none on the profile.

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