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#1 Post by 2g4a1 » 26 Nov 2020 14:10

hi , first time here , so 2 questions , Q1 : i have 3 trucks plus drivers , but might sound silly ,is er een kans dat ik ze zelf tegen kom op de baan ??? all my trucks have same skins , Q2 : i drive mostly in F2 outside view , i have just the right mirror , is there a way to get the left one aswell , and yes tried pressing F2 while driving. thx in advance. Image

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Re: emploies

#2 Post by Underscore_101_ » 26 Nov 2020 15:21

Q1, no, you won't see your drivers on the road (nee, je komt je chauffeurs niet tegen op de weg)

Q2, no idea (geen idee), think it's just F2, but i never play in that camera mode.

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Re: emploies

#3 Post by PBandJ » 26 Nov 2020 16:38

Do you run mods? I would look in the gamelog.txt file for errors for hints. You should be able in that view to hit f2 key twice and have both mirrors viewable. I would guess a mod conflict or you are using a mod that has a rearview camera that takes the left side view for it to work.

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