Mods not loading?

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Mods not loading?

#1 Post by Pariah Dog » 29 Jun 2020 16:39

I have returned to playing ATS after being away for a couple year. I am having some trouble getting mods to appear in the game.

I have downloaded from "sharemods," both what I understand to be the latest version of MHApro and the trailer pack by jazzycat. I put the files in the mod folder just like I used to do. They appear in game mod screen, but activating them is a problem. MHA simply causes a crash to desktop, even when starting a new profile. Jazzycat's trailer pack appears in the mod sceen, and I can make them "active" but I still just get the default trailers in the game. At least that one doesn't crash though.

ATS is up to date by steam. I have all DLC map content except for Utah, (which maybe I need to get?)

Thanks for any help.

I would be open to suggestions if there is something preferable to MHA these days. Also a good mexico map that is compatible with others. I have been out of the loop for a least a couple of years. I loved MHA in Euro Truck sim however.

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