Does this happen to anyone else? [Unwanted reloads of game]

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Re: Does this happen to anyone else?

#11 Post by IonutL » 18 Apr 2017 18:37

I think you should look at controls.sii, inside this folder: "Documents\American Truck Simulator\profiles(\number and letters\controls.sii" and possible this lines could be edited, with Notepad or any other txt editor:

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config_lines[94]: "mix dbgfwd `keyboard.num8?0`"
 config_lines[95]: "mix dbgback `keyboard.num5?0`"
 config_lines[96]: "mix dbgleft `keyboard.num4?0`"
 config_lines[97]: "mix dbgright `keyboard.num6?0`"
 config_lines[98]: "mix dbgup `keyboard.num9?0`"
 config_lines[99]: "mix dbgdown `keyboard.num3?0`"

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Re: Does this happen to anyone else?

#12 Post by jules.raton » 18 Apr 2017 21:47

@IonutL Well you know your way around!
I was scratching my head because I knew I unbinded some keys using a file on STDS but couldn't remember where or which one it was :lol:

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Re: Does this happen to anyone else?

#13 Post by Drive Safely » 20 Apr 2017 20:26

This problem also can happen after you deliver your trailer and deattach.
After viewing your earnings and experience points, the loading screen appears again and the trailer you just delivered vanishes immediately as if you quit the game and reloaded. :|
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Re: Does this happen to anyone else?

#14 Post by m1keY » 23 Apr 2017 11:58

something has changed with this latest update... I do have this "feature" when I'm going into the photomode .... and all AI disappearss from photosession, not what I wanted ;)

apart from this I also get strange behavior when I use the teleport option, outside the truck sometimes nothing happens when I press "any" key or trying to get back into the truck...takes some seconds/minute or so until game responds again , F2 works after a while F3 ... it isn't possible to ESC either have to wait :shock: is still playing in background - this happens in both games 8-)

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