fould in my volvo truck

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fould in my volvo truck

#1 Post by Panfluit » 23 Nov 2020 19:41

i found a mistake in my volvo truck. the board computer is everyting in miles ect... but where u can see how fast u drive (on the right of the truck) is in KM/h. thats rong. yes this go about american truck sim.

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Re: fould in my volvo truck

#2 Post by RenshawGamer » 24 Nov 2020 13:57

The white, larger numbers are mph. The yellow numbers are kmh. That's normal for trucks sold in the US, since they can drive into Canada they need to see how fast they're going since every sign in Canada will be in kmh. Canadian cars/trucks will have the opposite. Big numbers in kmh, and a smaller set of numbers in mph.

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