VR and Loss of All Inputs

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VR and Loss of All Inputs

#1 Post by gearstripper » 22 Feb 2021 02:25

As the topics says, in pancake mode everything is recognized and works fine (G923 steering wheel and H shifter and peddles, keyboard) but when in VR it refuses to does not recognize any controller inputs anymore (steering wheel, peddled, shifter). This is using WMR with the new HP G2 unit. Anybody else have this happen? I mean it’s just as if once inside VR I unplugged everything except for the keyboard. Using the Wizard for controller inputs does nothin if trying to use any of the three mentioned. Hmmm...

So close and yet so far...

UPDATE: Trying to narrow things down here. Seems when I go into the settings under the Keys & Buttons menu while in VR the game will take any keyboard inputs I select. However, it refuses to recognize any steering input, accelerator, etc. from the steering wheel setup.

If I go into the Controls menu it’s the same thing as the failure to recognize a controller input is not recognized. Like I said, everything works like a charm when not in VR.

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