ATS/ETS2 and Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter 7th Gear

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Re: ATS/ETS2 and Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter 7th Gear

#21 Post by veso266 » 27 Dec 2017 19:06

@CARL1992 Thanks for recomendation
I know its ridiculous but I like it that way I enjoy playing ETS2/ATS because of a huge map and realistic roads the trucks are there (I use them somethimes like a real people do but for most of my fun I drive realy fast with them)

hope somethime SCS will add car simulation in ETS2/ATS and call it EVS (combining ETS2 and adding Car simulation) and AVS (combining ATS and adding Car simulation) or even better WVS (combining ETS2, ATS and adding CAR simulation) but this are just my wishes until then I will play ATS/ETS2 how I like it

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Re: ATS/ETS2 and Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter 7th Gear

#22 Post by Max » 27 Dec 2017 21:34

if you want realistic play, use automatic gearbox. even in conservative US more than half of new trucks come automatic these days .. ;)

game UI was designed for majority of shifting devices and they have 6 positions. most IRL used manual transmission also have 6 positions.
but underlaying input system can handle almost anything (even simple scripts). you just have to fill config files manually.
(much like game UI let you connect 5 controller devices for simplicity, but game could connect 16 or so through configs ...)

basics has been described already - you must know ID of the buttons and simply add it into input config. just be careful with device config UI screens from that moment (set impulses will remain, but if you delete the controller some manually added bindings may survive and could make some mess).

and just for the record: i have CSIO (on 8-position thrustmaster ;)) and works perfectly after like year and half (we have been lucky to get two of them at the beginning). i suppose tech affliction's mega shifter is very similar in function and construction so i could only advice to buy it. it gives completely new level of immersion and make truck's horrid shifting so comfortable, that you will see you do not need those position over sixth .. ;)
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