Remove Cargo Requirement?

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Remove Cargo Requirement?

#1 Post by Dotnettex » 03 Aug 2020 01:19


I am really enjoying Idaho. Can't wait for Colorado! I have a question:

Is there a way to enable the CARGO on the jobs menu WITHOUT having a trailer connected? Each of my terminals has its own trailer package (4-5 trailers I buy and store there), so it would be nice to see the cargo jobs by cargo type (dropdown?). I will provide whatever trailer is necessary. I know there are a lot of extra things it has to know (size, weight capacity, etc) but is there a way to at least BROWSE the avail jobs? You can still have the ACCEPT disabled until I actually have the trailer connected.. I would just like to see what's avail, without having to connect and disconnect several trailer types to my tractor.

XML config setting maybe.. anything that would allow this?


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Re: Remove Cargo Requirement?

#2 Post by LAFAYET47 » 03 Aug 2020 04:37

Nope, you can't. It's a game limitation. I'm like you, I really hope SCS will change this mechanism in the future, because the way It works now its just a little bit annoying.

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