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Oversize Loads

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Oversize Loads

#1 Post by CrossHyparu » 23 Feb 2021 08:58

I'm beginning to explore the the world of oversize loads with my own low-boys and have come to the realization that the game won't let you know if the load you're about to take on is legally considered an oversize load, and while this may seem a bit trivial I do enjoy treating sims as real world scenarios so I want to be as accurate as I can be.

In pretty much every state a oversize load is by either weight, width, or height; width being anything over 8.5 feet and height being over 14.5 feet. Width is easy to figure out since the low-boys are about 8.5 feet wide, and the height of the load can be determined pretty easily by a quick google search and adding about 18 inches to it to account for how high the deck sits off the ground. The only loads I've seen that will exceed the height requirements are excavators and maybe the log harvesters and the only one so far I've seen exceed the width are the giant wheel loaders. Basically anything that isn't the special heavy cargo won't really run into these issues, but the question now becomes the weight.

I've found somewhat of a conflicting answer on the weight. In one search I found that anything heavier than 46,000 pounds is considered to be oversized, and another I found was a per axle weight of over 20,000 pounds. I say conflicting because I think it wouldn't be too challenging to get something that weighs 46,000 pounds or more to weigh under 20,000 pounds on each axle if it's shifted accordingly.

I know there are probably some things the game omits for simplicity but if I were to try to run this as accurately as I can what would be the best way for me to do it?

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