[WIP] The Green Goblin project - Maximum Overdrive

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Re: [WIP] The Green Goblin project - Maximum Overdrive

#11 Post by LeakyLine » 08 May 2020 01:57

Can I snag it? Is it an addon or an SCS replacer? @Convoy101

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Re: [WIP] The Green Goblin project - Maximum Overdrive

#12 Post by emhartain » 13 Oct 2020 03:03

Can I please have the trailer skin? I would love to have the truck mods as well, but I haven't seen any movement in here in months.

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Re: [WIP] The Green Goblin project - Maximum Overdrive

#13 Post by CrazyJohnny » 18 Nov 2020 22:01

Hey for the truck i know (kind of) what the truck is.
I checked some of my connections and i heard that the big green alien is a 19?? Western Star White. Supposedly. i dunno tho. one of my contacts worked on the set of that movie and he said "while i was on that set i heard we were getting a fancy white." he actully never clarified that it was a western star white but idk. i would ask him again but he died of covid a week ago. not gonna say his name cause i dont want his family rushed with crap.

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