[Sound] Series 60 Detroit

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[Sound] Series 60 Detroit

#1 Post by ClassicTrucks » 14 Mar 2020 21:00

So, a while back, on Steam Workshop, there was an awesome sound pack that contained a Series 60 Detroit sound. It has since been taken off the workshop, and I have not been able to find another mod that has that sound (it was the pre-EGR model for any engine freaks out there, like myself). All the Kreichbaum sounds are not what I am looking for. Does anyone know where I could find another mod that contains that specific sound (it sounded a lot like the W900 when it was first released before SCS modified the sounds).

Thanks in advance!

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Re: [Sound] Series 60 Detroit

#2 Post by TexasWhirlwind » 17 Mar 2020 02:41

It is still there...
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Re: [Sound] Series 60 Detroit

#3 Post by ArTrailfanRaf214 » 07 Apr 2020 10:27

I dont know about another dd60 mod made except kriechbaum at that time.If you need something another sound try CheckEngines sound,he recorded real American Trucks and has CAT 3406E and DD60
FMOD sound modder for ATS and ETS2

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Re: [Sound] Series 60 Detroit

#4 Post by R&R » 03 Aug 2020 21:23

Robinicus was famous for his DD60 sounds in ETS2. In my opinion it was the *BEST* engine sound since the old Volvo D-13(?) engine sound used in the old version of the game (might have been version 1.15 or 1.17. But alas, it appears that one too many thieves made off with his sound mod, so he deleted it, which *really* upset those of us that were enjoying it, and suddenly woke up to a missing engine. If I knew how I would pay him for that sound pack - that's how much I miss that engine.

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