AI drivers/ Recruitment Agencies

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AI drivers/ Recruitment Agencies

#1 Post by Wayfarer » 26 Mar 2020 16:10

I already have one mod for additional AI drivers but I have used them all. I have found a few other mods for AI drivers but the descriptions say that the mod allows you to "replace drivers". I don't want to replace my current drivers, I want to add more. I'm reluctant to install the mods because I don't want to lose all my existing drivers because they were replaced by the mod.

The mod in question is; "drivers800.scs"

I need to know beforehand what is going to happen when I install it.

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Re: AI drivers/ Recruitment Agencies

#2 Post by TexasWhirlwind » 28 Mar 2020 23:01

Where did you get that mod. I think I would run a virus scanner on it before I installed it..
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