Wishlists Megathread

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#1671 Post by angrybirdseller » 19 Apr 2017 17:24

AI needed more Minivan like Dodge Caravan and newer Ford F-150 8-)

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#1672 Post by Ivanko1 » 26 Apr 2017 15:51

I just saw news about New Mexico, are you going to made unique industries for each state?
If yes - it's gonna be awesome! Unique industries - unique cargo - unique routes - unique experience!
I mean it should be different companies, completely different companies, and very likely - with unique building and territory design.
We have tired from ETS2, when allmost every city have same boring franchised industries with same cargo.
Wonna deliver coal, stones, heavy equipment - go to north, wonna ride some fruits, cattle, lambs - go to south, wonna take some yacht - go to coast, wonna some electonics - go to San-Franciso.)

And another one feature: how about local jobs?
I mean, then you start game - you can be hired by local industry, to deliver their goods to near by transport company or processing of raw materials.
Let's say ore from career to fabric, wheat from farm to port or railway station, electronics from container port to warehouse.
This will be start of career, and then you will learn good experience (some amount) - you will start to receive more interesting jobs with higher payment, longer distance, more or less weight, expencive goods.)

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#1673 Post by dubmans » 26 Apr 2017 23:11

like in petal to the metals singleplayer mode when you start a fresh game save, you work in a truck given to you by your company and you are dispatched orders to take to various places. that would be nice to have as a option in the gameplay section as a tickbox. example like this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILAPy4n1sMw and also in the video i would like to see braking effects when your floor your brake petal tires lock up, burn rubber, and marks on the road

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#1674 Post by FalloutH4kk4 » 30 Apr 2017 15:18

I have an idea to rework the Route Advisor.

It would be cool if the "Route Advisor" would be a thing like the GPS you can put on the windshield of your truck with an extra tab on F4. And it would be also nice if you could manage your fleet with the Route Advisor like: You take a break at a Rest place, take off the Advisor from the windshield and then go into a fleet manager menu on the display from the advisor.
So in the end the Route advisor would be like one of these qualcomms with a navigation function and so on.

That would also give the possibility to split the Game menu into the ESC-Menu, where you can set up the game settings like graphics, gameplay, audio, controls, and the Fleet Navigator (I call it this way) which you can open with F5. An optional option could be the setting that time is moving on while in Fleet navigation so you can basically access this when your truck is standing.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#1675 Post by DanRO » 13 May 2017 19:37

Are there any plans to release more Kenworths or Petes? Looks like SCS has an exact number of 2 trucks from each manufacturer,and if it takes so long for other ones to make up their mind and give license,can`t you guys release more from these two manufacturers?

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#1676 Post by connormouse » 17 May 2017 08:35

With the new DLC, I managed to get a load on ETS2MP using the temporary 1.27 version, so the physics weren't implemented yet, so the trailer wheels didn't turn. I found this interesting, it was very difficult to drive, especially when trying to turn into a drop off area. When ETS2MP was updated to support the latest version, I feel that the heavy trailers steer just the same as a normal trailer, the "Pivot" point is in the same place (Above the wheels on the trailer), respective to the 5th wheel (With the back of the trailer sticking out a little compared to normal trailers).

I found it a lot more fun trying to drive and park the big trailers when the wheels didn't turn, and I find the heavy loads are actually easier to drive with than the normal trailers.
Could you possibly add an option to "lock" the trailer's wheels? I know I'm probably in the minority here, but it would make for a good challenge, even for the best of truckers.

If this could become a feature, then thank you. If not, I guess I'll have to just live with it..

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#1677 Post by Whiskeyvet » 23 May 2017 07:50

Some things I would like to see.

-Underglow/neons under the rig and on the back of the Cab. (No real purpose other then cosmetic/visual) just another way to customize your truck. Make it your own.
-HAZMAT loads (i.e. Gas, dynamite etc) required to stop at rail road crossings. If driver doesn't stop then they receive a fine.
-Hired drivers spend more OTR time. Verses back and forth that they do now. For example, Hired driver starts in Phoenix. Takes a run up to Flagstaff. Hypothetical there are no loads back to Phoenix (the hired drivers home). So they take a load going to LA. now there is a load from LA to Phoenix. Quiet frankly the driver 'not being able to find a load home' is just annoying when they are in a sleeper and only do runs from their home town to another city and back. And you as the owner gets charged when they can't find a returning load home.
-being able to see not only loads available now but loads that will available in the future. For example. Have different tabes in the frieght screen for different times.

Available Now. Available within 5 hours. Available within 24 hours
Phoenix to Flagstaff. Phoenix to Tucson (ready in 2 hours). Phoenix to Page (ready in 16 hours)
Phoenix to Las Vegas. Phoenix to Sacramento (ready in 4 hours) Phoenix to San Deigo (ready in 8hrs)
Phoenix to LA. Phoenix to Elko (ready in 1 hour). Phoenix to Reno (ready in 13 hours)
Ect. Ect. Ect.

On top of being able to see future loads, allow drivers to book those loads also. Have 'X' amount of time a driver can see/book out (24/36/48 hours) and allow them to book out to that time.

So it would look something like (all time ares going to be guesstimated. Not actual drive times.)

Simulated time Monday at 1200
Book load from Phoenix to Flagstaff avalible now, Monday at 1200 (3.5 hour drive)
Book load from Flagstaff to Page pick up at Monday 1700 (4 hour drive)
Book load from Page to Elko pick up at Monday 2300 (24 hour drive)
End booked out loads Wednesday at 0900. (24 hour drive + 10 hour rest/sleep).
Now you have to re-book next loads from Wenesday at 0900.

Hope all my ideas make sense. Tried my hardest to do so.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#1678 Post by Rbnqss78 » 02 Jun 2017 19:20

This game is already great but what would make it even more real is

1.Visible brake / air hoses.
2. Multidrop deliveries
(I knowthese two are mentioned already many times but still.)
3. More realistic weigh stations.
4. Imoprved GPS (Yeah, I know, talking gps may be out of the count) but even tecxt warnings or something like that before you need to turn / change lane) also bigger gps displays as an interior option.
5. Random failures (electric, "tire puncture" etc
6. LONGER trains and more trains to crossings also, now there is many of them that never has any trains. It is pretty much dull to see only one locomotive on railroad crrossings. They dont have to be mile longs but bit longr than they are now.
7. Vanilla mao needs more rest stops / truck stps. I liked back in haulin' when there was those big truck stops.
Now I avoid usin fatique simulation because lack of rest areas.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#1679 Post by gekco » 05 Jun 2017 20:27

^ Visible brake hoses will require a lot of work. They will need to code in every single bump, turn etc just for those to look right.

It would however be nice to see an update on the main post, it doesn't seem to be updated since it still says France is "in progress" but it was released 5-6 months ago.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#1680 Post by onlytrance92 » 11 Jun 2017 14:11

It would be very helpful if there was possible to measure distances between two chosen points on a world map in game. Helpful with route, rest and fuel charge planning etc. Especcially when the map will be bigger in the future

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