Wishlists Megathread

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Wishlists Megathread

#1 Post by Cadde » 02 Aug 2014 18:55

Feature Wishlist Megathread

This is the Feature Wishlist Megathread where all wishlists that are either too generic or not focused enough may end up.
The Megathread has been created in an effort to de-clutter this subforum and any new topic that doesn't (as per a moderators discretion) warrant a topic of it's own will end up in this thread.

If you have a wishlist that you want to share that has too many entries or is touching on more than one particular subject of the game then we ask you post it in this thread instead. Repeatedly suggested features can then be compiled into the Most Requested Features in Wishlists section below... Where the SCS Software developers can, at a glance, see which features are most interesting to the community.

Most Requested Features in Wishlists
Items on this list with parentheses after them have been implemented in the version of the game that the parentheses contains.
This list is a continuous work in progress, more items added as they are thought of or discovered.
If you can't find a feature that you deem should be on this list, feel free to ask for it. If no response is given, use the report function on the post containing the feature you want added in this list.

In progress / partly implemented
  • Game Engine
    • Graphics
      • Transition from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11+ (Partly in progress, making assets support certain DX11 features)
      • Real/smoother/better headlights
      • More real light sources, not just sprites/flares
      • Higher quality textures
      • Vehicle deformation / visible damage to vehicles.
      • Dirty vehicles, car wash / truck wash.
    • Sounds
      • Richer/Fuller engine sounds (1.9.x +, as part of the sounds overhaul, work never stops on this)
      • Different engine sounds based on acceleration/deceleration
      • More persistent engine RPM (Made possible in modification, unknown version)
      • Better retarder sounds (Reworked a few times, unknown versions)
      • Better engine braking sounds (Reworked a few times, unknown versions)
      • Reduced volume on engine braking sounds. (Fixed/changed, unknown version)
      • Better radio/music player in general.
      • Music player shuffle.
      • Turn off game menu, hurry up and other music when radio/media player is active in game.
      • Reverb in tunnels.
    • Physics
      • Lateral traction simulation, under/oversteer and sliding. Both for trucks and trailers. (Has been worked on in 1.11+, also added per wheel physics in 1.2xx)
      • More damage to trucks/trailers involved in a serious crash or tip over event (in progress since 1.11.1)
      • Better force feedback simulation for steering wheels (Improved on several occasions, in 1.4.12 and 1.9.x + and ongoing)
      • Heavier trailer physics, trailer mass rolling downhill (Changed around 1.10.x, trailers now cause trucks to roll faster downhill)
      • More wheel slip, burnouts, under/oversteer (Sort of in progress since 1.2xx)
      • Refined torque simulation on trucks (Has been worked on, unknown version, and again in 1.24 with data driven torque curves)
      • Liftable axles on trucks and trailers using menu or control bindings. (Implemented, 1.14+)
      • Wind resistance model (simplified?) based on cabin, chassis and trailer.
    • Simulation
      • More persistent engine RPM, releasing the accelerator should keep engine RPM up for longer (Made possible in modification, unknown version)
      • More varied cargo distribution, short and long routes (improved since 1.5.x)
      • Remove cargo list limits, game crash when too many cargoes generated (Fixed since 1.5+)
      • Hired drivers simulation, being able to see hired drivers on road/GPS (Probably not happening)
      • Multi-drop cargoes, pick up at a+b+c, deliver to e+f+g
      • Multi stage cargoes, pick up package 1 of X and do X trips or have Y number of trucks picking up several packages. Multiplayer/hired driver simulation. Convoys etc.
      • More diverse weather conditions. Ice/snow/hail, wind, heavy rain, floods, heat, other natural disasters
      • More on/off options such as the "realistic fuel consumption", air brakes simulation, etc.
      • AI traffic improvements in general. (Many topics on the matter already and an ongoing drive from SCS for improvements.)
    • Interaction
      • Walk around truck/world (Probably not happening)
      • Ability to manually hook up trailer, tubes, wiring, raising trailer legs, etc (Probably not happening)
      • Manual refuel, putting fuel-nozzle in tank, etc (Probably not happening)
      • Slower refueling
      • Slower/longer repair times
      • More detailed service, replacing blown tires, changing oil, etc
      • More hired driver interactions
      • Manually loading trailers / interoperability with other titles such as Farming Simulator (Probably not happening)
    • Gameplay
      • Harder economy mode(s), less payment, revised penalties for cargo damage/fines, etc
      • More company management, *in general*, Euro Truck Tycoon­®
      • Mod support for the number of drivers, increasing the current "hardcoded" limit to how many drivers you can have (known by SCS, they are thinking about it)
      • Multiplayer (Partially available as 3rd party client, semi-supported by SCS developers)
      • Random events such as blown tires, engine/transmission failure, special cargoes/missions, natural disasters
      • Scheduled ferry departures
      • Buying/owning trailers (In progress, will take time)
      • Ability to set autosave intervals. (Autosave has been improved, mitigating some of the need for this)
      • Telepass, automated electronic toll payments. (Implemented, 1.19+)
      • More financial control / management in general. Such as insurance, guilty party being fined in collisions, striking deals, etc.
      • Specific contracts for specific vehicles with specialized attachments and/or configurations.
    • 3rd Party and modding
      • SDK updates, *in general* (Ongoing)
      • SDK SetPos(x, y, z) for vehicles/trailers, SetVel(x, y, z), etc
      • SDK CreateMission(cargo, startLocation, endLocation, time, ...), for creating custom cargo missions
      • Mod scripting engine, LUA
      • Mapping API, getting details about the map features, road splines, etc
      • Officially available explanation/structure of common file formats, .TOBJ, .PMG, .PMA, etc (SCS Blender Tools mostly)
      • scs_extractor <.scs file> -f "/def/.../file.sii" <output path>, being able to extract file(s) from game archive.
      • Mod reload functionality, reloading a selected mod through console command without restarting whole game. (Technically difficult, might not happen)
      • locale.scs related mods, providing your own translations
  • User interface
    • GPS/Map
      • Manually setting GPS destination (Implemented, v1.20+)
      • Seeing hired workers on map/GPS (Probably not happening)
      • Truck/car speed limit icon on both advisor and dashboard GPS (Implemented, v1.11+)
      • Ability to show both truck and car speed limit on GPS at the same time.
    • More tickboxes, *in general* (always ongoing)
    • Tick box option to show "helper" functions such as parking rectangle and arrow (Partially added as advanced setting in config/console)
    • Tick box option to show notification when you can attach trailer, keeping advisor hidden at all times (Added as advanced setting in config/console)
    • Save vehicle customization preset for later use, adding same preset to several vehicles and returning to a previously composed customization for whatever reason.
  • Scenery
    • Map
      • South-East Europe
      • Asian continent, Russia, Indonesia, etc
      • France, Spain, Portugal, etc (Vive la France DLC in progress around 1.23)
      • More realistic scaled map, more cities for each country etc. (Not happening)
      • Bigger cities, warp zones?
      • Scandinavia (Released in "Going North DLC")
      • More ferries
    • Terrain/scenery/sites
      • More detailed terrain, real life terrain data
      • Accurately depicted roads
      • Road signs corrections in general
      • Unique cityscapes, more city specific features
      • Accurately laid out cities, more realistically scaled cities, warp zones?
      • Harder/tougher/tighter delivery locations, obstacles, traffic in loading yard, pedestrians (Going North has some harder pickup/delivery spots)
      • Pedestrians on crosswalk / hitting pedestrians
      • Hired worker trucks visible on roads (Probably not happening)
      • Empty owned trucks visible in garage(s)
    • Others
      • Longer/slower trains, freight trains, 30 second+ waiting times.
      • Drawbridges
      • Scheduled ferry departures
  • Trucks
    • Interior tweaks
      • Option to hide steering wheel from cabin view. (Implemented in ATS 1.4+ and ETS 2 v1.25+)
    • Mercedes branded trucks (In progress since 1.0, confirmed in 1.12+, Done)
    • More truck brands
    • Older trucks, veteran, classics, pre-modern
    • Non European trucks, American, Russian, Asian (American trucks available in American Truck Simulator, they are portable but limited to private use)
    • More chassis options, 8x4 etc
    • Truck functions, opening/closing doors/windows, etc
    • More types of lights (fog lights, daylight running lights) with separate control bindings.
  • Trailers
    • More, heavier, bulkier, diverse cargoes
    • Multi-drop cargoes, pick up at a+b+c, deliver to e+f+g
    • Purchasing own trailer(s) (Planned / work in progress)
    • Somewhere to park above mentioned owned trailers.
    • Double trailers, not tandems but dolly behind regular trailer
    • Fuel deliveries to gas stations (Considered/work in progress in ATS)


Code: Select all

2014-08-02 CADDE
- Initial writeup.
- Added LOTS of commonly requested features

2014-08-07 CADDE
- Added "mod support for number of drivers"
- Added "ability to make mods for "locale.scs" related entries, making custom translations"
- Added "Save vehicle customization presets"

2014-08-07 CADDE
- Added "liftable axles on trucks and trailers"

2014-08-27 CADDE
- Added "Ability to set autosave interval"

2014-09-01 CADDE
- Added "Telepass" suggestion.
- Added "Foglights and DRL with bindings"

2014-09-26 CADDE
- Added "Speed limit icon on dashboard GPS" suggestion.
- Added "Display both truck/car speed limit on GPS"

2014-09-28 CADDE
- Updated "Scandinavia DLC" suggestion since it's obviously in progress.
- Updated "Mercedes brand" to confirmed.
- Added "Double trailer" suggestion.

2014-10-05 CADDE
- Added "More ferries" suggestion.

2014-10-28 CADDE
- Added "Better radio/music player" suggestion.
- Added "Music player shuffle" suggestion.
- Added "Turn off game music when playing other music" suggestion.

2015-07-15 CADDE
- Updated list with my known changes to the game
- Fixed/reworded some suggestions

2015-07-16 CADDE
- Added the commonly suggested fuel delivery to gas stations under the trailers section.

2015-07-25 CADDE
- Added "Somewhere to park above mentioned owned trailers."

2015-08-18 CADDE
- Added truck interior tweaks subitem.
- Added suggestion to hide steering wheel.

2015-12-23 CADDE
- Updated list with currently implemented changes.
- Reworded some suggestions, still the same suggestions.

2016-01-18 CADDE
- Several additions, see: http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=161375&p=499105#p499105

2016-06-14 CADDE
- Added color coding to in progress/finished items on the list.
- Updated some texts with new information from Jarvik79.

2016-08-20 CADDE
- Ability to hide steering wheel implemented.

2016-08-31 CADDE
- Turned Scandinavia line green.
- Made "Fuel delivery to gas stations" yellow because apparently it's in progress: http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=620276#p620276
- Brought ETS 2 / ATS cloned threads up to par with each other again.
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#2 Post by Cadde » 02 Aug 2014 18:56

This took a long time, still I am sure not everything is listed here as of yet... Please suggest more features that should go into the above commonly requested features.
In fact, the initial draft here was conjured from memory alone... So yeah, help me fill the gaps!
And post your own lists here from now on.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3 Post by Axel Slingerland » 02 Aug 2014 19:24

I realize this may have to be done by an Admin, but what we did on a board I used to work on was change the settings of (our equivalent of) the Feature Wishlists and Suggestions forum, and make it so the only thread anyone other than forum staff could post in was the one thread you wanted people to post in, which in this case would be this thread. That reduced the clutter you mentioned by a huge margin. But if you ask me (and I know you didn't, but anyway) I think you guys need to have a meeting with the Admins and convince them of the need of making one of you an Admin. Because every board absolutely needs an active Admin, and this one is no exception. No offense to them, but just because they're busy is no excuse for letting this board go without one.
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#4 Post by Cadde » 02 Aug 2014 20:02

Thanks Axel but for now, this will do. We don't want TOO much extra work. With that said, please feel free to help us keeping it clean by using the "report post" feature on the forum. Image
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#5 Post by Axel Slingerland » 02 Aug 2014 20:07

I do... So I will. :mrgreen:
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#6 Post by skyy-v8 » 02 Aug 2014 20:23

I would love the oportunity to change traffic volume ( especially trucks ) in options with a regulator ( normal like now / low / heavy for strong PC's )
Long time ago there was a traffic mod by john doe. It was nearly like in real life and I enjoy driving much more. But the problem was he changed the exe. for this.

In real life the right lane is never so empty like in scs. This is quite normal in germany dont matter which period of day...

http://www.umweltbundesamt.de/sites/def ... tion_L.jpg

I hope we will have finnaly a Euro Truck Simulator without empty right lanes ;)


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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#7 Post by Axel Slingerland » 03 Aug 2014 08:28

I cut back on the number of vehicles in traffic intentionally...
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#8 Post by Kennyannydenny » 03 Aug 2014 13:12

I would really love to see some new countries like portugal and spain. More cities in The Netherlands please!

I would also love to be able to move tanks (the vehicle) and being a convoi exceptionnel (very large freight) with for example, a part of a crane on top of it. Or some kind of boat. Or a train like this:
Or oldtimers as a freight.

If those, especially the the tanks, would be implemented, i would be thrilled. I can't wait for upcoming DLC!
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Suggestions compilation

#9 Post by SoulHuntter » 03 Aug 2014 16:14

I've got some suggestions for you:

- Be able to choose a job by pressing Enter while in the firm (Now you can choose only by clicking).
- Show maximum power RPM of the engines and more specs in the engine shop.
- Make a front mirror that you can see without changing the camera (Would help a lot to see the front mirror in the camera 1).
- Put a limit of 120km/h on Cruise Control
- Create the option to the CC change gears and keep in the "Right RPM".
- Improve the Speed Limit Shower in the GPS, because it's working well basically only on roads, on roads exit it doesn't update the speed limit, on some parts of cities too, and many more I didn't find yet.
- Make new cities with more extreme roads, like tough up and downhills and some roads with ice, etc.

And I have a crazy idea too, why don't SCS and Logitech ride a partnership? Logitech G27 have good part of your sells because of ETS2, no doubt. Would be awesome to both build together a G29, built perfectly for ETS and ATS, everyone would gain with this, Logitech needs a new controller (G27 is outdated), would be perfect for the players of one of the, if not the best simulators ever built and would have both ways publicity, rising sales of the Logitech controller and ETS/ATS. Everyone would gain, Logitech, SCS and the players, at least that's what I think, may be a good idea or not, you tell me :)

And one question, does bigger engine trucks change something to the employees?
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#10 Post by Cadde » 03 Aug 2014 17:23

I just want to point out that large freight (long trailers etc) will have problems being hauled on ETS 2 roads as they are designed for regular trailers. (~40 footers)
SCS would have to re-design most roads and prefabs to allow larger freight or such cargo would get stuck in places.
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