Custom Training Policies

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Custom Training Policies

#1 Post by JERealize » 06 Jul 2019 21:11

I've heard how many users have special ways to train their NPEs (non-player employees) to maximize profits. However, when doing this to a number of NPEs, the micromanagement requires a lot of time. I propose a special menu within the Driver Manager that allows users to create custom training policies for their employees.

Ideally, from within the Driver Manager, an option near the Trading Policy drop-down menu would let users access an option to create a custom training policy, where users would set up an order to which NPEs would train specific skills. This list would be saved and would be available to apply to any NPE through the drop-down menu.

For example, a user could set up a policy that focuses on one each in long distance, hazardous cargo, high-value cargo, fragile cargo, and just-in-time delivery, in that order, then focus on all hazardous cargo, followed by two long distance, etc, continuing as the user sees fit to program. If an NPE has learned the programmed skill already, said NPE would skip to the next available skill. This custom option would not be a concern to casual players, but would allow more experienced players to set programs without having to change policies afterward.

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Re: Custom Training Policies

#2 Post by Centrino2 » 09 Jul 2019 01:50

Yes sir +1

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