Using workshops as weather stations

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Using workshops as weather stations

#1 Post by mambanoir » 22 May 2020 03:15

I wonder if workshops could be used as weather stations to set real world rain intensity and temperature.

Right now, regardless of where you are on the map, there is always a workshop closest to you to which you would be teleported when pressing F7 to get towed. Therefore the map is already covered by clearly defined catchment areas based on truck location.
If this works for towing, wouldn't this be extendable with a weather API to pull real world weather data into the game? As there is no snow this could be restricted to a minimum of 4 Celsius (39F) displayed on the dash plus the intensity of precipitation (or even just probability of precipitation to set the existing rain probability slider based on that real world data).

For example you go down the I-5 from Portland to Eugene, at first the Portland workshop is closest. Real world weather in Portland is medium rain so that's what we have in game.
You keep going and weather data is pulled for Salem once Salem becomes the closest workshop, let's say also medium rain - so no change in game.
Then as you get south of Salem and eventually the workshop in Eugene becomes the closest one to you, real world weather for Eugene is light rain so in game a transition from medium to light rain is executed.

What do people think? I think it would really increase immersion, not least for avoiding all those thunderstorms in the desert...

(I'm posting this for ATS as it would be easier to implement here first due to the lower number of workshops but of course it's an idea for both games.)

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Re: Using workshops as weather stations

#2 Post by Some newbie driver » 23 May 2020 19:26

Weather in game is already not the same everywhere but has differences depending on the geographic zone. What I cannot say is whose are those different areas.

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Re: Using workshops as weather stations

#3 Post by joschac2 » 26 May 2020 12:51

Weather as it is right now is not a entity. Its either Raining or not. once we get a much better weather system. then we can have radar and whatnot.

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