State Flag Truck Paint Jobs

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State Flag Truck Paint Jobs

#1 Post by NWbyNW » 20 Jul 2020 04:27

This might seem like a bad suggestion... maybe not. One thing ATS lacks is paint jobs. Of course we would love some intuitive design studio to design our trucks, slap on different shapes and text to make words and all, but that isn't realistic right now. What might be realistic is was ETS2 does. In that great game we can buy DLC packs for nation flags on our trucks.

Why not State flags on ATS? Or Patriotic designs as well. For the United States, Canada, maybe even Mexico! But yeah, back to the original premise. State Flags. Imagine making some extra cash SCS in offering state flags for all fifty states eventually someday. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Alaska, etc. Make truck designs with state flags, state seals, or things representing the states. Even better, throw in some customizable paint jobs so we can even get more out of them. Even regions within the United States have their own identity and flag in some cases. The Pacific Northwest has a movement called the Cascadia Movement and a pretty nifty flag that could be utilized on some trucks... or even novelty license plates for our windows!

Yes, novelty state license plates for our windows would be a nice touch too!

I am sure it is much more labor intensive to make a state flag design work on American trucks. They are all different shapes and sizes. ETS2 trucks are at least similar in their shape. So it might be a challenge, but an interesting though to have State truck paint schemes and novelty state license plates. Just my two cents. We all want more paint jobs to choose from though for sure.

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