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Contracts and Reputation for jobs

Would you like contracts and/or reputation to be added in the game?

yes, I would like to see contracts, but no reputation
yes, I would like to see reputation, but no contracts
yes, both please
no, I don't like this idea
Total votes: 43

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Contracts and Reputation for jobs

#1 Post by Mic_2 » 05 Sep 2020 09:34

Hello all, I have been thinking about an idea to expand the cargo/job options in ATS and ETS2. I have seen some ideas that have parts of my idea into them, but I figured that it would be better to make a new topic explaining my idea, since it seems to go somewhat further than the ideas I have read so far. For explanation I will split the idea into 2 parts, Contracts and reputation.

The main idea is the addition of contracts. These would function a bit like missions or quests in other games. With a contract you are being 'hired' by a company to do certain deliveries for them. In return they will pay you for completing the contract. These contracts aren't a cargo or job by themselves, but rather a request to do several jobs, therefor you will be payed for both the individual jobs as well as, once completed, the entire contract.

For example: you take a contract from Wallbert to supply 2 different shops from the warehouse in Sacramento. For completing this you will be payed an extra 20.000 dollar. To complete this you could first take a job from the warehouse to Redding (not sure if it actually has a shop, just an example). You will be payed once you complete the delivery as normal. From there you could take a job back to Sacramento, after which you will take a job to another shop, for example Las Vegas. After this delivery you have completed the contract and earn the extra income.

This was a very simple contract, but they could be made a lot more complex, for example to deliver certain cargoes, or by adding a maximum time in which to complete the contract. In order to complete the more difficult contracts you could also make it available for your drivers to handle. This could also be splitted in having both personal and company-wide contracts, where the personal ones are easier but earn less, and can only be completed by the player. The benefit of these contracts is that as a player you are more involved in the economy and the companies you work for, as well as rewarding players for doing more focused jobs.

The second part of the idea is Reputation. We are constantly doing jobs for different companies, with some jobs being more successfull than others. The idea is to have players gain or lose reputation with the companies they work for, based on how well they do. This is mainly tied to the contracts, since the player is actively involved in dealing with the company in those cases. By completing contracts for a certain company players can increase their reputation with this company, which in turn offers them better contracts or better rates for their jobs.

Back to the example with Wallbert. The given contract was very simple and, relatively speeking, not very rewarding. This could be the type of contract that would mainly be offered to players that don't yet have a good reputation with Wallbert. After the player has completed several contracts however, Wallbert might offer more challenging contracts, because they know and trust the player. They could for example offer the same contract, but with the addition that it needs to be completed in 2 in-game days. This would mean that the player more actively has to try to complete the contract, but would gain a higher reward should they complete it.

Having higher reputation with a company might also mean that they are more willing to let you have several contracts open with them at the same time, since they trust you more. In the same way levelling up a profile might increase the amount of companies you can have a contract with at the same time. In the beginning the contract with Wallbert might be the only contract you can have, but when you have a level 10 profile, you might be able to deal with 2 companies at the same time, allowing you to have contracts open with both Wallbert and Charged at the same time, while increasing your reputation with Wallbert means you could at the same time have not one but three contracts with Wallbert. This adds some progression where further on in the game extra possibilities are unlocked.

The benefits of a good reputation could also come back to normal jobs from the cargo market, where having a good reputation might give you a better rate for the jobs the company offers as a recognision for your work for the company.

Lastly it would also be nice if a high reputation allowed for other benefits. One idea is that, when going back to Wallbert, having a really high reputations with Wallbert allows you to apply the Wallbert skin to your trailer (and hopefully your truck as well one day) to show off your dedication to the company. Another benefit could be to reserve a job for when you know you will go to a city. This allows you to get high-paying jobs before they expire, or allows you to have all the jobs available for a long trip so you don't have to look for a new job every time.

I don't have any hired drivers myself, so I didn't focus a lot on the company part of things. I do however think this could also improve the company and management part of the game. If you have any specific ideas about that please post them for all to see.

Thank you to everyone who was willing to read the entire post. I would like to hear what your thoughts on this would be. Have I missed something that you would like to add, or are there parts you would want differently? I have some more ideas but I think I will leave it at this for now.


Add contracts to companies to gain a reward for doing several, specific jobs, and gain reputation with companies by doing contracts for them.

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Re: Contracts and Reputation for jobs

#2 Post by Larry71490 » 05 Sep 2020 16:45

I 100% suppport this and would love to see it come to life.

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Re: Contracts and Reputation for jobs

#3 Post by Mic_2 » 05 Sep 2020 17:00

Thanks :)

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Re: Contracts and Reputation for jobs

#4 Post by Tannerd1495 » 22 Sep 2020 14:10

This is perfect. Contracts are a real part of trucking and implementing in the game would be awesome. It could be as simple as the 2 job one, or as long as a standing contact so every Monday and Wednesday, you take a load from St. George to Tucson. That would be realistic, as well as no back haul on your contract. You’re left to find a back haul yourself. The more I read your the post, the more pumped I got about it haha. Hope they do something like this!

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Re: Contracts and Reputation for jobs

#5 Post by flight50 » 23 Sep 2020 13:28

Nice write up. I like the idea for sure. Its definitely parts and pieces from all over the place. The two threads that come to mind are this one and this one. This one also talks about contracts briefly. They all can tie into multi drop if you ask me. Most companies don't order a full truck load. Delivering partial loads to multiple places can definitely get pulled off by contract jobs. Currently we have contracts aka WoT jobs. But to really have contracts, it more like what has been explained here in combination with the two links I just posted.

This is perhaps a more advance feature for the new WoT coming. The casual game is perhaps okay as is. But for all of us hardcore fans, this would be perfect. It can even play into multi player as VTC can take on contracts if you choose. This is when the stakes can go even higher as they become more complex. The more people in the pool (the company) the higher the stakes and the rewards. Some challenges should be in the mix. That is when you must communicate with your entire team to get the job done. You can't convoy all the time, lol. Time should be more strict and time management should be more challenging for sure.

Something like contract/quest/mission should be a brand new program. Just like Cargo Market is separate from Freight market. Develop it on its own for sure.

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Re: Contracts and Reputation for jobs

#6 Post by Knightrider » 24 Sep 2020 04:02

I fully support this!!

Its funny that I was thinking about these kind of company-related gameplay features because of a screenshot ive just saw from the editor's pick that had a peterbilt with gallon oil stickers on the doors.
Would be good if we could have company stickers on the tractors while doing these contract jobs!
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Re: Contracts and Reputation for jobs

#7 Post by Chulachaser » 31 Jan 2021 01:48

Before ATS was the title, it was actually named "18 Wheels of Steel", and I do recommend playing that version. Which actually there are a few expantion versions as well. There are many aspects of 18 WOS that are not in ATS, this is irritating but it is what it is. You will understand when, and if you choose to play 18 WOS. One of the removed aspects, is contract with certain companies. Being that, if you do X amount of jobs for one company, they will offer a contract to you. Which pays more the the other job markets. These contracts can also be lost. Say, if you are a bad driver and hit a lot of things, damage the load, etc. Eventually the contract will be lost.

So, personally, I feel that ATS should reapply the above stated aspects of 18 WOS. As its base platform, before DLCs, MODs, etc. If they did that, we would have a CB in the cab (like a really trucker), with out needing a MOD or installing TruckersMP. What a joke.

I'd like to see where this conversation goes. Some good ideas out there. Keep the rubber side down.

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Re: Contracts and Reputation for jobs

#8 Post by BattlePeasant » 11 Feb 2021 11:55

For me, the appearance of reputation in the game is more important than contracts. I see a lot of people waiting for contracts (both in this thread and in the megathread), but I can't imagine if they will be more interesting than regular deliveries.
But the reputation would be very interesting for me. Now the game is very simple everything that is not related to driving. There is no competition, drivers always make money, and do not sit without work. Transportation of high value cargo can be obtained by performing one delivery. A beginner is entrusted with the transportation of oversized cargo. For some man, the game is just movement from city to city, but I want to achieve goals. Therefore, there must be a choice: play a simple old game or a more complex game with a reputation.
I have thought through the reputation system in detail. It may seem too complicated, but I think it takes into account all the necessary.

Your reputation = Reputation in the firm + Reputation in the corporation + Fame in the state + Bonuses
Your reputation is calculated every time for every sender.
Reputation in the firm - for example, reputation at Bushnell Farm near Phoenix.
Reputation in a corporation - for example, reputation throughout the Bushnel Corporation.
Fame in the state - a rise in reputation with each corporation gives a small gain in fame in the sender's state.
Bonuses - nice truck (lots of chrome), clean truck, etc.

Reputation Required = Cargo Importance + (Competition Level * Random Number)
Cargo Importance (conventional name) - is zero for the cheapest goods (hay, food), it can be tied to the delivery price per mile of this cargo.
Competition level - the level of competition in the settlement where the sender is located: equal to zero for villages, a large number for large cities. For example, the Bushnell farm near Phoenix will use the level of competition in Phoenix.
Random number is a number from 0 to 1.

If Your reputation is higher than the Required reputation, you can deliver this cargo. Each successful delivery increases the level of reputation with the sender corporation. Maneuvering changes the level of reputation with the recipienting firm. Thus, you can increase your reputation with a company that has not yet entrusted you with its cargo.

Hired drivers use your reputation, but do not increase theirs, except for bonuses.
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Re: Contracts and Reputation for jobs

#9 Post by Gootho717 » 11 Feb 2021 12:38

Very cool idea - I voted yes and I am curious how this could be implemented with World of Trucks (since it is what I mainly run).
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Re: Contracts and Reputation for jobs

#10 Post by actros aaron » 11 Feb 2021 12:57

id love to see this in the game

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