Alaskan Truck Simulator

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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

#11 Post by ilovevolvo » 05 Oct 2018 15:44

Its not a game changer if there was never a game to change. SCS has the monopoly because nobody else is in this segment.

Now, look at all the bus sims that come out every year... and each one still worse than omsi. ironically.
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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

#12 Post by OlavEmil » 05 Oct 2018 16:04

SCS is definitely not, and never was, alone in the truck simulator game segment. 18 Wheels of Steel: Hard Truck was in every definition of the saying a game changer from the previous Hard Truck and Hard Truck 2 / King of the Road by 1C, which was what we used before SCS started making trucksims. That said, HT and HT2 / KotR were by no means bad games, quite the opposite, they too were brilliant in their time, and actually had features I still miss in SCS' games.

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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

#13 Post by Enjoyingorc6742 » 07 Oct 2018 02:15

hmmm. ATS seems like fun but I'm having fun in ATS already.....why do I need ATS when I can wait for Alaska to come to ATS?

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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

#14 Post by Ghostkun » 08 Nov 2018 21:13

I watched a quick video of it. It looked like absolute garbage. Nothing for me.

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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

#15 Post by jaws » 10 Nov 2018 07:37

piva wrote:
02 Oct 2018 08:54
Coming Soon. ... Simulator/

New competitor for Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme :lol: and maybe SCS? :roll:
First, it's not a real truck sim, it's a survival game and could never be a "competitor" to ETS2/ATS.
Why? Cause there are Loads of people that Hate survival games!

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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

#16 Post by Zakxaev68 » 18 Nov 2018 09:37

Almost like you say [Removed] Simulator by some Brazillian indie studio rivals SCS' older Bus Simulator games. Almost! Typically for Discovery and others, they wanted a quick cash-grab by marketing it "very realistic survival truck simulator". Expect Alaskan Tree Simulator next. Christ...
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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

#17 Post by Sandhill » 01 Dec 2018 19:25

Looks like a game in which there is some driving, rather than a driving game. There's a lot of driving in Half Life 2...

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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

#18 Post by flight50 » 02 Dec 2018 00:01

WerewolfCustoms wrote:
02 Oct 2018 09:52
1. This game is abusing the name similarity. This can even hurt SCS games, as some people might buy Alaskan TS first, get disappointed and than never buy any SCS titles. Or, buy the game thinking it's a SCS product, and think SCS lowered their standards just to grab some cash.

2. Even in Alaska, they have truck stops and centers where truckers can eat. Hunting rabbits is a far fetched idea. I guess they bought an game template that had elements of FPS in it, and they just left it in the game.

3. To push SCS, competition would need to come up with a certain quality of their game. A bad game is not SCS's competitor. And, it certainly doesn't look like SCS needs to be pushed by someone... they're pushing more than enough on their own.
1. I agree here. Unfortunately, the people that are not fully aware of who does what, will be the ones that do this. One solution for SCS to combat this is to go ahead and establish this Event Team mentioned from the stream the other day. Pavel also mentioned this in the June ATS stream. Purpose is to quickly get weather into the game as a shortcut/cheat. As it stands, there are no seasons but they are coming. If SCS makes a winter map as a quest or event it can be made without needing to change the seasons. All they really need to map is just the Dalton for such an event/quest. Heck, the Dalton is the only reason why I will get the Alaska dlc if or when SCS does it. If SCS does establish an event team, it all needs to be archived so that they can become quest at a later date. Quest can be repeated/called upon when ever a player wants it. Prime example is Big Sur. If SCS did not save that data, it is lost forever. If quest will be part of WOT, that would be epic to establish.
2. no commit.
3. Any game in the same genre as SCS is competition. Quality does not matter. Whether you guys admit to it or not, competition is why SCS has stepped it up. SCS is not the only company making truck games. It just so happens that they are the best at making them but they are not alone. So in theory, competition for SCS is just as beneficial as our feedback to SCS is.
Enjoyingorc6742 wrote:
07 Oct 2018 02:15
hmmm. ATS seems like fun but I'm having fun in ATS already.....why do I need ATS when I can wait for Alaska to come to ATS?
That is the way I see it as well. I have no issues waiting on SCS. If they don't make Alaska, so be in. I wouldn't call another game trash though. I don't see anyone on hear attempting to make Alaska truck Simulator. Making a game is not easy task so to sit back and speak on it is the easy part. To actually put a forth forward and try to make the a game, it a whole other ball game. Just remember, someone had to put in hard work, time and got paid to do so. May not be the best quality or to anyone's liking but not everything will be as SCS does.
jaws wrote:
10 Nov 2018 07:37

First, it's not a real truck sim, it's a survival game and could never be a "competitor" to ETS2/ATS.
Why? Cause there are Loads of people that Hate survival games!
As stated above, anyone in the same genre can compete. Just may not be to true SCS fan's liking but somebody will definitely buy it. Not all games will be perfect from the jump. I never played ETS1 but looking back at some videos comparing it to ETS2, it did not look very attractive at all. I could easily say it looked like poo. But I understand it is progression and over time, SCS got better and better. Now look what we have now. Look at the progression of console racing sims. Grand Turismo on PS1, PS2, PS3....over time, they all look better. So competition is good. Don't think for a second that people making other games have not taken note of forums like this or Steam to see what people want. Why do you guys think so many other games are coming up with things that SCS has not done yet. Weather, rigids, doubles (at the time) other trucks...etc. If others are to wow anyone, the smart way to do it is to give them something they desire.

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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

#19 Post by jdwarfer » 02 Dec 2018 14:22

It looks cheap as hell.
The truck model itself looks bad. Some kind of simplified Peterbilt.

Honestly, I don't see any serious competitor for ATS.

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Re: Alaskan Truck Simulator

#20 Post by RenegadeEU » 02 Dec 2018 14:42

Nice Piva---thanks.. and others "HATERS"-dont tel this---first look, good. ;)

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